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InterCharm 2020: New Conditions for the Cosmetics industry

The 27th International Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics InterCHARM 2020 took place at the CrocusExpo exhibition complex in Moscow from 28 to 31 of October. This is the largest exhibition for the cosmetics industry in Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe annually demonstrates the latest developments of both well-known and new manufacturers of perfumery, cosmetics, personal care products, as well as ingredients, packaging and equipment.


And the Spirit of the Fatherland is Sweet and Pleasant to us … Russian-made cosmetic novelties at interCHARM 2020

Despite the restrictions associated with the pandemic, InterCHARM passed the same pductively and successfully as in the past years, introducing many new cosmetic products.

Green Ingredients Instead of Synthetic Ingredients: Alter Eco
Krasney E.

There is mostly a question arises when solve a problem of developing a natural formulation, of choosing not so much active ingredients as basic ingredients: surfactants, emollients, rheology modifiers, conditioning additives, etc. Of course, it is unrealistic to cover the whole variety of environmentally friendly alternatives within the framework of one article, so we will limit ourselves to only a part of the ways to implement this idea. Let’s see how we can replace silicones, oil paraffins and synthetic polymers, not only without prejudice to consumer properties, but also with additional benefits.


Promising category: Hair growth Stimulants

Global hair growth is a hot market anticipated to reach $4.8 billion by 2026 with an annual growth rate of 8.3 % per year. Much of the growth may be due to the aging of the population, coupled with a desire to have a more youthful appearance attributed to having a full head of hair.

The role of Pollutants in Skin Aging
Prokopov A., Ph.D. (Medicine), Laboratory of Novelties, ROS-Chemistry
Gazitaeva Z., plastic surgeon, Fijie Beauty Institute

As studies of recent years show, the most underestimated and attracting attention of scientists to environmental factors that have a significant impact on the quality of human life, and the state of his skin, are environmental toxins or pollutants and disturbances in circadian dynamics.


Exclusive J-Beauty ingredients for the European Skin Care Market
Subirats N., Kao Chemicals Europe
Popova Julia, Revada LLC

Japanese Beauty appeared in the market as a strong defender of preventive rather than corrective solutions, with innovative developments and high-quality products with long-term reliability. This concept has had a big impact in our Western lifestyle, as it helps us to balance our stressful routines and brings us scientifically proven results. This article presents two ingredients developed by Kao Corporation for skincare. An emulsifier for W/O emulsions specially designed to avoid a sticky feel and easily spreadable, and an extremely moisturizing emollient with a skin biomimetic structure and non-greasy feel.


The potential use of Azolla pinnata as an Alternative Bio-Insecticide
Ravl R.1, Rajendran D.2,3, O W-D.4, Sukhairi Mat Rasat M.5, Hamzah Z. 5, Ishak I.H.2,3, Faiz Mohd Amin M.5
1School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Quest International University, 30 250, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
2School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
3Vector Control and Research Unit, School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
4School of Chemistry, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
5Faculty of Earth Science, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Kelantan, Malaysia

Four different tests showed the effectiveness of Azolla pinnata plant extracts against Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Finally, the overall view of these chemical components from A. pinnata extracts has shown the potential for developing natural product against dengue vectors.


Safe contact: Packaging in a pandemic
Berezina E.

Modern society exists in a crisis. Covid-19 changes our habits, rhythm of life, priorities, makes us realize and accept new rules. In this review, we will look at the most popular products and packaging formats that are preferred in the context of the coronavirus crisis.


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