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Events, exhibitions

1 (222)


  • Packaging for men’s cosmetics: the change of orientations
  • Packaging for households products: new possibilities
  • Airless packaging
  • The Best Packaging. Overview
  • PCHI (China)

2 (223)


  • Packaging of “sunny” products
  • Repellents and insecticides: new formats
  • Functionality and design features: closures
  • Packaging solutions for e-Commerce
  • Cosmoprof/Cosmopack (Bologna, Italy)
  • Interbytchim / Intercosmetica (Moscow)
  • IPLS (Moscow)

Special issue №1/224 Nonwovens in Cosmetics, Hygiene, Household and Institutional Cleaning

(masks, wet wipes, technical wipes, hygiene products, diapers, pads, disposable clothing.

Technologies, materials, formulations, machinery, packaging, microbial control etc.).

Bonus: additional distribution

  • Bonus: additional distribution at technical seminars and exhibitions, Symposium «Techtextil»

3 (225)


  • Packaging for the little ones
  • «Smart packs»: what does the consumer want?
  • PET packaging for cosmetics: features of Russian market
  • Overview of «Interbytchim» exhibition
  • A-TESTex / Analytics (Moscow)
  • in-cosmetics (Barcelona)

4 (226)


  • Packaging for oral care products
  • Create the right label
  • The market of glass packaging: trends and problems
  • Overview of “Cosmopack” exhibition

5 (227)


  • Contract production, creation of TM
  • Breaking stereotypes: the most unusual packaging
  • Preserving formulas: barrier features of packaging
  • Perfume packaging: new formats
  • Conference Household Chemistry (Perm)
  • Rosupack/Luxeupack (Moscow)


July / August

  • Aerosols in category “Haircare”
  • Glues for eco-pack production
  • Biodegradable materials for packaging
  • Features of design for natural cosmetics
  • HPCi ((Warsaw, Poland)
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs for second half of 2020

7 (229)


  • Tubes and their differentiation
  • “National features” in packaging design
  • Cardboard packaging: new decisions
  • Artificial intelligence and quality control
  • Intersharm Ukraine (Kiev)
  • Bonus: The issue will be inserted in the PCAR Conference participant pack

8 (230)


  • Color cosmetics: packaging for new products format
  • Applicators: overview of new products
  • Travel-format: mini versions of favorite products
  • Modern technologies of packaging decoration
  • Chemistry (Moscow)
  • SEPAWA (Berlin)
  • PCAR Conference (Moscow)
  • Intersharm (Moscow)
  • CleanExpo (Moscow)
  • Label (Moscow)

Special Issue №2/231 Equip manufacturing: Laboratory, Processing and Packaging equipment

Water treatment; everything for Laboratories; the creation of «Clean production»; efficient Methods of Extraction; Energy- and Water-saving technologies, including cold emulsification; Processing equipment; Microbiology control; Filling and Packaging. Storage & Logistics

  • Bonus: additional distribution at technical seminars and exhibitions

9 (232)


  • Labeling of cosmetic and perfume products: topical issues
  • At a junction with pharmacology; packaging for pharmaceutical cosmetics;
  • Replaceable blocks / Refillable pack
  • Hair coloring products: new packaging features
  • Farmtech (Moscow)

10 (233)

December / Janaury

  • Overview of “InterCharm”
  • Trends of flexible packaging market
  • Dispensers and Sprayers. What is new?
  • Exclusive packaging. Limited “holiday” pack
  • «Pharmacy» (Moscow)
  • Calendar of specialized exhibitions & fairs, 1-st half of 2021

The topics of the issue can be changed or moved.

The above mentioned topics are priority but not the only ones.