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Features of Formulation Solutions for Sensitive and Irritated Skin
Krasney E.

The development of formulations for sensitive skin is a rather difficult task where it is necessary not only to remember about many boundary conditions, but also to thoroughly test the developed formulations, including for acceptability. But, do not forget about the “cosmetic”, become engrossed in the selection of components: sightly looking products with a pleasant texture, without compromising of the action, of course, – help to relax, reduce psycho-emotional stress, relieve stress – and simply attract the consumer more.

Aromatic ingredients: new developments and research

The convergence of artificial intelligence, technology and human creativity is becoming the golden mean in the development of revolutionary innovations in the field of aromatic ingredients.


Atecoron Plus® and Desaron® Plus: anti-aging and deep hydration
Ezheva Ju., Technologist of the Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2 and Desaron® Plus PHE 1.2 consist of different types of collagen (Atelocollagen or Desamidocollagen) and Sodium Hyaluronate with different molecular weights. Atelocollagen is produced by a mild enzymatic process, which results in splitting off the non-helical parts of collagen molecule; Desamidocollagen is produced by an alkaline process on calves skins, when special amino groups are changed to carboxyl groups. These products show an outstanding high water absorption capacity, they fill in lines and wrinkles and improve the inner skin structure by increasing the number of newly synthesized fine collagen/elastin fibers. Complex of hyaluronic acids helps to hydrate skin, reduce wrinkles and increase cell proliferation. By the use of these unique combinations of actives, you will obtain a quick permeating formulation, and at the same time a pleasant smooth skin feel will appear.

Mixed UV filter GalShield UV Care – a complete solution for UV protection
Erokhina E., Ruskhimset CJSC

UV rays are the leading cause of visible skin aging. Studies have shown the harmful effects of cumulative exposure of UV rays over time. Therefore, sunscreen products are today an essential part of everyday skin and hair care. Scientists at GalaxySurfactants Ltd, India have developed an UV filter chassis “GalShield UV Care”, which represents the unique concept for UV protection where organic UV filters combined together providing numerous benefits to explore various opportunities in sunscreen segment by cosmetic formulators.


The role of Pollutants in Skin Aging
Prokopov A., Ph.D. (Medicine), Laboratory of Novelties, ROS-Chemistry
Gazitaeva Z., plastic surgeon, Fijie Beauty Institute

As studies of recent years show, the most underestimated and attracting attention of scientists to environmental factors that have a significant impact on the quality of human life, and the state of his skin, are environmental toxins or pollutants and disturbances in circadian dynamics.

Skin Care: Topical Solutions from JRS Rettenmaier

The German manufacturer JRS Rettenmaier presents topical solutions for skin care products.

Sia Ache Cosmetic Dieticons Erase the Boundaries Between Organic Substances and Silicones.

Altai Chemistry plant n.a. Vereshchagin is the largest plant for the production of polyethylsiloxane fluids in Russia. Cosmetic dieticons Sia Ache is a biodegradable emollient with a high degree of solubilization, one of the highly refined grades of silicone oils.


Move Forward

The first two months of 2021 were marked by business activity such as investments, sales and mergers. There was an announcement about a number of significant deals in the global cosmetics market.


Marianna Penkova: «Descendants will call the present time the Silver Age of Russian perfumery!»

For several years, VAST Perfume Salon, one of the brightest perfumery events not only in Russia, but also in Europe, organized by the Perfumery Club of Russia, has been taking place in Russia. Market professionals, independent perfumers, amateurs and connoisseurs of aromas meet in Moscow to discuss business moments, demonstrate or explore new products and, of course, enjoy the special atmosphere that reigns at the Perfume Club salons. On the eve of the next such event, we are talking with Marianna Penkova, director of the Perfumery Club of Russia, organizer of the VAST Perfume Salon which will take place in April.


Alkyldihydroxyethylamine oxides
Merkulov D. А., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Head of Technical Marketing and Sales Support Service, Norkem LLC

To date, there is a critical deficiency of tertiary amines on the world market of chemical raw materials. Due to the COVID-19 infection pandemic, most of the produced alkyldimethylamines are processed into quaternary ammonium compounds, which have a disinfectant effect and are used for medical purposes to maintain sanitation and hygiene. The rise in prices and the limited availability of alkyldimethylamines led to a decrease in the production of highly demanded SAA, produced on their basis – alkyldimethylamine oxides. One of solutions for ways of dealing with such a situation is an alternative replacement of scarce alkyldimethylamine oxides with effective, available, but less known alkyldihydroxyethylamine oxides. This article provides information on the structure, properties, production and use of this group of non-ionic SAA.


The best perfume packaging: Brief review of the winners
Berezina E.

Perfume – though inconspicuous, but the most sensual and bright accessory. They complement the image, evoke a sea of emotions, and tell a story. At all times, real packaging masterpieces have been created for perfume, worthy of being museum exhibits. Nowadays, when almost everyone can afford perfume products, and the market competition is growing every year, the attitude to perfume packaging has become simpler. In the world of advanced technologies and the latest methods of decoration, it is not so easy to surprise an experienced consumer. This does not negate the fact that launched products can stand out from the general picture, and become winners of prestigious international awards. This review is devoted to the most interesting and non-standard packaging solutions for perfume products, which became the winners of various competitions in 2020.


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