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PCHi 2023: Expo Facilitates Unprecedented Demand for In-person Networking, Leaning and Innovations

As the curtains fell on PCHi, China’s leading sourcing platform for the global personal care industry, more than 700 exhibiting companies and over 30,000 visitors departed the show grounds with a great sense of satisfaction after three full days of discovering the latest ingredients and service offerings, networking with industry movers and shakers, as well as learning from industry veterans.

Business events of ChemiCos Beauty and Chemi CosIndustry

Business events of the ChemiCos, ChemicCos Beauty and ChemiCosIndustry 2023 exhibitions brought together representatives of the household chemicals and cosmetics industry at central exhibition complex «Expocentre».


Yuri Dudakov: Russian producers of chemical raw materials for household chemicals and cosmetics can not only restore but also increase their share in supplies in 2023»

The chemical components market for many industries, including raw materials to produce household chemicals and cosmetics, continues to experience difficult times. A leaving of many foreign companies from the Russian market, a freezing of import deliveries under the guise of sanctions restrictions, difficulties with external logistics and financing of deliveries, and the associated pricing for finished domestic products have challenged non-trivial tasks for the industry. We interviewed Yuri Alexandrovich Dudakov, the General Director of NORCHEM LLC, about the ways of non-trivial tasks solving.


Import Substitution in the New Conditions
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

Raw Materials & Packaging” continues the theme of import substitution. In this review active ingredients, surfactants and chemical components are presented to create cosmetics, means and household chemicals.

Alternative Use of Seaweeds to Produce Safe and Sustainable Bio-Packaging

This review aims to provide a better understanding of seaweeds as a potential resource used to produce biodegradable and antibacterial plastic. Seaweed-derived biological compounds, such as carrageenan, agar, and alginate, possess unique physical, optical, mechanical, thermal, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, and the biodegradability of seaweed-derived bioactive compounds make them ideal candidates to produce bioplastic packaging.


Microcirculation in the skin: the possibilities of cosmetics
Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika

The article deals with skin problems associated with impaired microcirculation and ways to solve them with the help of cosmetics.

Features of the use of vegetable oils in cosmetics
Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika

Vegetable oils play an important role in the modern beauty industry and with the growing popularity of natural cosmetics, they have become even more used. Let’s consider the features of their use in cosmetic formulations.


Berjé: the state of the citrus oil market

Berjé Market Research has updated its citrus oil market report.


What is the difference between composition, formulation and process chart?
Popova А.D., Head of the Innovation Laboratory, FDA Company LLC

There is a big difference between the composition and the recipe. Let’s consider what are the differences between the composition, recipe and travelers.

The Mechanism for the Formation of Professional Competencies within the framework of the Training Course «Chemical Technology» in accordance with the Professional Standard «Specialist in the Production of Perfumery and Cosmetics»
Kuznetsov D. N., Ruchkina A. G., Bychkova I. N., Sukhikh G. A., A. N. Kosygin Russian State University (Technology. Design. Art)

The article considers the mechanism for the formation of professional competencies within the framework of the training course «Chemical technology» in accordance with the professional standard «Specialist in the production of perfumery and cosmetics».


When cleaning is a pleasure: Modern design for green chemistry
Berezina E.

Modern household chemicals can successfully compete with the personal hygiene sector, both in terms of assortment diversity and innovations in the field of formulas and design. The category of clean, green chemistry is rapidly expanding, which is based on the fundamental rejection of harmful and aggressive components in favor of biodegradable raw materials and plant ingredients. What modern cleaning products are made of and what they look like – read this review.


Raw materials for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals

Equipment for packaging manufacturing

Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics

Manufacturing services. Contract manufacturing