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Love is in the Hair: Croda’s first online conference

On May 19, 2021, Croda held its first online conference Love is in the Hair.


Multifunctional cosmetic ingredients: what the versatile soldier is capable of
Krasney E.

The use of multifunctional ingredients opens new horizons for the developer, allowing to implement the most daring ideas and also often turns out to be cost-effective. Options, offered by multifunctional ingredients – an excellent opportunity to create competitive innovative products and always be one step ahead.

VAST Perfume Salon 2021 – the Main Meeting Place for Perfume Industry Professionals

VAST Perfume Salon 2021 was held in the President Hotel, Moscow in April. For the first time, the event, organized by the Perfumery Club of Russia in 2018, has become one of the main meeting places for professionals of the Russian perfumery industry, such as producers and suppliers of raw materials, distributors, federal and local retail. On these spring days, the salon cordially opens its doors to everyone who loves perfumery and cannot imagine their life without it.


How to adapt to the passage of time with Solabia Group
Novikova N., specialist of the technical and consulting support service

LLC Revada

As we age, our skin evolves, undergoing more or less visible changes that affect our self-perception and well-being. At each stage of life, there are upheavals that are important to identify in order to adapt to this evolution in a perpetual search for well-being, by extension, well-aging. This is known as WellCare®. The Solabia Group’s research has focused on these changes by looking at the cellular biology processes of each stage of aging and thus proposing dedicated active ingredients.


Air Flavoring in Business and in Everyday Life

The ways to explore fragrances are endlessly many-sided. The analysis and search for new fragrances – quite difficult due to the variety of use of options. However, the variability makes the flavoring of rooms more and more popular, because today we can already note the emergence of limitless prospects for the development of this direction.

Should you Wash in Cold Water, or What is the Best Temperature for Washing?
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

Today there is a lot of controversy about at what temperature to wash and at the same time not harm oneself and nature. A study was conducted using 4 types of different detergents: 2 powders, 1 gel and capsules for washing, which are the best sellers or the best on the Russian market: The research results are presented in this article.


Merkulov D. А., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Head of Technical Marketing and

Sales Support Service, Norkem LLC

Alkanolamides are a wide class of non-ionic surfactants and are condensation products of fatty acids with primary or secondary alkanolamines, their methyl esters or triglycerides, such as vegetable oils. Their widespread use is due to their ability to increase the foaming properties of surfactants, act as foam stabilizers and viscosity regulators, refatting agents and moisturizers for the skin, as well as emulsifiers, antistatic agents, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors. This article will consider the main types of alkanolamides, their production methods, specific properties and applications.


Metamorphoses of tubes: all possible techniques and innovations
Part 1. Aluminum tubes

Leonov R., editor

The article deals with all kinds of techniques and innovations in the development of such a popular type of consumer packaging as aluminum tubes.

A phenomenon with a masculine character: Trends in the grooming
Berezina E.

The cosmetic market for men is perhaps one of the most striking phenomena in recent years. The dynamics of its development is high, and the range of skincare is rapidly expanding, offering all new products designed only for men. This phenomenon is explained, first of all, by changes in the attitude of the men to self-care. Cosmetics are no longer taboo in the minds of men, they want to be more attractive and look younger for longer. This trend is driven by a change in mentality, which is stimulated by the media, the internet, modern lifestyle and fashion. The image of a brutal hero, courageous and perfectly controlling his emotions, is a thing of the past, and we increasingly see men in the role of caring fathers, cold and helpless patients, ordinary people with ordinary problems. What do men want? This review provides examples of launched products that demonstrate current trends in the category of personal care products for men and packaging design.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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