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TECPROMA 2018: how to equip production of hygiene products

Russian and foreign experts point out that the market for hygienic products is not subject to crises, but is also growing steadily. This is a promising and profitable direction for domestic business, as shown by TECPROMA 2018, another symposium of suppliers of raw materials and equipment for production of hygiene products and manufacturers of hygienic products, held in St. Petersburg during the last week of October.


How Many Angels can fit on the tip of a Needle…
Garin D.A., microscopy operator, Nuzhnenko N.S., General Director, KorolevFarm LLC

A global set of measures is being developed in enterprises to guarantee industrial hygiene and prevent possible contamination, that is, the detection of the most likely movement of microorganisms. The article identifies a general list of applied efforts to destroy microbial contamination and examines the experience of using equipment for manufacturing products (emulsion and gel forms, as well as toothpastes), as the main factor, eliminated microbiological seeding by mechanical means.

A unique approach with quantitative sustainability credentials
Dal Toso R., Sederma SAS

The rapid growth of green biotechnologies in Personal care is made evident by the increased number of products based on plant stem cells. This technology undoubtedly brings a lot of advantages in terms of safety, quality and sustainability of the active ingredients thus obtained, such as an extraordinary saving of water and land. However, these unquestionable benefits remain quite vague unless a clear and, most of all, measurable comparison can be done with the traditional in field plant cultivation and extraction.


Cosmetic claims substantiation. Part IV: evaluation of cosmetics with anti-pollution effects
Radionov N., Laboratoire BIO-EC & Laboratoire GENEX (Longjumeau, France)

Urban pollution accumulates its negative effects on human skin day by day. Anti-pollution cosmetics are already available on the market. Producers should provide adequate and verifiable evidence for successful marketing of cosmetic products with claimed anti-pollution effects. Testing houses propose numerous approaches to evaluate protective effects of cosmetic products and ingredients against urban pollution. This article continues to present actual methods and novelties in animal-free testing for cosmetics.

Scanderm is a new Russian Gadget for Skin Analysis.

Global manufacturers of electronic equipment for the cosmetic industry and medicine needs increasingly launch a variety of gadgets to monitor skin condition or confirm the declared properties of equipment. Perhaps soon, an equal gadget of domestic production will enter the market. Scanderm Pro, a startup of the Skolkovo and a resident of biomedical cluster, develops such a device in Russia.

A novel, unique in vivo testing devices to characterize the biomechanical properties of the nails

For the first time objective, highly accurate measurements on the nail are possible.
In collaboration with Prof. Paola Perugini from the University of Pavia in Italy Courage & Khazaka have developed a patented device to analyze mechanical properties of nails, such as firmness, elasticity and thickness. This allows to explore a number of new efficacy tests for all kind of nail care products and formulations. The device can help to create innovative product and marketing ideas. The system has also application potential in the clinical research of nail disorders and diseases as well as other skin diseases presenting nail changes and the quantification of therapies.


Powdered and liquid detergents comparison
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D (Chemistrl, General Director of NITSBYTKHIM CJSC

Than to wash? Powders or liquid detergents? What is better, more profitable for a budget and safer for health and ecology? These questions often arise and we have been looking for answers to them once again. But the situation on the market is changeable, – new technologies emerge, therefore it is worth returning to these questions again.

Recommendations on the Organization of new Productions for the Processing of Natural raw Materials for Cosmetics
Buzov V.N., Director of SIBBIO LLC-

Further to the current situation with the production of natural raw materials for cosmetics in Russia (Raw Materials and Packaging No. 1 (198) “The Perfume and Cosmetics Industry in Russia: State of the raw Materials Base and Ways of Development “), we want to generalize our notions about the possible expansion of the domestic raw materials base and give some recommendations.

The Ready Production of Cosmetics for Small Business
Belov A.N., General Director of Osnova LLC

The advantages of semi-automatic ready production are the complexity of a solution. Supplier company experts of such services help at all stages, – from a preparation of technical specifications and installation of equipment before a launch of an enterprise.


A revolution in spray drying

Designing a spray drying process for heat-sensitive products has always been a big challenge. Traditional spray dryer technology always made use of intense heat, which ended up damaging or decreasing the quality of the end product. Low-temperature drying is the technology that is set to change the way those in the pharmaceutical, food industries and more operate and think about spray drying.

Processing equipmenT

The Packaging Equipment Choice for Private Label Manufacturing
Davtyan L.A., Marketing and Development Specialist, Paking Group LLC

Choosing the right equipment for contract manufacturing is a difficult key task. We need to ensure maximum versatility as all customers are different and each has their own requirements. That manufacturer wins who can provide the widest range of services – working with different types of packaging, different types of products, batch volumes, etc.

How are Semi-Automatic Packaging Machines Better Than Automatic Ones?
Averkiev V.V, Ph.D (Physics and Mathematics), Svershova N.I, Makhov K.A, The Prombiofit Innovative and Engineering Enterprise

The article formulates certain indicators, aspects, in accordance with which semi-automatic machines, from the point of view of businessmen, have advantages over automatic ones.


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