Media-plan / Packaging section


№ month Subjects Events, exhibitions
1 (234)
  • The Best of the best: Packaging Awards 2020
  • Cosmetic packaging market: new conditions – new guidelines
  • Features of the sun care cosmetics packaging
  • Household chemistry: new abilities of the packaging
  • Upakovka-Upak Italia (Moscow)
  • HPCi ((Warsaw, Poland)
  • Interbytchim / Intercosmetica (Moscow)
2 (235)
  • Packing in retro style
  • Packaging Components: from standard to individuality
  • Perfume’s marking: plus and minus for consumers and manufactures
  • Airless systems: innovation and abilities
  • Transfer to online sales platforms dictates new packaging trends
  • Cosmoprof/Cosmopack (Bologna, Italy)
Special edition 1 (236) “Non-wovens in Hygiene, Cosmetics and Cleaning»(including packing of wet wipes, diapers, pads, production and packaging lines, etc) Bonus:

  • Additional distribution at technical seminars and exhibitions
  • Symposium «Techtextil»
3 (237)
  • Children’s cosmetics: packaging multitasking
  • Bioplastic: problems and abilities
  • Closing systems: functional decisions
  • In trend: aromatization of premises. Formats and packaging
  • Упакшоу (Москва)
  • A-TESTex / Analytics (Moscow)
4 (238)
  • Cardboard vs Plastic
  • Packaging by national features
  • The fight against counterfeit
  • Customization of cosmetic packaging
  • Unfading classics: the new vision of jars and bottles
  • Conference Household Chemistry (Perm)
  • Конференция «Инновации в косметике, Воронеж
5 (239)
  • Legislation in the field of cosmetic packaging: what’s new?
  • Barrier packaging: materials and abilities
  • Male cosmetic: Modern packaging solutions for such a growing segment
  • Innovative technologies of digital printing
  • Rosupack/Luxeupack (Moscow)
  • «ЛюксУпак» (Москва)
July / August
  • Recycling problems of PET and their solutions
  • Actual: limiting the consumption of single-use plastic in Russia
  • New in aerosol production
  • Packaging for aggressive formulas
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs for second half of 202
Special edition 2 (241) “Equip manufacturing.Laboratory equipment, processing and packaging equipment”(including technology and equipment for filling and capping, labeling and marking mashines, packaging, warehouse and logistics Bonus:

  • The issue will be inserted in the PCAR Conference participant pack
7 (242)
  • New standard of glass packaging
  • Perfume: a course on individual approach
  • Tubes: actual format of cosmetic packaging
  • Training: designer of cosmetic packaging
  • Intersharm Ukraine (Kiev)
  • Бонус: номер вложен в портфель участника Конференции РПКА
8 (243)
  • Color cosmetics: change of formats
  • Innovative technologies of decoration in cosmetic industry
  • Flexible packaging: new abilities
  • Applicators: creative developments
  • Конференция РПКА (Москва)
  • «Интершарм» (Москва)
  • «Этикетка» (Москва)
  • in-cosmetics (Barcelona)
9 (244)
  • Premium packaging segment for perfume and cosmetics
  • Abilities and perspectives for mini-format
  • Dosing systems: what’s new?
  • Industry 4:0 in the packaging field
  • Farmtech (Москва),
10 (245)
December / Janaury
  • Smart packaging: trends and forecasts
  • Label: functionality and attraction
  • Packaging features for organic cosmetics
  • E-commerce and packaging abilities
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs, 1-st half of 2022
  • «Сибупак» (Новосибирск)

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