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«Raw Materials & Packaging» Magazine is the only source of technical and practical information for perfumery, cosmetics and household products industry in Russia and C.I.S. Editorials present articles and scientific information from leading experts on new ingredients, formulations, production methods, innovations in packaging and other subjects. The commercial section contains offers from suppliers of components, packaging and equipment, contract manufacturers, test laboratories. Periodicity 10 issues per year and 2 Specialized editions: «Nonwovens in Hygiene, Personal & Home care» and «Equip manufacturing. Laboratory, Processing and Packaging equipment».

The magazine is published in the Russian language, with a summary in English. Circulation: 3500 copies.

Distributed by subscription and within a personal customer base on the territory of Russia and C.I.S. countries.

The Magazine’s specific features
include a targeted distribution and unique information


Business portal of cosmetic industry is the key resource for professionals involved in the development, production and promotion of cosmetics, perfumery and home care products. today offers information enabling to obtain a real contemporary picture of the main players and the market trends, to be posted about the current events and to follow the industry development tendencies.

Among the advantages of advertising at the portal are possibilities of:

  • Making available to customers all necessary information about the company/products in the maximally simple for perception form and within a shortest time possible;
  • Better stimulation of existing and attraction of new customers;
  • Increased recognition of the company/brand;
  • Permanent presence of information about your products in the information field of your clients;
  • Presentation and targeted news update of the interested audience, direct interaction with potential customers.

A list of Suppliers of Ingredients, Packaging, Manufacturing equipment and Private Label and Laboratory Services in the field.
Printing services guides.
Legislative news.
Vacancy openings in the field.
Electronic library of formulations.

A main feature of the Business Portal
is one-source comprehensive information


E-mail Newsletters Circulation is provided 12 times per year as
minimum, maintaining active references at portal

Permanent news update.
A variety of information presentation.
Targeted distribution.

Specific feature – participation of numerous
active specialists of the field from Russia and C.I.S.