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Special issue №1 /187 Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Institutional Cleaning (masks, wet wipes, technical wipes, hygiene products, diapers, pads, disposable clothing. Technologies, materials, formulations, etc.).

Bonus: additional distribution



  • The Many Faces of protection for the skin and hair (antipollution: UV, IR, HEV, 2.5 pm-protection, anti-stress, antioxidants, UV filters, polymers, marketing concepts)
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces. Specialized and universal products.
  • Hair Strengthening Products and Growth Regulators
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Chelating agents
  • for household products
  • Biocides for household chemicals
  • Leather care: for shoes, cloth, furniture

PCHi (Guangzhou, China)

Interbytchim / Intercosmetica (Moscow)



  • New concepts in Anti-age cosmetics: epigenetics, peptides, growth factors, stem cells, detox ingredients, delivery systems
  • Means for automatic and manual dishwashing: surfactants, special additives, enzymes, fragrances. Consumer and industrial formulations.
  • Vitamins and vitamin-like substances
  • Hair Dyes: natural and synthetic
  • Repellents
  • Floor Care: Cleaners for different Floor types, Floor Wax Removers, Mild Soaps

Cosmoprof / Cosmopack (Bologna, Italy)

3/189 April

  • Personal Care as a Special Pleasure: shower gels, bath foams, soaps, body lotions, shampoos (special surfactants, rheological modifiers, emollients, oils, fragrances …)
  • Air Fresheners and Odor Absorbers, Air Purification from allergens, enzyme technologies
  • Biotechnology as a source of ingredients for cosmetics
  • Baby Care and hygiene products
  • Preservatives for cosmetic formulations
  • Disinfecting and Antifungal
  • cleaners
  • Capsules and Tablets – a Promising Format of Household Products

IPLS (Moscow)

In-Cosmetics (London, G B)






  • Moisturizing – the Most Popular Claim in Cosmetics (mechanisms, ingredients, formulations, testing techniques)
  • Polymer Additives for Improving Efficacy of Household Formulations: rheology modifiers, demisting agents, dispersants, antiresorbents, so on
  • Quick Visible Effects in Cosmetics: ingredients and formulations
  • Oral care
  • An Alternative to Phosphates in Dishwashing and Detergents
  • Bleaches and Optical Brighteners in Household formulations

Conference «Innovations in cosmetics» (Voronezh)



  • Healthy Skin Radiance: deep cleansing, improvement of microcirculation, whitening ingredients, sebum control, optical effects
  • Multifunctional Laundry Detergents
  • (2-in-1, 3-in-1…)
  • Neurocosmetics
  • Multifunction Ingredients for Cosmetic Formulations
  • Professional and household cleaners for carpets and floor coverings
  • Glass Care (for home, automobile, professional cleaning)

Conference Household Chemistry (Perm)

Rosupak / LUXPACK (Moscow)

6/192 July/


  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics for Skin and Hair: botanical ingredients, essential and fat oils, biopolymers, emulsifiers
  • «Green Chemistry» – main principles, ingredients, effectiveness, market examples, regulation
  • Gel formulations in cosmetic: oil and water thickening additives
  • Antioxidants for product protection
  • Prospects of Natural Perfumery
  • Drain cleaners
  • Antistatic Additives
  • Glass-Ceramic Cleaners

Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs for second half of 2017.

Special issue №2/ 193 « Equip Manufacture: laboratory, proceeding and packing equipment.

Bonus: additional distribution at trade shows and conferences



  • Cosmetics as a Sense: emollients, emulsifiers, polymers, fragrances, opacifiers, changing textures
  • Professional Cleaning products for food industry
  • Perfume Compositions and Fragrances – New Concepts and Regulation
  • Styling for any length and texture of hair
  • Wet Wipes for Household and Industrial use
  • Enzymes for Household Chemistry, including liquid formulations

Intersharm Ukraine (Kiev),

HPCi (Warsaw, Poland)

Bonus: The issue will be inserted in the PCAR Conference participant portfolio



  • Makeup: Decoration, Care and Protection. Fashion Trends in Color Cosmetics and Nail Polishes
  • Polishes for Various Purposes: principles of creation, the choice of the waxes and silicones
  • Peptides for Skin, Hair and Eyelashes
  • Basic and essential oils in cosmetics
  • Cosmetics for youth – how to attract?
  • Household and Professional Descaling Formulations
  • Fragrances for Aggressive Conditions
  • Stain Removers

PCAR Conference (Moscow)

Intersharm (Moscow)

Label (Moscow)

9/196 November

  • Targeting the Deeper Skin Layers: collagen, elastin and GAGs synthesis stimulation, anti-glycation, anti-cellulite cosmetics, modeling of face contours, lip volume, delivery systems, efficacy confirmation
  • Auto cosmetics: shampoos, polishes, washers, etc..
  • Self-tanning Products
  • Skin Lipid Barrier Care: moisturizing and softening additives in cosmetics
  • Plastic Surfaces Cleaners
  • Fabric softeners

Farmtech (Moscow) CleanExpo (Moscow)

10/ 197 December/January

  • Beautiful Hair: cleansing, conditioning, strengthening, protection, dyeing
  • Special Laundry Detergents: for Different Types of Fibers, for colored and white, for baby clothes etc. Surfactants and functional additives. Washing at low temperatures
  • Cosmetics for Men
  • Creating Decorative Effects for Cosmetic Products: air bubbles and beads suspending, opacifiers, dyes, phase forming
  • Cleaning Products for Metal Surfaces
  • Defoamers and antifoamers

Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs, 2018

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