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Business Growth Points: Contract Manufacturing and Promotion of Private Label

The conference «Business Growth Points: Contract Manufacturing and Promotion of STM end Products was held in Moscow. The event, which discussed the development of Russian perfumery and cosmetic products and household chemicals with the help of contract production, brought together leading representatives of retail and manufacturers.


Non-Oxidative Hair Coloring: Approaches and Solutions
Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika

The article discusses the approaches to non-oxidative hair coloring and solutions to get the best result.


Amidet® N – mild multifunctional thickener for Toiletries

AMIDET® N (INCI: PEG-40 Rapeseedamide) from Kao Chemical Europe is based on renewable Rapeseed Oil and can be used as an alternative for Cocamide DEA. With its unique thickening, foam boosting and stabilizing, solubilizing properties, this low viscous concentrated Ethoxylated Fatty Acid Monoethanolamide can be used in a wide range of products including: shampoos, mild skin cleaners, skin lotions, bath oils etc. Due to the exceptional solubilization properties of AMIDET® N, a reduction of the solubilizer concentration can be achieved. Additionally AMIDET® N reduces the irritation profile of ether sulfate containing formulations. AMIDET® N is a multi-functional ingredient that allows the manufacturer of personal care products to reduce the amount of some functional ingredients, therefore saving time, storage capacity and money.

Pigments of Microbial Origin in Cosmetics: a Source of Color and Beneficial Properties
Along with serving as a source of color, many microbial pigments have gained attention as interesting bioactive molecules with potential health advantages. These pigments have several applications in the food, agrochemical, medicine, and cosmetic industries. They have attracted the attention of these industries due to their high production value, low cost, stability, and biodegradability.


Waste into Income!: a New Super-Moisturizer and Skin Restructuring Agent from Microalgae

Algaktiv, a pioneering force in sustainable microalgae biotechnology, has introduced its latest breakthrough in skin care innovation – Algaktiv Collage. Peptides and Spermidine derived from microalgae, this revolutionary 2-in-1 firming complex not only nourishes and restructures the skin matrix from within but also sets a new standard in sustainable sourcing and environmental responsibility.


Mineral Cosmetics: What does it Contain?

Mineral cosmetics enter our lives, but we still haven’t realized what is hidden under these terms. This article discusses the main components used in the creation of decorative mineral cosmetics. The properties of natural minerals of the seas and oceans used independently or for the enrichment of cosmetics are highlighted separately. To understand the concept of minerals and mineral components allows the presented classification of minerals, the processes of their formation.

Mintel: Trends in Color Cosmetics

According to new Mintel research, three-quarters (74%) of makeup users agree that affordable makeup products work just as well as premium ones, suggesting a makeup culture favorable toward ‘dupes.

Color Cosmetics: Sales in Russia

According to BusinesStat, demand for inexpensive products will continue to grow in the decorative cosmetics market. Currently, demand is supported by the development of drogerie stores and online platforms.


Fashion Trends and Cosmetics Industry
Popova A.

The fashion and cosmetics are connected industries because they create a person’s image and style. Fashion and cosmetics reflect and influence the social, cultural and political trends of their time. The fashion industry often determines which beauty products and treatments will be popular during a given period; stimulates the emergence of innovations in the cosmetics industry and its development.


The Choice of Surfactants and Functional Additives for Household Chemicals
Matveichuk Yu.V., PhD (Chemistry), Head Laboratory, LLC NORDKHIM (Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

The main names of household chemicals are listed and the main component composition of these products is described. Various types of surfactants (anionic, cationic, amphoteric, nonionic) are described in detail, recommendations are given for their use for specific groups of household chemicals. Other functional additives are briefly described – acids, alkalis, flavors, solvents, complexing agents, etc.


Trends in the Tube Segment
Leonov R., Editor of

Continuation, beginning in No. 6 (264). The first part of the article examined the impact of requirements to comply with the circular economy (environmental factor) and the increased role of local suppliers in connection with changes in supply logistics. Three equally important trends that will be discussed in this part of the review are: innovations that improve consumer experience; development of options that allow you to stand out on the shelf; Internet-enabled interaction elements applied to packaging.


Raw materials for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals

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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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