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Natural & Organic Beauty Innovation Awards Winners Announced

The Natural & Organic Beauty Innovation Awards took place on 17th April 2023 as part of Natural & Organic Products Europe.

The Exhibition and Conference Ingredients and Additives

The exhibition and conference «Ingredients and Additives» was held on April 4–6, 2023 in Moscow.

Business events of ChemiCos Beauty and ChemiCos Industry

Continuation, the beginning of the theme in No. 3 (260). Business events of the ChemiCos, ChemiCos Beauty and ChemiCos Industry 2023 exhibitions brought together representatives of the household chemicals and cosmetics industry at central exhibition complex ExpoCentre.


The Dietary Supplement Production Niche in Russia is very Promising. And it’s Only Gain Steam Said Galina Terekhova

Galina Terekhova, director of production and project development at GeoOrganics, interviewed to the editors of the Raw Materials & Packaging magazine about the dietary supplement industry in Russia, the specifics of industry regulation and the production of dietary supplements, including contract manufacturing.


New Active Ingredients from Solabia Group
Novikova N., Specialist of the Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

Due to prolonged and repeated exposure to external aggressions (pollution, UV, blue light, stress…), the skin’s protective function is altered, and its natural balance is disrupted. The last Solabia group’s research has focused on the development and valorization of active ingredients and extracts specifically act to PROTECT & BALANCE. HelioPure® Skin obtained from a microalgae, that contains a powerful antioxidant molecule to protect the skin from photo-aging. SolaSMART® fuse resulting from an innovative macro-inclusion technology, they are multifunctional beauty pearls based on 2 polysaccharides of marine origin for a holistic Skin- Body-Hair-Mind experience.

Ice and Fire: Components with a Cooling and Warming Effects
Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika

Sensory additives responsible for the cold and heat sensation have been used in the beauty industry for several decades. They can be used in products for strengthening and stimulating hair growth, in figure modeling cosmetics and massage products.


Oxidative Stability of Cosmetics
Krasney E., Head of the Scientific Research Sector of PKF Modum – Nasha Kosmetika

Rancidifying is a physical and chemical process that occurs in natural oils under the influence of atmospheric oxygen, light, moisture, heat, and microbial contamination. There are two ways to solve the problem. The first way is to choose from components with a similar effect that are more resistant to oxidation; and the second one is to take measures to stabilize easily oxidized ingredients.


Cosmetics and Green Biotechnologies: Towards a Different Agriculture
Portolan F., PhD, Founder and Director of Natur Insight (France)

Continuation, the beginning of the theme in No. 1 (258) and No. 2 (259). To date, green biotechnologies such as hydroponics help to improve the quality of raw materials, resistance to pests, contribute to a significant increase in production while cutting down in time spent, operating costs and environmental impact.


International Exhibition BeautyChemiCos–2023: Presenting Novelties

There were announced numerous novelties of cosmetics from Russian and foreign manufacturers at the BeautyChemiCos International Specialized Exhibition in Moscow. The total number of products was more than 150 in this year’s exposition. We introduce the most interesting of them in our annual review,


Detergent Phosphates: Global Policy Changes
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D. (Chemistry), General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

Directed specifically at detergent phosphates has now been effectively made redundant by the EU requirement to install tertiary treatment plant which remove most of the phosphorus and nitrogen compounds from urban wastewater. This article is based on the research paper Jonathan Köhler Detergent Phosphates: an EU Policy Assessment published in the Journal of Business Chemistry in 2006.


Eco-Packaging for Cosmetics and Perfumery: A Quiet Revolution

For many years, ecological compatibility has been a megatrend in all areas of production, including packaging for cosmetics, personal care products and perfumes. Companies are increasingly using mono-materials that can be recycled to create it, renewable resources, agriculture, forestry, or the food industry waste. Consumers positively received reusable solutions as they help reduce waste and save money.


Raw materials for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals

Equipment for packaging manufacturing

Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

Packaging for perfumery and cosmetics

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