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The Second Seminar of the EVA Company: Preservatives and Other Ingredients for Import Substitution

On November 16, the EVA company, part of the KCCC Group holding, held the second technical seminar “EVA Preservatives” this year. The event was held on the territory of its own production in the town Kirovo-Chepetsk (Kirov region). Its participants were presented the products from the Evaguard® line of preservatives in details, and during a tour of the laboratory, production and warehouse complexes, they were shown the technical capabilities of the KCCC Group holding and told about the plans of the enterprise.


Nail Care: Ingredients and Formulations

Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika
Well-groomed nails are not only aesthetic: their appearance reflects the general state of a person’s health, and to a certain extent, their profession and social status. However, age-related changes, mechanical and thermal effects during manicure, the use of detergents, contact with solvents, and fungus diseases can also negatively affect the appearance of nails. The article discusses the features of cosmetics formulations for nail care.

«Golden Window of Opportunity»: New Products from Domestic Companies at interCHARM 2023

At the end of October, the main event of the year for representatives of the beauty industry, distributors and manufacturers – the 30th International Exhibition of the Perfume and Cosmetics Industry InterCHARM, took place in Moscow at Crocus Expo.

interCHARM 2023: Ingredients and Packaging for Cosmetic Products and household chemicals

At the interCHARM 2023 exhibition, the complete chain of the beauty industry, from ingredients for creating a product to laser equipment for clinics, was presented. The exhibition allows manufacturers to solve not only sales problems, conclude agreements with distributors and retail representatives throughout Russia and abroad, but also to discuss supply issues, build relationships with suppliers of equipment, ingredients and packaging, introduce their brands to a wide audience, as well as learn about new products. We will introduce you to some of the new raw materials and packaging products presented at the exhibition in this review.


Hair Care Trends

International experts, summing up the results of the outgoing year, predict trends that will actively influence the market of cosmetics and personal care products in the near future. Here are some concepts that have been termed as the hair care market trends.


NMF is a Key Factor in Maintaining the Stratum corneum’s Natural Hydration
Stepanova Yu2., Goltsova E1., Ph.D. (Medicine), Amelichev A2., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Demenko V2., Professor

1JSC EMANCY Laboratory

2 Elena Goltsova Clinic (Moscow)

Using data on the NMF composition (natural moisturizing factor) in the stratum corneum, the EMANSI Laboratory has compiled three systems of substances: in composition and concentration; similar to those in the stratum corneum; with and without the addition of phyllaggrin formation stimulants.

The Role of Salt in Viscosity Control of Liquid Detergent Formulations

Salt is one of the most important components of liquid detergent formulations, used as a cheap thickener to increase viscosity and regulate consistency. This is because salt ions (e.g. Na and Cl) interact with the hydrophilic headgroups of surfactant molecules, causing them to adhere more tightly to each other. As a result, the interaction between the surfactant molecules increases and a denser micellar network is formed, resulting in higher viscosity.


Effective solvents
Matveichuk Yu.V., Doctor of Chemistry, Head Laboratory, LLC NORDKHIM (Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

General information about solvents is provided (definition, various classifications of solvents). The most used solvents or their mixtures are described by industry. Several proprietary compositions for removing rust, oil stains, grease from metal surfaces are also briefly described; for removing contaminants from birds, adhering insects, bitumen stains, nicotine and smoke deposits, dust, dirt, grease stains, water stains from glass, mirror surfaces and smooth surfaces (hood, radiator grille, bumper, trunk lid, motorcycle body, moped, electric scooter, bicycle frame, etc.), from tiles, plastic surfaces; for removing traces of tape, labels, stickers, ink, markers, pencils from plastic, glass, mirror, metal, crystal, porcelain, ceramic and other surfaces; paste for cleaning clothes from greasy and oil stains.


The Atmosphere of Christmas and New Year: Limited Collections
Berezina E.

Any true beauty lover knows that starting from the first days of autumn until Christmas, it is time for the long-awaited announcements of Holiday collections from leading brands, independent labels and start-ups. This review is dedicated to the holiday limited collections released this fall.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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