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Косметическая упаковка: Китай VS Европа


Артур Жуковский Современные реалии продаж товаров бьюти-сектора, выросший объем косметического рынка и резко изменившиеся бизнес-процессы требуют от производителя внимательно относиться  к ожиданиям покупателя от продукта – эмоциональным и  рациональным. Здесь огромную роль играет внешний вид косметического продукта – его упаковка. Рынок упаковки, в свою очередь, предлагает как европейские, давно зарекомендовавшие себя бренды, так и поставки…

Flexible packaging: features and benefits


Packaging concerns almost everything we face nowadays, and covers all supply chains. The modern packaging market is growing and changing on the basis of consumer demand and innovation; it allows products to meet and exceed the needs of society, thanks to advanced technologies, equipment, the latest decorating techniques and the development of sustainable and smart…

Beauty online: Packaging for e-сommerce


Every year e-сommerce absorbs more and more of the retail market share. In recent years, online shopping has become the norm, although a few years ago, this concept was close to zero. But with the growing impact of the Internet and smart devices, people now prefer to buy products through online platforms. This is one…

Больше гибкости!


Flexible packaging is an abundant mix «4-in-1»: economy, compactness, convenience and attractive appearance. It is not surprising that it is among the top 5 most popular packaging solutions.

Запоминающиеся решения: упаковка для влажных салфеток


The driving force behind the development of the market of nonwoven materials is the demand for new functionality, and as non-woven materials are used in different areas of everyday life, medicine and industry, the demand for them is constantly maintained. On the one hand, multifunctional products that serve multiple functions became popular (especially in the…