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The Countdown to PCHi-2017 Begins

With only weeks to the 10th edition of the PCHI trade show RSE is raring to go for PCHi 2017. Come 21 – 23 February at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, more than 500 international and domestic exhibitors will showcase a wide range of personal care and homecare ingredients to an expected turnout of 20,000 visitors from all over the world.

Cosmoprof Bologna 2017: an Event Not to be Missed

Cosmopack, the B2B event involving the beauty supply chain with innovative solutions and technologies for the industry, will be held in Bologna from 16 to 19 March 2017, and it will confirm its role as not-to-be-missed event for beauty suppliers focusing on raw materials, formulation, machinery and packaging.


Professional Solutions for Professional Household Care

The workshop BASF solutions for professional and household detergents becomes a good tradition. This time many experts attended this event, held by the Moscow Office BASF together with its distributor Bio-Khim in a fashionable ski resort Igora.


25 years of Success: Interview with General Director of KPF Milorada LLC Leonid Raev

The Russian Company KPF Milorada LLC, an active supplier of raw materials for the food and cosmetic industries, has been celebrating 25th anniversary. The interview with General Director of KPF Milorada LLC Leonid Raev contains an interesting story not only about the company, but about the ingredients’ market in Russia, secrets of success and stability in the domestic market.

Leroy Merlin: Growth of Interest to Household Chemicals in Russia

In recent decades, there are many new specialized household chemicals entered the market. Many of such chemicals are not sold in a shop «near the house», they are bought in specialized places, for example: in hypermarkets’ chain of building materials Leroy Merlin. Annually, this company studies consumer preferences related to household chemicals. One of the curators of the study Richard Marc Xavier Papesko shared some details with the magazine Raw Materials & Packaging.

Is there a Future of a Contract Manufacturing in China?

Many companies have been wondering how to change the future of trade with China and what new opportunities for Russian manufacturers and sellers ere opening in a situation of the devaluation of the ruble, the influx of Chinese tourists to Russia, the Western sanctions and the reorientation of the development strategy to the East. CEO of the Company Skycom and co-owner of D&K Group International Co consulting company, an expert in the field of trade and contract manufacturing in China, Dmitry Laboho told about his observations and experience of this issue to RM&P.


Modern Approach to Evaluate the Oxidation Stability of Cosmetics
E.V. Rusanova, Head of the Research Laboratory of Innovation Center Biryuch – new technologies, the EFKO Company

This article discusses some of the problems of the oxidation of a fat-yielding percent of cosmetics: Kreis test, deterioration of the organoleptic properties of products in storage, difficulties in compiling of oxistability formulation. The induction period characterizes the resistance of the sample to oxidation. Thus, the definition of this indicator is an urgent task. The article describes several ways to determine the induction period of cosmetics.

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Detergents and Cleaning Products
V.M. Filippenkov, Ph.D. (Chemistry), General Director, NITSBYTHIM

Continuation, beginning at №9, 10 – 2016. A survey article on the methods of assessing of the effectiveness of detergents and cleaning products by testing purposes, in particular, for laundrey, dish washing by hand and in dishwashers, universal cleaners for bathroom, tiles, toilet, kitchen etc. There are recommendations on the methods of the composition’s selection, identification or confirmation of compliance, as well as examples of the comparative tests with a purpose of market positioning and advertising applications. There are specific references to the test methods themselves.


Succinic Acid and its Application

Succinic Acid (Butanedioic Acid) belongs to a group of acyclic dicarboxylic acids and widely occurs in nature. Succinic Acid is found in tissues of plants and animals, amber, brown coal in a free or bound form. This article tells about a property of succinic acid and its application in the cosmetic industry.


MarketsandMarkets: Western Europe is estimated to be the largest market for Succinic Acid globally

According to the research report «Succinic Acid Market by Type (Bio-based, Petro-based), by Application (Polyurethane, Resins, Coatings & Pigments, Pharmaceuticals, Plasticizers, Food & Beverage, PBS/ PBST, Solvents & Lubricants, De-Icer Solutions, Personal Care, and Others), and by Region – Global Forecast to 2021», The global succinic acid market is projected to reach USD 701.0 Million at a CAGR of 28,0%.

Global Tendencies in the New Product Development of Liquid Detergents
M.V. Gritsenko, Sales Manager, LLC Interdisp Rus

The article is focused on the global trends in the new product development of the liquid detergents. Analysis of the consumer preferences and needs that have had the biggest impact on the recent developments and launches in the fabric care segment is given in the first part of the article. In the second part of the present work, the brief review of the liquid detergents launched in 2016 in the world is provided.


Discoveries That Make the World Bette
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)

The editorial board continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Equip Manufacturing. New Solutions from Pharmtech&Ingredients-2016 Exhibition

18th International Exhibition of equipment, raw materials and ingredients for pharmaceutical production took place in Moscow, in November. This exhibition is the great opportunity for producers of cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals to familiarize with equipment for laboratories, clinical trials of clean rooms, to meet producers of high-quality API and functional ingredients. We offer our readers an annual overview of new products of the exhibition.


The Carton packaging: the Best for Perfume, Cosmetics and Personal Care
E. Berezina

Continuation, beginning at №10 (185) Carton and cardboard packaging is widely present in our consumer world and accompanies us in stores, at home and outside. Boxes have become one of the main options for packaging of food and consumer goods, toys and electrical gadgets, pharmaceuticals. These are products we purchased, not really thinking about the design of cardboard packaging – is enough to see the product name, brand name or manufacturer and, in some cases, ingredients. This is not the case with goods from perfumery-cosmetic category and personal care products where the boxes play a key role in product demonstrations and attraction of consumers’ attention. This review describes the advantages of carton packaging and offer to study the most interesting examples of carton packaging for perfume, cosmetics and personal care products.


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