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The results of My Cosmetics Award-2018

Awarding of Winners and Laureates of the “My Cosmetics” – 2018

Beauty-Project №1 in Russia: Records, Meetings and Beauty

October in Moscow was remembered by the largest beauty event in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe with the anniversary, the 25th International Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics InterCHARM. The exhibition was attended by 1,117 exhibiting companies.

The 65th SEPAWA Congress was successfully held in Berlin

The 65th SEPAWA Congress in conjunction with the 14th European Detergents Conference (EDC), held now for the second time in the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, had again a tremendous success with 3116 delegates from 64 countries. With more than 1600 members, the SEPAWA is one of Europe‘s largest professional associations for the detergent/cleaners, cosmetic and perfume industry. The trade association sees itself as a communication platform for experts from the industry, universities and authorities. SEPAWA actively contributes to the promotion of qualified young scientists.


BASF’s contribution to sustainable development: an assortment of certified palm raw ingredients for cosmetics

BASF shifts its Personal Care portfolio and will offer palm-based specialties for the cosmetics industry exclusively as certified sustainable.


Oil and Other Products of Grape Seed Processing
Buzov V.N., Director of SIBBIO LLC

A target of this article is a popularization of ingredients obtained from grape skins and seeds, the desire to draw the attention of cosmetic companies to the products of domestic producers – cold-pressed oils and extracts from these raw materials.

Resveratrol: Beauty From the Inside

About 25 years ago, the notion of “French paradox” was included in popular and scientific literature. That is how experts described the extremely low incidence of cardiovascular diseases among residents of southern France as compared with other countries. This issue has been studied since 1978 by a research group led by Professor Serge Renaud. Thirteen years of research with the participation of more than 36,000 Frenchmen made it possible to establish a link between the “French paradox” and regular consumption of dry red wine by the population. This fact initiated an active study of its chemical composition, and in 1992 Serge Renaud and other scientists explained this effect of the drink with the content of a powerful antioxidant in it, resveratrol.

The Importance of Phosphates in Household Cleaners
Staffel T., Fleischhauer М., ICL Phosphates Solution, Germany

In the EU, phosphates have been practically prohibited in household cleaners since January 1, 2017. Detergent and cleaning product manufacturers have changed their formulas. Cleaners with phosphates that contained 8–10 components now have to incorporate up to 15 different raw materials. This article discusses the use of phosphate-containing and phosphate-reduced household cleaners. First the different types of phosphates, their most important properties, and their versatile functions are set out. An internal study is used to demonstrate that the cleaning performance of phosphate-containing products is superior to that of phosphate-reduced products. The controversial discussion is addressed using environmentally relevant data and presented in a factual way. Graphics are used to illustrate the sources of most phosphate emissions and how these can be used in the future.


Myths and truth about collagen
Sapozhnikova A.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laona Lab LLC

Modern cosmetic, medicine and biotechnological industries can hardly exist without collagen. This fibrillar protein is most famous both among professionals and consumers. Unfortunately, this “popularity” is often false, as it is based not on science and facts but on unfair advertising and aggressive marketing that has a very limited connection either to science or to common sense. I would like to dispell myths regarding collagen and reconstruct the truth.


Using of surfactants in household and I&I formulations with extreme properties
Merkulov D.A, Specialist of Technical and Advisory Suppor, Revada LLC

Household and I&I cleaning products often contain strong acids, alkalis and oxidizing agents for increasing of cleaning properties and detergency capability. The development of formulations for strong acidic, strong alkaline and oxidizing products is complicated greatly by the compatibility of ingredients with each other. For this reason it is possible to use only small groups of effective and chemically stable substances. Surfactants in household chemicals are important and the most numerous in terms of raw materials range. Using of surfactants in the formulations with extreme properties will be discussed in this article. The following publications will highlight the features of extreme formulations creating with other equally important technical ingredients such as chelating agents, thickeners etc.


How to Correctly Pack the Elixir of Youth: Branding Features in the Professional Cosmetics Category

Artamonov N., founder and creative director of the Otlichnosti Agency

We are to talk about the features of the market of professional means in the aesthetic medicine. The main problem is the fact that goods were intended for professional use only of cosmetologists and doctors – in specially equipped rooms with specific equipment. All communications of these brands were aimed solely at informing these very professionals about the composition of the product, specifics of its use, and risks of subsequent reactions and so on. But the trend is to take care of yourself and care for your body gained and continues gaining such momentum that development companies of professional cosmetics began to run B2C line products for home use.


Disruptive Trends
Levkin V., marketing specialist of CentrUpak

Today the idea of disruptive innovations is used in any industry that twenty years ago, was met only in engineering and in the field of data processing. There is no industry in the world in which there would be a place for a business that is not ready to transform almost before our very eyes, at the first demand of its consumer segment.

Calendar of specialized exhibitions for I half-year 2019


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