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Techproma-2016: a Growth of Interest to the Production of Hygiene Products in Russia

Techproma workshop, one of the significant meetings in the production of hygiene products was held the eleventh consecutive year by the Italian company “Aulona Machinery” in the end of October of 2016.


End-use Market Forecasts for Global Wipes to 2021

The latest exclusive market research from Smithers Pira projects positive growth for the across the nonwoven wipes industry.

The Global and the Russian Markets for Baby Diapers are Expected to Grow

The global baby diapers market is expected to reach $64.62 billion by 2022, according to the new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Increasing disposable income level coupled with increasing birth rates particularly in emerging markets is expected to remain a key driving factor for global baby diapers market. The Russian market for diapers is steadily recovering from the effects of a crisis caused by the devaluation of the national currency. Low saturation, increasing consumer demand in Russia should drive growth in the future.

Feminine Hygiene Market: What, How and Why?

Market demographic data was collected relative to the female population using sanitary protection products, their product usage, brand loyalty, purchase drivers, key sources of consumer product information and retail channel shopping habits. Additionally examined attitudes toward product composition including both manmade fibers and natural, cotton fibers. These factors were also characterized by age group segments including Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X and Boomers.


Trends in Wet Wipe’s Preservation

Preservatives are the subject to negative press in media but nevertheless they play an important role in wet wipe products. They help keep the germs away to keep the product fresh and therefore help to protect the consumer. Recent findings have suggested that many of the commonly used traditional preservatives may cause adverse effects when the products that include them are applied topically. This has caused increased awareness and negative attitudes toward traditionally preserved products. Consumers now seek products that contain lower levels of traditional preservatives, and optimally, no traditional preservatives at all.

Simply to Add Water!

Ready-to-use concentrated emulsions were specially developed by different suppliers to prepare impregnating lotions for wet wipes. These products were designed with the aim of simplifying the manufacturing of wet wipes. These concentrated emulsions are almost finished products. They only need to be diluted, and most of them can be processed in cold conditions. The addition of actives, perfume, preservatives and/or other formulation auxiliaries depends on the final goal of each particular formulation. Using these concentrates it is possible to reduce the time and the cost of new developments, from design to manufacturing.


Cloth Diapers – Vital Faddiness
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)

For most parents, reducing the impact on the environment is a key motivator for going to a reusable cloth solution. Cloth diapers come in a myriad of designs and styles, but there are really only three basic formats. May be, in Russia it could find their place too? So, it is important to be the first.


The Use of ProBiotics – a New Stage in the Evolution of Feminine Sanitary Napkins

More people are looking for natural and non-drug ways to maintain their health. Thus, a subject of the use of probiotics, including cosmetics and personal care products is becoming more popular. The Company FIDE s.r.o. created an innovative hygiene product, taking into account the beneficial properties of lactic acid bacillus, feminine sanitary napkins with probiotics.

Domestic Dressing Depot-Materials – Problems, Issues and Solutions
N.D. Oltarzhevskaya, Ph.D, prof., I.V. Gusev, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, LLC Koleteks

To date, scientists, technologists and doctors all over the world conduct research of medical materials for a directed supply of drugs. In some cases, researches are interested in issues of directed way of drugs to a lesion focus no less, than the synthesis of new drugs. In our case, the directed supply of drugs does not connect with a target delivery, but it connects with a maximum possible approximate delivery of a drug substance to a lesion focus. The directed supply of drugs allows reducing the toxicity of a treatment, which is especially important for the elderly and seriously ill patients, such as oncology patients, reducing the dose of a drug – especially significant for patient on a high dose of a drug, improving a quality of life and increasing the economy of a treatment.


Cotton will Care about Your Comfort!

Manufacturers have largely optimized personal care products along the lines of absorbency and leakage protection. With primary needs having been met, consumers are now looking for additional benefits. The majority of consumers already believe they have sensitive skin and that cotton is both natural and authentic. They believe that cotton can deliver both absorbency and protection against skin irritation and this is now a new definition of more complete protection. Cotton is continually being improved to better meet consumer needs in personal care products.


Memorable Solutions: Packaging for Wet Wipes

E. Berezina

The driving force behind the development of the market of nonwoven materials is the demand for new functionality, and as non-woven materials are used in different areas of everyday life, medicine and industry, the demand for them is constantly maintained. On the one hand, multifunctional products that serve multiple functions became popular (especially in the category of household chemicals and home care), on the other – we can see the increased demand for target products intended for use in a particular area (swipe for stringed instruments, for cleaning tile or metal surfaces, and more). Major developments can be found in the field of search for new, modern and more sustainable materials and technologies for their production.

The Calendar of Events for manufacturers of nonwoven products for 2-nd half of 2017 / 1-st half 2018 years


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