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Equipment for production of multicomponent emulsions, suspensions and gels: from laboratory facilities for testing of a technology to production department equipment

Solution of the accelerated and innovative development of the country requires the creation of new materials and products with improved properties. The appearance of such materials and products is impossible without research, laboratory experiments, development of the technology and technical equipment industries.

Application and Importance of the Principles of OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Taking into account OECD Council Decision-Recommendations it is important for countries to become OECD Member. With respect to the GLP regulations an OECD Membership includes: multilateral agreement with the other OECD economies with regard to data of studies performed in compliance with the OECD Principles of GLP; performance of GLP studies according to the same…

Equipment delivery phases

The procedure of choice and buying of equipment for the production is one of the important and complicated tasks for any manager. In this article, we underline the main stages of the procurement process of equipment.

Skin research methods


To date, cosmetics’ manufacturers have to prove not only a safety but an efficiency of their products. For the latter, it is important to have an idea about functional skin diagnostics methods, used in modern cosmetology.

Breaking the Code: How improving the coding process can increase productivity for cosmetics manufacturers


Product coding during the packaging process is paramount for cosmetics manufacturing, improving supply chain efficiency, visibility and protecting against counterfeiting, while also providing consumers with important product information and prominently displaying brand identity. In the cosmetics industry, a pleasing packaging that communicates the brand image to consumers is an essential tool: a lot of work…