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In Focus: cosmetics

In Focus: household chemistry

Special subjects

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  • Body Care: Cleansing, Moisturizing, Firming, Slimming, products for and after Depilation, Scrubs
  • Special Detergents and functional additives: for different types of
  • textile, for baby clothes etc. Washing at low temperatures
  • Peptides for skin, hair and eyelashes
  • Men Care and current range for Barber shops
  • Vitamins and Vitamin-like substances
  • Stain Removers based on Reductants, Oxidants, Solvents
  • PCHI (China)



  • Safe Sun: efficiency and reliability of solar cosmetics, UV protection for every day. Tanning and Self tanning products
  • Auto cosmetics: Cleaning and Care of lacquered, plastic and metal parts and interior
  • Perfume compositions and Fragrances – new concepts and regulation
  • Repellents and Insecticides. Regulation. New in Formulating
  • Secure methods of Disinfection
  • Enzymes for household chemicals, including Liquid formulations
  • Interbytchim / Intercosmetica (Moscow)
  • Cosmoprof/ Cosmopack (Bologna, Italy)
  • In-cosmetics (Barcelona)
  • IPLS (Москва)

Special issue №1/224 Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Institutional Cleaning (masks, wet wipes, technical wipes, hygiene products, diapers, pads, disposable clothing. Technologies, materials, formulations, machinery, packaging, microbial control etc.).

Bonus: additional distribution

  • TECHTEXTIL (Moscow)



  • Healthy skin radiance: deep cleansing, improvement of microcirculation, bleaching ingredients, sebum control, soft-focus
  • Creating Added Value for household chemicals formulas through the Use of Polymers
  • Alternative ingredients in solving the problem of micro plastics pollution
  • Creating Visual Effects of cosmetic products: inclusion capsules, opacifiers, colorants, “memory” effect
  • “Hot Topics” in functional ingredients
  • In-cosmetics (Barcelona)
  • A-TesTex/Analytics
  • (Moscow)
  • InterCharm Professional (Moscow)
  • CleanExpo
  • (St-Petersburg)



  • Moisturizing – the most popular cosmetic claim: novel technologies, ingredients, formulations, methods of assessment.
  • Industrial Cleaning Formulations. Development features
  • Modern Oral Care
  • Cosmetics with Stem Cells. South Korea’s Experience
  • Aerosols in household, what’s new
  • Care of the Glass (in the Home, Car cosmetics, Cleaning)



  • Full Spectrum Protection of Skin and Hair against Pollution-related Damages
  • Air Care and Malodor Absorbers
  • Multifunctional ingredients of cosmetic formulations
  • Well-Ageing concept
  • Deodorants and Anti- perspirants
  • Abrasive means for Surface cleaning
  • World Perfumery
  • Congress (France)
  • Conference Household Chemistry (Perm)


July- August

  • Natural and Eco- friendly cosmetics. New ingredients. Formulations and technologies.
  • Renewable raw materials.
  • Certification systems of natural and organic products
  • Eco-friendly detergents.
  • Ensuring efficiency. Alternatives to traditional ingredients.
  • Unisex Cosmetic
  • Means for strengthen and hair growth
  • Technologies of Microbiological Control (Preservatives, Fungicides, Preservative-Free systems, multifunctional agents)
  • Professional and consumers cleaners for the Bathroom: features of Formulations
  • HPCi (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs for second half of 2020



  • Targeting Microbiota (Microbiome studies, Pro- and Prebiotics for the skin and hair)
  • Cleaning and Polishing surfaces. Features of Polishes for Different purposes
  • Import substitution. Domestic Manufacturers of Raw Materials and their range
  • Innovations in Hair Anti-Ageing
  • Delivery Systems
  • Bleaching ingredients in household products
  • Intersharm Ukraine (Kiev)
  • Bonus: The issue will be inserted in the PCAR Conference participant pack



  • Make-up: style, color and care. Especially in formulation (face, hair, nails). Removing make- up
  • Means for Automatic and Manual dishwashing: Surfactants, Special additives, Enzymes, Fragrances. Household and Industrial formulations.
  • Cosmetics for Teenagers: no longer children, not yet an adult. Specificity formulations, the selection of ingredients
  • Essential oils
  • Sea – an inexhaustible pantry of ingredients
  • Rheological modifiers for household chemicals
  • Chemistry (Moscow)
  • SEPAWA (Berlin)
  • PCAR Conference (Moscow)
  • Intersharm (Moscow)
  • CleanExpo (Moscow)

Special Issue №2/231 Equip manufacturing:

Laboratory, Processing and Packaging equipment

Water treatment; everything for Laboratories; the creation of «Clean production»; efficient Methods of Extraction; Energy- and Water-saving technologies, including cold emulsification; Processing equipment; Microbiology control; Filling and Packaging. Storage & Logistics

  • Bonus: additional distribution



  • Beautiful Hair: Cleansing, Conditioning, Strengthening, Protection, Color. New formats and ingredients
  • Natural ingredients for household products
  • Products for sensitive, allergy- prone and problematic skin
  • Oils in cosmetics: cleansing, nutrition, protection
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces. Specialized and universal products
  • Professional and household cleaners for Carpets and Floor coverings
  • Farmtech+ Ingredients (Moscow)


December/ January

  • Creating recipes, presenting sensual pleasure (Emollients, emulsifiers, polymers, fragrances, opacifiers, texture transformers)
  • Creating formulas, presenting Sensual Pleasure (Emollients, Emulsifiers, Polymers, Fragrances, Opacifiers, Texture transformers)
  • Glow and Skin Whitening
  • Restoration and Defense of the Barrier Layer of the Skin: Moisturizing and Softening additives, maintaining Microbiome
  • «Green» Alternatives to traditional ingredients
  • Solvents, their effectiveness and environmental friendliness
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs, 1-st half of 2021

These topics can be changed or moved.

The above mentioned topics are of priority, but not the only ones.