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An ultra-long lasting tattoo: anhydrous formulation Tattoo (CPF 4423)

Tattoos have now become a fashion choice for many, part of a lifestyle for others. Today’s society has slowly accepted tattoos as a work of art. However, 3 out of 4 individuals who get tattoos regret it. What if you could enjoy a tattoo just for fun but not regret it later on? Discover how to make a semi-permanent tattoo with DOWSIL™ EL-7314 Silicone Elastomer blend.


Natural cosmetic ingredients: emollients

Natural cosmetic oils and waxes are important ingredients, used in the formulation of beauty and personal care products. They structure the recipe, give the skin or hair a feeling of smoothness, softness, and moisturize them. Many studies show that some of these ingredients can reduce expression lines, relieve skin irritation, reduce transepidermal water loss, normalize excessive sebum and have antimicrobial activity.

Amber cosmetics based on natural mineral or synthetic analogs

Balakina M.V., Ph.D.

The article discusses the differences between amber cosmetics based on amber, synthetic components, and the issue of obtaining «bio-succinic acid». The article considers the use of natural amber in the production of cosmetics. Attention is paid to the method of assessing the naturalness of the stone.

Anti-pollution and protection of collagen from destruction: Mideka ximenia seed oil

This is the first study of the protective effects of Mideka Ximenia Seed Oil against pollution driven expression of tissue damaging MMP-1 (collagen breakdown) and activation of Nrf2 (oxidative stress) in human skin ex-plants. Further research will endeavour to elucidate the benefits of the long chain fatty acids specific to Mideka Ximenia Seed Oil, in a variety of pollution focused skin care benefits, as well as their effects in skin-barrier repair.


Screen light ageing –The hazards of highly connected lifestyles: Solutions from Sederma

Screens emit very strong blue light rays, also known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light, that can have negative consequences on our health. As we are becoming more and more dependent of our screens, the more we are overexposed to these rays. Blue light irradiation is a new form of indoor pollution, that must be seriously considered. The screen dependence in itself is an issue, but it also contributes to sleep disturbance, causes damage to the eyes, can have negative effects on child development, and more recently it was demonstrated to accelerate skin aging. Sederma searched for and identified four plant cell culture extracts to reduce the damaging effects of blue light irradiation to the skin and protect skin against the harmful effects of screen light by reducing the generation of radical oxygen species, oxidative attacks and pro-inflammatory mediator release.
The criteria for the assignment and use of the nordic swan ecolabel: detergents and stain removers

Filippenkov V. M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

The article discusses the criteria for the assignment and use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to detergents and stain removers.


The circadian cosmetics code
Krasney E.

When creating formulations of cosmetics, it is advisable to take into account the time of its application and how its properties relate to the processes taking place in the body during this period. This approach to cosmetics focuses on the natural rhythms of the skin and adherence to them. These care products and programs are smart, developed with the right time of use in mind to maximize the effectiveness of the formulation. This is how the cosmetics and the human body work in step.

Interbytchim 2021 as a Vector of the Industry’s Development

March 11- 12, in the most prestigious exhibition venue of Moscow, VK Gostiny Dvor, took place the international specialized branch exhibition INTERBYTCHIM which has been opening the spring exhibition season for many years and has long become a definite vector for the industry’s development.


Development of cosmetic compositions based on clay particle
Sokhranyeva V. A.1,3, Eskova E.V.1,2
1MIREA – Russian Technological University, Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies named after M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow
2senior teacher
34th year undergraduate student

The work is devoted to the creation of stable suspensions based on clay particles of various nature. In this work, a step-by-step approach to obtaining stable disperse systems of the s / l type using fiber of various structures used as stabilizers is considered. It was possible to create a cosmetic purpose stable suspension based on natural ingredients and having good consumer characteristics.


Tubes: results of 2020, trends and prospects
Leonov R., editor

We present a review of the results of the year, which has become traditional for the magazine Raw Materials & Packaging, as well as the largest international packaging competitions, in which tubes were mentioned.


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