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1/198 February

  • Cosmetics & the Sun: safe tan and vitamin D, cosmetics before and after sun, self-tanning, IR-protection
  • Creation of the effective cleaning and washing products for household and professional cleaning purposes
  • Hair styling and dyeing
  • Men Care
  • Repellents
  • Fragrances for household products, features of choice
  • Silicones as versatile ingredients for household products

Interbytchim|/ InterCosmetica (Moscow)19–21

2/199 March

  • Body Care: cleansing and care, scrubs, massage, anti-cellulite, spa and relaxation. Ingredients and formulations
  • Polishes for various applications: characteristics of formulations, the choice of waxes and silicones, application areas, different formats
  • Radiance skin: whitening, lightening and brightening agents, АНА, soft-focus effect
  • New in deodorants
  • Phosphates: is there an alternative
  • Clean glass: from car and home to industrial cleaning

Сosmoprof (Bologna)16–19

PCHi (China) 19–21

Special Issue №1 /200 «Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Cleaning»

Production of facial masks, wet wipes, diapers for children and adults, women’s hygiene products, household and industrial wipes. Nonwoven Materials, Ingredients, Peculiarities of formulations and manufacture, Equipment for manufacturing and packaging, Microbiology Control

Symposium «Techtextil», (Moscow)

Bonus: Distribution on EDANA Symposium

3/201 April

  • Innovative technologies and ingredients in cosmetics: actives, textures and sensory modifiers, delivery systems, claim substantiations
  • Polymers for household formulations: thickeners, emulsifiers, film-forming and conditioning agents, surface modifiers
  • Baby Care, ingredients and formulations
  • Modern Skin cleansing and make-up removing
  • Desinfection of Hard Surfaces
  • Fabric Care during and after washing, ingredients for caring formulations

In-cosmetics (Аmsterdam)

Analitica Expo (Moscow)

InterCharm Professional (Moscow)

«CleanExpo» (Sanct-Peterburg)

4/202 May

  • Hair Care: cleansing and care, protection, volume control, decorating
  • The art of aromatization: encapsulated fragrances, fabric care, air deodoration and odor control, air fresheners, Aroma marketing,
  • Multifunctional ingredients for cosmetics
  • Vitamins and minerals in cosmetics, nutraceuticals
  • Concentrated formulations for household products
  • Enzymes for washing and cleaning

5/203 June

  • Innovations for anti-age: R&D and theories of the ageing, actives and formulations
  • Laundry Care Formulations: ingredients, new formats, marketing trends, professional laundry care
  • Immediate visible effect in cosmetics
  • Fragrances for Personal Care
  • Preservatives for cosmetics and household chemicals
  • Solvents for household products
  • Care of shoes and leather products

Conference «Household chemistry» (Perm)

EDANA Symposium

World Perfumery Congress (Nice, France)

6/204 July/August

  • Natural cosmetics: novelties, standards of the certification, actives and functional ingredients
  • Eco cleaning, choice of ingredients and peculiarities of formulations
  • Skin microbiome and Cosmetics
  • Mild detergents for Cosmetics
  • «Green» chemisrty: myths and reality
  • Tablets as format of household chemical products

Calendar of events for 2-nd half of 2018

7/205 September

  • Dermocosmetics and cosmeceuticals: trends, ingredients, claims formulation and substantiations
  • Autocosmetics: market needs and choice of ingredients
  • Oral Care
  • Beauty hands and nails
  • Anti-pollution protection in skin care and hair care
  • New in perfumery
  • Low temperature washing: peculiarities of formulations


The issue will be received by all participants of PCAR Conference

Special Issue №2/ 206 “Equip manufacturing”. Everything for laboratories. Processing and packaging equipment, energy- and water-saving technologies, including cold emulsification; claim substantiations – Testing methods


Additional distribution

8/207 October

  • Facial Make-up and hair decoration: market trends, unusual formats and textures, color forecasts, caring benefits
  • Range of surfactants and additives for household formulations: efficacy, economy, ecofriendly
  • Special hair care: protection, strengthening, stop louse, dandruff control
  • Multiple emulsions
  • Silicon feelings in cosmetics
  • Thickening of “difficult” household formulations, choice of ingredients
  • Chelators, complexion and dispersing agents

PCAR Conference (Moscow)

InterCharm 2018


9/208 November

  • Face Care: ingredients for cleansing, protection, lifting, rejuvenating, for sensitive skin, anti-acne, eyes care
  • Dishwashing: choice of ingredients, market trends, differences between household and professional formulations
  • Choice of plant extracts and oils: standardization and efficacy
  • Ingredients for mesotherapy (peptides, НА, vitamins)
  • Opacifiers and pearls for cosmetics and household chemicals
  • Bleaches for household chemistry

Farmtech + Ingredients (Moscow)



10/209 December/January

  • Sustainable ingredients for cosmetics: sources of raw materials, fair trade, biotechnology and other eco-production methods, water- and energy saving, market proposals
  • Home care and the child: special laundry detergents, conditioners, means for dishwashing, cleaners
  • Polymeric technologies in cosmetics
  • Algae & marine products for cosmetics
  • Facial masks – care and a pleasure
  • Cosmetic claims in household products
  • Specificity of acid and alkaline cleaning formulations for different surfaces

Calendar of events for 1-st half of 2019

These topics can be changed or moved.

The above mentioned topics are of priority, but not the only ones.