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Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: Sustainable Development and Innovation

There is the 51st time, Cosmoprof Worldwide was held in Bologna and traditionally the magazine “Raw Materials & Packaging” took part there. Sustainable development and innovation are two main topics of the exhibition.

Results of in-cosmetics Global’2019

Leading cosmetics and personal care ingredients show in-cosmetics Global welcomed more than 12,000 visitors through its doors when it made a return to its spiritual home in Paris and launched the inaugural Global Beauty Day this month.


Botavikos: a Rise of Interest of European consumers towards Russian Natural Cosmetics

The Publishing House Beauty for Professionals and the magazine Raw Materials & Packaging have been taking part in the exhibition Cosmoprof in Bologna since 1996 and every time, we have been talking about new interesting products, technologies or participants. But this time, we represent the Russian company Botavikos – exhibitor Cosmoprof.


Nourishing skin: nutraceuticals and super foods in cosmetics

Nourishing skin and preserving good looks isn’t just about topical treatment anymore. As more consumers make the connection between nutrition and external health and beauty they are increasingly turning to dietary supplements and dietary ingredients in cosmetic formulations. Today the health food and drink is the space of inspiration for beauty brands, and superfoods in cosmetics – is a new way to position a natural and naturally beneficial proposition.


3-Dimensional Sustainable Emulsions
Dr. Ibarra F., Business Director Personal Care, IOI Oleo GmbH
Stepan S., Application Engineer, Cremer Oleo, Hamburg, Germany

100% natural, sunflower based and liquid O/W emulsifier with molecular structure similar to lecithin can be used for sustainable manufacture as it helps to save energy and create innovative and comfortable for consumer formulations. It is cold processable and especially interesting for light emulsions with a soft, velvety touch as well as for gel creams. The skin feel is long lasting and rich but non-sticky.

Novel ingredients for Bar Soaps

Bar soaps is still broadly used in the world. In rapidly developing countries bar soap is the number one cosmetic product used by consumers. Foam, skin moisturization, fragrance and the long-lastingness of the bar soap have been identified as key parameters to enhance the sensorial profile and address consumers’ expectations. The different ingredients listed below are functional ingredients that can offer different sensorial benefits such as moisturizing or skin conditioning, perfume retention or physical benefits such as wear and cracking resistance.


Beauty innovations at show Natural & Organic Products Europe 2019

The UK’s biggest trade event for natural and organic beauty returns to London ExCeL on 7–8 April (part of Natural & Organic Products Europe). The following is just a taste of the new beauty and personal care products on show.


Components of Toothpastes
Merkulov DA, Ph.D., specialist of the technical and consulting support service, Revada LLC

Toothpastes are one of the most common forms of Oral Care. The article focuses on toothpaste components and production features.


Sales of toothpastes in pharmacies in the first quarter of 2019

DSM Group has presented a report Sales of toothpastes in pharmacies in the first quarter of 2019.


Criteria of conferment and use EU Ecolabel for detergents and Hard Surface Cleaners
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

On the 25th of September,2015 the European Commission (EC) decided to revise the EU Ecolabel criteria for detergents and cleaning products. This article looks at these criteria and dwell two of them – cleaning products and hand dishwashing agents.


Toothpastes: a new look at packaging

New formats and a reference point in the design for representatives of the millennials, which, as experts say, change many areas of consumption of goods and services, require a new look at packaging. There are already enough examples of how the conservative packaging of toothpastes until recently has undergone changes, it becomes more interesting and attracts more and more attention.


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