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Events, exhibitions

1 (210)


  • Review of the packaging industry awards
  • Bioplastics: problems and perspectives
  • Mini pack as a promotion tool
  • Packaging for household chemistry: what’s new?

«UPAKOVKA 2019» (Moscow);

«Interbytchim» (Moscow)

2 (211)


  • Advantages of flexible pack. Features of packing and closing
  • The paperboard to replace plastic?
  • At the junction of industries: packaging for cosmeceutical products
  • Review of new products at the «Interbytchim» exhibition
  • PET: situation on Russian market. PET blow-molding technology and equipment

Cosmoprof/Cosmopack (Bologna, Italy)

Special Edition 1 (212) Non-woven materials in hygiene, cosmetics and cleaning

(including packing of wet wipes, diapers, pads, production and packaging lines, etc)

Bonus: additional circulation

Simposium «Techtextile»

3 (213)


  • «Luxe» and gift packaging
  • Tubes: traditions and perspectives. Tube-filling equipment
  • Components and accessories: new solutions on the market
  • Contract filling – effective solution
  • Review of new products at the «Cosmoprof/Cosmopack» exhibition

A-TESTex (Analitika) (Moscow),

In-Cosmetics (Paris, France)

4 (214)


  • New consumer generation and cosmetic packaging
  • Aerosols: fresh look
  • Marking of goods: problems and advantages. Markers
  • Packaging for aggressive formulas
  • Digital technologies in the packaging decoration

Conference of Household chemistry (Perm)

5 (215)


  • «National features» in cosmetic packaging
  • The trends in label market’s development
  • Labeling equipment
  • Airless systems: innovative decisions
  • Equipment for the preparation of emulsions, suspensions, gels and creams

«Rosupack» /

«LuxUpack» (Moscow)

6 (216)

July / August

  • Eco-packaging: what’s new?
  • Eco legislation and packaging: Russian realities
  • Men cosmetics and features of its packaging
  • Personnel training: packaging industry
  • New ways to fight against counterfeits

Calendar of events for second half of 2019

7 (217)


  • Industry 4.0 and Internet of things
  • Cosmetic packaging: experiments with style
  • Perfume: packaging innovation and new formats
  • Dispensers and sprays
  • Review of novelties at «RosUpack» exhibition

«World of pack» (Minsk);

InterCharm Ukrine, (Kiev);

Bonus: The issue will be received by all participants of PCAR Conference (Moscow)

8 (218)


  • Color cosmetics: changes of format
  • Doy-pack: improving the environmental sustainability
  • Aluminum tubes: perspectives of application
  • Packaging as a way of communication with the consumer
  • Caps and closures – small detail of big play

PCAR scientific Conference (Moscow);

«Intercharm» (Moscow);

«Label» (Moscow)

Special edition 2 (219) Equip manufacturing.

Laboratory equipment, processing and packaging equipment

(including technologies and equipment for filling and capping, labeling and marking equipment, packaging, warehouse and logistics)

Bonus: Extra distribution

9 (220)


  • Packaging for Natural cosmetics
  • Glass packaging: novelties review
  • The metered filling of liquid and viscous products units
  • Integrated into the packaging: applicators
  • Refillable packaging

Farmtech (Moscow),

10 (221)

December/ January

  • Review of novelties at «Intercharm» exhibition
  • Barrier packaging: new technologies
  • Packaging of the future: opinions and forecasts
  • Development of Private Label

Calendar of Fairs and Events for first half of 2020;

«Sibupack» (Novosibirsk)

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