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In Focus: cosmetics

In Focus: household chemistry

Special subjects

Events, exhibitions

1/246 February

  • Sun protection for skin and hair: selection of safe UV and IR filters, active ingredients, after-sun cosmetics, marketing concepts
  • Creation of effective cleaning products for household and professional use
  • Stem cells in cosmetics
  • Legislation and antiseptics
  • Thickeners, rheology modifiers for cosmetic products
  • Repellents
  • Polishes: recipe features
  • Laundry care for different types of fibers
  • Upakovka (Moscow)
  • January 25–28

2/ 247 March

  • Body cosmetics: care, cleansing, anti-cellulite programs, scrubs, depilation products. New formulations
  • Laundry detergents. Formulations for household and industrial use. Market trends and requirements
  • Even skin tone and radiance: AHA acids, whitening ingredients
  • Preservatives for cosmetic formulations: softer and softer
  • Features of the use of enzymes in washing powders and cleaning products
  • Metal care products
  • Interbytkhim, Intercosmetika (Moscow), March 10–11
  • PCHi (Shanghai, China) March 2–4
  • in-Cosmetics Global, (Paris, France), March 5–7
  • Cosmoprof / Cosmopack, (Bologna, Italy) March 10–13
  • ChemiCos Beauty (Moscow) March 22–24

Special Issue №1 /251 «Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Cleaning»

Production of facial masks, wet wipes, diapers for children and adults, women’s hygiene products, household and industrial wipes. Nonwoven Materials, Ingredients for lotions and finishing fabrics, Peculiarities of formulations and manufacture, Equipment for manufacturing and packaging. Microbiological Control


3/248 April

  • Creation of smart cosmetics: innovative technologies, new ingredients, delivery systems
  • Aromatization of premises and cars, air purification. Odor absorbers
  • Nano cosmetics: how the direction is developing
  • The choice of surfactants for cleansing the skin and hair
  • Fragrances in digital century or How to deliver flavors online
  • Novelty for car cosmetics
  • Additives for washing colored laundry
  • IPLS (Moscow) April 5–6
  • AnalyticaExpo (Moscow) April 19–22
  • InterCHARM Professional (Moscow) April 21–23
  • Clean-Expo (dates will be confirmed)

4/ 249 May

  • Hair cosmetics: shampoos, masks, conditioners. Hair dyes. Volumizing and texturing hairs
  • Household and I&I care for cleaning carpets. Floor care
  • Create a tanning effect: from bronzer to self-tanning
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants: protection and care
  • Polymers in household products
  • Bleaching agents in household care

5/ 250 June

  • Anti-age cosmetics and beautiful aging. Research on aging mechanisms, active ingredients, effective formulations
  • Specialized and universal glass and mirror cleaners
  • Instant effect in cosmetics
  • Peptides in the fight against aging
  • Multifunctional ingredients in cosmetic formulations
  • Dishwashing detergents: clean to a shine
  • Features of fragrances for household chemicals
  • Disinfection and cleaning of surfaces
  • World Perfumery Cngress (venue and date to be confirmed)

6/252 July/August

  • Natural cosmetics for skin and hair: innovative ingredients, herbal components, alternatives to the usual basic ingredients. Preservation of products
  • Eco-formulations of household care
  • What the sea will give us: ingredients for formulations, skin and hair care
  • Sustainable development and green ingredients
  • Certification of organic cosmetics and household chemicals
  • An important claim «no harm to nature»
  • Principles for creating formulations for sustainable cleaning
  • Calendar of events for 2-nd half of 2022



  • Ingredients to protect and maintain the microbiome: pre-, pro- and postbiotics
  • Care of shoes and products made of natural and synthetic (eco) leather
  • Overview of anti-pollution products
  • Cosmetics after sunburn, moisturizing the skin and combating photoaging
  • Odor absorbers in household care
  • Surfactants and additives in household care market\
  • Bonus: The issue will be received by all participants of PCAR Conference;

8/254 October

  • Decorative cosmetics for skin and hair. Trends, active and auxiliary ingredients
  • Temple of Purity; cleaning the bathroom and toilet at home and in HoReCa
  • Non-injection systems for the delivery of cosmetics into the skin
  • Cosmetics for children
  • Algae, clays and anti-cellulite wraps
  • Thickening of formulations of household care, selection of ingredients
  • Household care for children: what to look for when creating formulations
  • PCAR Conference (Moscow)
  • InterCHARM (Moscow)
  • Label (Moscow)

Special Issue №2/ 255 Equip manufacturing. Everything for Laboratories.
Processing and Packaging Equipment, Groop packing and Storage, Energy- and Water-saving Technologies, incl. cold emulsification; Claim Substantiations – Testing methods etc.

  • Bonus: Additional distribution during profile events

9/256 November

  • Problem skin care: dry, oily, irritated, sensitive
  • New formats of household chemistry
  • Oral care: toothpastes, rinses, dental floss, brushes
  • Cosmetics for men
  • Fabric care: fabric softeners, antistatic agents, apprets, easy ironing
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture
  • Farmtech+ Ingredients (Moscow)

10/257 December

  • Neurosensory in cosmetics. Consumer expectations and reality
  • Household chemicals for all occasions. Creation of universal formulations
  • Detergents for body care: gels, foams, bath salts, toilet soaps, etc.
  • Sequins, glitters and decorative elements of cosmetic products
  • Opacifiers and pearlescents for cosmetics and household care
  • Stain removers
  • Fancy ingredients
  • Calendar of events for 1-st half of 2023

These topics can be changed or moved.

The above mentioned topics are of priority, but not the only ones.