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1/210 February

  • Safe Sun: cell protection, UF-filters, water resistance, sensory experience, before & after sun, self-tanning
  • Effective cleaning of Hard surfaces: choice of ingredients for household and professional formulations
  • Super foods in cosmetics
  • Choice of Surfactants for skin and hair cleansing
  • Functional additives for glass care
  • Repellents

Interbytchim/ InterCosmetica (Moscow);

PCHI (China)



  • Body care: firming, slimming actives, exfoliation. Innovative Textures
  • Odor control: deodorization and malodor control, air fresheners for home, automobile, fighting unpleasant odors after washing
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Nutraceuticals and vitamins for skin and hair beauty
  • Degreasing of Hard Surfaces
  • Disinfection of Hard Surfaces

Сosmoprof (Bologna)

Special Issue №1 /212 «Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Cleaning»

Production of facial masks, wet wipes, diapers for children and adults, women’s hygiene products, household and industrial wipes. Nonwoven Materials, Ingredients, Peculiarities of formulations and manufacture, Equipment for manufacturing and packaging. Microbiological Control

Symposium «Techtextil» (Moscow)



  • «Smart» Cosmetics: modern technologies – delivery, encapsulation, active components, safety and efficiency
  • Effective washing: the choice of surfactants and functional additives for modern formulations. Market trends
  • Water proof and water resistant formulation in sun care and decortive cosmetics
  • Modern preservation in cosmetics and household products
  • Solvents and their contribution to the effectiveness of household products
  • Concentrated formulations for household products, monodoses

In-cosmetics (Paris);

Analitica Expo (Moscow);

InterCharm Professional (Moscow);

«CleanExpo» (Sanct-Petersburg)



  • Hair Care: shampoos, masks and conditioners. Trends, ingredients, textures, flavors
  • The rheology of household products: the choice of ingredients, market trends, the thickening of complex formulations
  • Men Care: great opportunities
  • Balancing the Skin Microbiota – is it the future of cosmetic formulations?
  • Laundry aids (conditioners, fragrance boosters, etc.)
  • Care for shoes and leather goods

World Perfumery Congress (France)



  • Healthy ageing: natural and high-tech actives, alternatives to plastic surgery, anti-wrinkle and facial contour modeling. Care for the neckline
  • Dishwashing: market trends and requirements
  • Safe exfoliation
  • Emulsifiers, emollients, structuring agents – the key to sensory aspect of cosmetics formulations
  • Fragrances for household products, choice for different media conditions
  • Formulations for carpets and textiles cleaning

Conference «Household chemistry» (Perm)



  • Natural Cosmetics and Sustainability: certification, ingredients, alternative preservation,natural thickeners and stabilizers
  • «Eco» household formulations: choice of ingredients, different formats of products
  • Fashion trends in perfumery and their effect on fragrances in cosmetics
  • Oral Care
  • Cleaning of plastic surfaces
  • Chelating agents for household products

Calendar of events for 2-nd half of 2019;

HPCi (Warsaw)



  • Cleansing and protection of skin and hair from pollutants and hard environment conditions: technologies and ingredients, sensory and textures
  • Auto Cosmetics: shampoos, polishes, choice of ingredients, effectiveness testing methods
  • Immediate visible effect in cosmetics (the effect of Cinderella; selfie –cosmetics)
  • Silicones in skin and hair care
  • Enzymes for laundry and dishwashing
  • Household products with healthy claims (safe for asthmatics and allergic)


The issue will be received by all participants of PCAR Conference;

Chemistry (Моscow);

SEPAWA (Berlin)

8/218 October

  • Makeup and styling: dyes, pigments and polymers. Fashion trends. Care functions
  • I&I products: features of professional washing and cleaning formulations, the choice of ingredients
  • Actives for hair strengthening and hair loss prevention
  • Trend “less is more”, multifunctional ingredients
  • Bleaches: chlorine-containing, oxygen, optical
  • defoamers

PCAR Conference (Moscow);

InterCharm 2019 (Moscow)

Special Issue №2/ 219 “Equip manufacturing”.

Everything for laboratories. Processing and packaging equipment, energy- and water-saving technologies, including cold emulsification; claim substantiations – Testing methods


Additional distribution

9/220 November

  • Problem Skin treatment: dry and oily skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, acne
  • Modern surfactants: market trends, choice for various applications, optimized surfactant mixtures
  • Nail Care. New Formats
  • Modern rheology modifiers for actual cosmetic formulations
  • Liquid laundry detergents: features of the formulations and ingredients selection
  • Silicones – multifunctional additives for household products

Farmtech+ Ingredients (Moscow);

CleanExpo (Moscow)



  • Care for damaged hair: washing, conditioning, protection, reparation
  • Modern methods of surface properties modifying in household chemicals and cleaning
  • Cosmetics for children: from babies to teenagers
  • Shining skin: fighting pigmentation, redness; whitening and lightening; Soft focus effect
  • Modern household formulations for baths and WC
  • Care of metal surfaces

Calendar of events for 1-st half of 2020

These topics can be changed or moved.

The above mentioned topics are of priority, but not the only ones.