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№ month In Focus: cosmetics In Focus: household chemistry Special subjects Events, exhibitions
  • Safe Tanning: combinations of UV filters and boosters, water resistance of sunscreen formulations, additional moisturizing, anti-ageing components, beneficial marketing concepts
  • Disinfection of hard surfaces: effective and economical solutions, prolonged action
  • Products for enhancing hair growth and strengthening
  • Formulations of home SPA-care in modern conditions
  • Gentle hands cleaning: soaps, gels, sanitizers
  • Complexing agents for household care
  • Means for drainage
  • PCHI (China)
  • HPCi (Warsaw)
  • Body Care: ingredients for cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, modeling, anti-cellulite, depilation. Creation of «light» textures.
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Products for automatic and manual dishwashing: surfactants, special additives, enzymes, fragrances. Household and industrial care formulations
  • Products for the care of sensitive and irritated skin
  • Opacifiers and pearlescents for cosmetics and household care
  • Biocides for household care
  • Cosmoprof / Cosmopack (Bologna)
  • Interbytchim/ InterCosmetica (Moscow)
Special Issue №1 /236 «Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Cleaning»Production of facial masks, wet wipes, diapers for children and adults, women’s hygiene products, household and industrial wipes. Nonwoven Materials, Ingredients for lotions and finishing fabrics, Peculiarities of formulations and manufacture, Equipment for manufacturing and packaging. Microbiological Control  
  • Promising directions in cosmetics: Neurosensorics, Influence on the Microbiome, Protection from «blue» light, Stem cells, the Use of Circadian rhythms
  • Air Cleaning. Odor absorbers.
  • Room fragrances.
  • Children’s cosmetics and hygiene products
  • Oils in cosmetics: nutrition, protection, cleansing
  • Repellents
  • Bleaching agents in household care
  • Caring for leather goods and shoes
  • Analitica Expo (Moscow)
  • InterCharm Professional (Moscow)
  • IPLS (Moscow)
  • Protection and Preservation of Formulations: biocides, green preservatives, biocidal enhancers, «preservation without preservatives», physical methods of preservation
  • Specialized and Universal Cleaning agents for Hard Surfaces, made of various materials
  • Creation of «wow-effect»: ingredients, formulations
  • Oral care
  • Masks and conditioners for hair
  • I&I and household Carpet and Floor Cleaning
  • Compacts, capsules and tablets – a promising format for household care
  • CleanExpo (Sanct-Petersburg)
  • Healthy Radiance of the skin: deep cleansing, improved microcirculation, whitening ingredients, sebum control, optical effects, soft focus
  • Products for Effective Laundry and Fabric Care. Selection of surfactants and functional additives. Pre-spot treatment. Conditioners
  • Multifunctional ingredients in cosmetic formulations
  • The fragrance world: perfume trends and consumer behavior
  • Solvents for household care
  • Polishes for various purposes: principles of creation, selection of waxes and silicones
  • Conference «Household chemistry» (Perm)
  • World Perfumery Congress
  • Rosupack
  • LuxePack
  • Natural and organic productcs for Skin and Hair: herbal and marine ingredients, biotechnologies, alternative preservatives
  • Development of Eco-formulations in cleaning. Improving the performance of formulations
  • Eco-friendly products for health of the planet: no plastic in the ocean, protect forests, sustainable development, «fair trade»
  • Vitamin D and others substances in cosmetics for tired skin
  • The Sea as a treasure of valuable components of cosmetics
  • Enzymes for washing and cleaning
  • An alternative to phosphates in cleaning and detergents
  • Calendar of events for 2-nd half of 2022
  • Skin Microbiome: care concepts and actives
  • Car Cosmetics: shampoos, polishes, washers, etc. Market needs, trends
  • Perfume compositions and fragrances: new concepts and regulation
  • Styling for any length and texture of hair
  • Wet Wipes for household and industrial use
  • Antistatic additives for household care

  • The issue will be received by all participants of PCAR Conference
  • Chemistry (Моscow)
  • SEPAWA (Berlin)
  • Makeup trends and new challenges for the category: durability, protection and comfort
  • Polymers for household care: film formers, rheology modifiers, thickeners, antiresorbents, conditioning additives
  • Fat and Essential Oils in cosmetics
  • Peelings, scrubs for face and body
  • Collagen and skin photoaging
  • Household and professional Stain Removers
  • Glass care products (in everyday life, car cosmetics, cleaning)
  • In-cosmetics
  • PCAR Conference (Moscow)
  • InterCharm 2022 (Moscow)
Special Issue №2/ 243 Equip manufacturing. Everything for Laboratories. Processing and Packaging Equipment, Groop packing and Storage, Energy- and Water-saving Technologies, incl. cold emulsification; Claim Substantiations – Testing methods etc. Bonus:

  • Additional distribution during profile events
  • Impact on the deep layers of the skin: modeling of the face contour, lip volume, delivery systems, confirmation of the declared properties
  • Surfactants overview, selection and optimization of blends for creating professional formulations
  • Cosmetic shield – anti-pollution protection
  • Standardization and efficacy of essential oils
  • Algae, Clays and Mud in cosmetics
  • Care for plastic surfaces
  • Silicones – high-performance ingredients for car and household care
  • Farmtech+ Ingredients (Moscow)
  • Beautiful Hair: cleansing, conditioning, strengthening, protection, gentle coloring
  • Specialized Laundry Detergents: for different types of fibers, for colored and white, for baby clothes, etc.
  • Men’s cosmetics and perfumes
  • Restoration of the skin barrier layer: moisturizing and softening additives
  • Cleaning products for metal surfaces
  • Recipes for Bath and WC cleansers. Features of creation
  • Calendar of events for 1-st half of 2020

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