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The Croda’s seminar: Feeling is Believing

Croda’s workshop was held at 6–7 of September at Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel. The Croda’s workshop was a very emotional and useful instrument to demonstrate how emulsifiers and emollients can influence emulsion texture, skin feel and application properties.

BASF Workshop: Focus on Natural Cosmetics & Sustainable Development

The concern BASF presented itself to the audience with a completely new and, perhaps, a bit unexpected side – as the largest manufacturer of sustainable development, at the regular workshop, organized for cosmetics manufacturers in Moscow, on the 19th of September.

The 6th Workshop Russo KEMIS – New Business Ideas and Opportunities

Russo Chemie once again sponsored an ambitious and iconic event for the cosmetic industry – the 6th workshop “Russo KEMIS”.


PCHi-2018: Pre-registration Opens to Encourage Worldwide Industry Participation

From 19–21 March, Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) 2018 will return to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center to provide the industry with a platform for ingredient sourcing, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities. Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) today announces the commencement of online pre-registration for the upcoming event. Trade professionals planning to attend the event are encouraged to pre-register for their pass at now.


Method of Industrial Control in Manufacturing Water-propylene-glycole Plant`s Extracts and their Anti-radical Properties
V.A. Volkov1, Yu.S. Li2, M.V. Voronkov3, G.P. Lapina3, V.M. Misin1
1 The N.M. Emanuel`s Institute of Biochemical Physics. RAS, Moscow, Russia
2 Endocrine Enzymes Plant, Moscow, Russia
3Tver State University

The antiradical and UV spectroscopic properties of the most completed in the cosmetic industry water-propylene glycol plant extracts produced at the endocrine enzyme plant, the content of flavonoids and other characteristics, are studied. Correlation analysis of the results is carried out. The close correlation of direct photometric data of extracts with the indices of the content of biologically active compounds and the prospects for using this method, as well as the DPPH test, for the production control are demonstrated.


Tattoos as New kind of the Art and Possibilities for Cosmetic Makers

While tattoos were once associated with people in the military or individuals who spent time in prison, these inked designs are now found among all segments of the population. More people are finding these designs to be appealing and perfect for their lifestyles. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, an estimated 45.0 million Americans have one. Other studies have estimated that 21,0% of adults had at least one tattoo in 2012, an increase from 14,0% in 2008. Over the five years to 2020, industry revenue is forecast to grow at an annualized rate of 9,1% to $1.1 billion. Because of this, more and more cosmetic companies are trying to pay attention to the tattoo care problem.

A Situation with Industrial Enzymes in the Russian Federation

The development of biotechnology is one of the key directions in the Russian science along with digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Today there is a system of grants, aimed at supporting research, related to biology, bioengineering and other courses in Russia. But there is a significant lag from world leaders in some courses.


Aloe as a Cosmetic Brand

Aloe has been used for thousands of years for skin care, including burn treatment. It gives a smooth and soft feeling to the skin. Cosmetically aloe products are recommended for use in sensitive skin and scalp products, hair and body care, baby-care products, after-sun products, lip balms, sprayable lotions and tissue applications.

Marine Glycobiology: New Anti-aging Molecules
Ch.-H. Morice, Lessonia, Ju. Popova. Revada Company

French company Lessonia has developed a hydrolysation technology applied to fucoidans. This technology involves hydrolysing these fucoidan polymers to obtain precise fractions of biologically active oligosaccharides. The fucoidan’s low molecular weight is globally unique. The mass of molecular weight < 2 kDa can be absorbed directly through the human skin. The hydrolysation process increases the skin care and anti-ageing effect of the fucoidan compared to the standard macromolecular structure. Lessonia developed two active ingredients from fucoidans: FucoreverseTM is an anti-ageing ingredient and FucowhiteTM a whitening ingredient.

Peptides in Cosmetis

The use of peptides in cosmeceutical products has increased dramatically, and this highlights the need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the different molecules as well as the physiological principles underlying their use. The commercial potential for these molecules is high, especially for those peptide sequences with cosmetic activity (e.g., anti-ageing, antioxidant, whitening). Nowadays, peptides can be developed or modified in numerous ways for solubility, better penetration, increased receptor activity, etc. Selected peptides have excellent nontoxicity and stability records.

Revitalenz® 200 – Liquid Detergent Enzyme 3-in-1 from DuPont

A recent global fabric care study carried out by DuPont Industrial Biosciences highlighted significant consumer dissatisfaction with pilling and color fading on garments after using most detergents. In response, DuPont developed Revitalenz® 200, the only cellulase enzyme on the market that offers three benefits in one product: pilling prevention and de-pilling properties; compatibility with protease enzymes; and, as new evidence shows, a proven ability to maintain the whiteness of clothes.

New Generation of Stable Proteases for Liquid Laundry products

Traditionally enzymes were reserved for premium concentrated laundry liquid detergents, often due to lack of enzyme activity after storage in water-rich detergents. With the introduction of significantly more stable proteases of new generation, the inclusion of a protease to all tiers of the liquid detergent market is now possible. For the detergent producers, this enables formulation flexibility as well as cost savings by reducing the need for extra added stabilizers.

new products

Be in the Trend: New Eyebrow Care

Over the past five years, the eyebrow make-up market has grown considerably as women have become more aware of the benefits of defining their eyebrows to frame their face. As many as 56% of Chinese make-up wearers use eyebrow definer on a daily basis, while half of US women use an eyebrow pencil. As more permanent techniques of adding colour and definition emerge, eyebrow cosmetics can widen claims to ensure continued regular use in the future.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (Biology)

The editorial board of R&P continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Skin Sensations – New Level

Building on the striking success of «Sensory Kaleidoscope – Making skin feel visible» Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line has taken a further step in bundling its global expertise in formulation design, emulsifiers and sensory.

Color Cosmetic Brands: a Course for Young Consumers

Millennials are creating a shift in the colour cosmetics market, leading brands to reform their ideas surrounding innovation.


Space Beauty: New Look at Futuristic Color Cosmetics
E. Berezina

The cosmetics industry is very dynamic. In recent years it has leaped forward, mainly due to the development of new makeup cosmetics and work of top makeup artists. One of the latest, most striking trends in the world of beauty has become a new vision of everyday make-up, when the «podium» images find its fans among ordinary women who want to express their individuality through unconventional look. Futuristic look is a new, vibrant trend that we cannot ignore. This brief review offers to get acquainted with some examples of color cosmetics, used to create a futuristic make-up.

New Page in the Perfume History – Innovation Perfume Concepts

We can describe perfumes in different ways and it remains desirable and demanded for years. Now we can see great changes on the perfume market. The new page to be written and some niche brands show us what it will look like. See the new aroma concepts that change the idea of perfume application.


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