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Business Activity: Summer 2022

Summer is the time for vacations and opportunities to relax. However, business life does not stop even during this period and, in recent years, it has even become more active. Thus, in the first half of 2021, and especially during the summer months, a record number of major agreements between cosmetics companies were concluded. This summer was no exception, marked by acquisitions, mergers, partnerships and capacity expansions.


In cosmetics Korea 2022: the Ability to Adapt, Learn and Inspire

Following on from three days of personal care ingredient sourcing, sharing of formulation techniques and education sessions about the trends shaping the global cosmetic industry, visitors and exhibitors alike praised the action packed event in cosmetics Korea 2022 took place at Seoul on 13–15 July.

Novelties, Import Substitution and Prospects in New Realities at RosUpack 2022

From 7 to 10 June 2022, the 26th International exhibition for the packaging industry RosUpack and the 7th International conference and exposition of equipment, technologies and supplies for print and advertising production Printech took place at Crocus Expo. RosUpack and Printech became a platform for representatives of the Russian and foreign packaging, printing, and advertising industries.


Features of After Sun Formulations
Ktasnei E.

Ultraviolet is one of the unfavorable external factors, the most aggressive in relation to the skin. Many of the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin can be significantly reduced if take measures in time. The goal cosmetics after sunburn is restoration of skin, to help it recover itself.

Sustainable Cosmetics and the Evolution of Ideas
Krasnei E.

According to analysts, the claim «contain natural ingredients» is the first most important thing that buyers pay attention to when choosing. The second place is the statement that the products are “friendly to the environment”. But the available natural resources and technologies are not enough to satisfy these exponentially growing demands. There are other difficulties and contradictions that can be resolved, acting in different directions.


Disinfection and Treatment: Product Selection Criteria

The article presents the features of the choice of the composition of disinfectants for the treatment of various aplications. Attention is paid to the effectiveness of the means, depending on the incoming active substances. It is presented how best to choose disinfectants for the treatment of various spaces, tools, surfaces in medical institutions, beauty salons, fitness centers and sports grounds.

Nielsen Home Care Products

Nielsen has set trends in the home care industry in Russia.


Optical Brighteners
Merkulov D.A., PhD (Chemistry), Chief Specialist of the Department of Technological Development and Innovation of Synergetic LLC

The article contains general characteristics of optical brighteners, discusses their structure and properties.


Tubes: Challenges, Innovations and Industry Perspectives
Leonov R., editor of

The article deals with the problems and prospects for the production of such a popular type of packaging for cosmetics as tubes.


Raw materials for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals

Equipment for packaging manufacturing

Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics

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