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Contipro invites to a seminar

Contipro invites to a seminar. A technical seminar dedicated to the opening of the Сontipro Rus Company, will be held in the representative hall of the Czech Embassy in Moscow on January 29, 2020.


XXIV International scientifically-practical conference Cosmetic Industry: a Look into the Future

XXIV International scientifically-practical conference Cosmetic Industry: A Look into the Future was held in Moscow from 21st to 23rd of October. The results of the forum presented in the review.

InterCHARM 2019: the Annual Beauty Ball is Ahead of Trends

InterCHARM exhibition – the main event of the beauty industry in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe was held in Moscow. Every year InterCHARM in Moscow demonstrates the latest developments of well-known and completely new Russian and foreign manufacturers and distributors of perfumery and cosmetics, tools and equipment for cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, hairdressing, visage, nail service, massage, as well as technologies for the beauty-salon business, ingredients and packaging for cosmetic products.


New Hair Care Ingredients and Formats
Krasney Е.

More and more consumers believe that caring for hair is as important as skin: beautiful, well-groomed hair helps to look better and younger. By 2025, it is expected that the share of this segment in monetary terms will reach $ 211.1 billion. And, although the overall market for hair products is slowly responding to changes, modern macrotrends in hair care are no longer very different from those in skin care. Many interesting and unusual ingredients and products, or at least presented as proper, have already appeared under their influence.


BASF active ingredients for problem skin

The term problem skin describes a spectrum of cosmetic problems caused by various factors. Most often, aspects of oily and sensitive prone to dryness skin are considered to be problematic. BASF Care Creations provides a wide portfolio of active ingredients to reduce imperfections of each skin type.

Celluloscrub™: an alternative to replace banned PE beads
Popova Ju., Technical support Revada Co. Ltd.

To replace polyethylene (PE) beads with renewable and biodegradable scrubs, cosmetic formulators have to consider several characteristics of the different materials available on the market that appear to be similar to PE in terms of colour, abrasiveness, suspension capacities, cost effectiveness, stability in various products, worldwide regulatory approval, etc. The traditional exfoliating ingredients from plants and minerals have not given totally
satisfactory results for replacing PE because their characteristics were not similar. Celluloscrubtm from Lessonia based on cellulose acetate fills the gaps left by the other products. It is biodegradable and is a highly sustainable product with no impact on agricultural land. Using of Celluloscrubtm as an exfoliant allows replacing PE beads successfully. This article concerns its capacity to replace PE and also new available grades to create modern cosmetic products.


Updated look at cosmetic ads in Europe
Radionov N., Laboratoire BIO-EC & Laboratoire GENEX (France)

Nature does not care about anything so reverently as about balance. Сosmetic advertisers are balancing on the brink of creativity, creative freedom and responsibility to the consumer. They are guided by regulations setting the limits of correct advertising claims. We invite you to meet those who create cosmetic regulations in Europe, to learn about the limit beyond which advertising becomes controversial, and to discover new recommendations that came into force on July 1, 2019 in France.


EU Ecolabel for Dishwashing Detergents in Dishwashers.
The base of evaluating the effectiveness of dishwashing detergents in dishwashers to confirm compliance with the Ecolabel EU сriterion «Suitability for use»
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

The article discusses the base of evaluating the effectiveness of dishwashing detergents in dishwashers to confirm compliance with the Ecolabel EU criterion: suitability for use.


Flexible packaging: features and benefits

Berezina E.

Packaging concerns almost everything we face nowadays, and covers all supply chains. The modern packaging market is growing and changing on the basis of consumer demand and innovation; it allows products to meet and exceed the needs of society, thanks to advanced technologies, equipment, the latest decorating techniques and the development of sustainable and smart packaging. Conscious society began to make more and more claims to plastic and rigid plastic packaging, considering this category of packaging is obviously environmentally hazardous. Despite the big steps towards packaging’s «greening», flexible systems are confidently replacing plastic in many product categories. What advantages does flexible packaging have and what the modern market offers, we will consider in this review.

Calendar of specialized exhibitions for I half-year 2020


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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