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Cosmetic seminar of Milorada: Sunchemical products

January, 23 Milorada held seminar about cosmetic pigments manufactured by Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. Sun Chemical offers classical, high performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent pigments. Company provides customers with solutions tailor made for their individual needs and requirements.


What to Expect for PCHi 2019?

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), China’s choice sourcing platform for the global personal care industry, will return to the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center from 26–28 February 2019 for its 12th edition. Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) expects to welcome more than 25,000 trade professionals from around the world to the definitive trade event to discover the latest ingredients and breakthrough technologies, learn from prominent industry experts, and to uncover new partnerships during the three-day event.


Cosmetic claims substantiation Part V: evaluation of skin microbiota-friendly cosmetics
Radionov N., Laboratoire BIO-EC (Longjumeau, France)

A man never walks alone. He is always accompanied by millions of microorganisms living on the skin surface. Cutaneous microflore is individual like a fingerprint. Well-balanced microbiota plays an important role for healthy skin. Microbiota-friendly cosmetics attract customers as such claims resonate well with their expectations. Efficacy of cosmetic ingredients and products maintaining natural balance of skin microbes can be evaluated with microbiological, genetical, molecular and histological approaches.

World’s smallest wearable device warns of UV exposure, enables precision phototherapy

Smaller than your thumbnail and thinner than a credit card, a new device can optimize treatment of neonatal jaundice, skin diseases, seasonal affective disorder and reduce risk of sunburns and skin cancer.


Determination of the quality of sea buckthorn oils and extracts methods, based on the content of lipid antioxidants
Sizova N.V., Ph.D., individual entrepreneur, Tomsk

The work considers an alternative method for assessing the quality of sea buckthorn oils and extracts, based on the yield of biologically active lipid substances with antioxidant activity. An assessment of the content of antioxidants was made by microcalorimetry using the registration of the heat of a model cumene oxidation reaction with of sea buckthorn oils and extracts, obtained by various technologies. The concentration of antioxidants consisting of a complex of tocopherols, triterpenoids, polyprenols, lipophilic acids and other compounds is a good criterion of the quality of the biological value of oils. It has been shown that the extraction of sea buckthorn fruit with sunflower oil is not an effective way to extract biologically active substances. The method used in the work to assess the quality of the extracts allows to select the highest quality ingredient for introduction into a cosmetic product

Company profile

Innovative solutions in the development of aromas and biologically active ingredients for your projects

Tereza-Inter is a company with more than 25 years of history and one of the leading Russian manufacturers and suppliers of perfume fragrances, cosmetic speciality and food flavors.

One of the market leaders in the food production is won the cosmetic industry

Last autumn, the Russian cosmetic industry discovered filling equipment of the Pyatigorsk machine-building plant Profitex.


A sustainable and modern alternative to Lanolin
Dr. Ibarra F., Business Director Personal Care, IOI Oleo GmbH

Sustainability and natural origin of raw materials remains a dominating trend in the cosmetic industry. It is well known that the concept of sustainability embraces three pillars that must not be seen separately. Ecological, economic and social aspects have to go together and only then the true meaning of sustainability is achieved. In this article, we draw your attention to Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2 that fits well into the three dimensions of Sustainability. This is the most popular Lanolin- Replacer in the world of cosmetics since many years. It is not a 100% plant derived raw material and it was originally developped as a functional specialty ingredient and not to specifically follow a green trend. However it perfectly fits into current trends for safe, high quality and sustainable ingredients that nevertheless must be competitive.


Sun protection: what’s new?

The review of new technologies and products for sun protection presents new technologies of sun protection.


Face Masks: Evolution and Revolution
Krasney E.

Despite the fact that cosmetic masks have been produced for more than a decade, they have become much more diverse in all respects in recent years, including form, content, purpose and, of course, promises on packaging. Thanks to the Korean cosmetics boom, masks firmly took one of the leading positions in skin care, and in the coming years, according to experts, high growth rates in this segment will continue.


How to prevent a spread of dangerous diseases with the help of effective, safe and sustainable repellents? Interview with Bettina Magsaam, Merck KGaA

The value of repellents cannot be overestimated in the modern world. One of its main tasks – the prevention of dangerous diseases. Bettina Magsam, a global marketing manager at Merck KGaA, gave an interview to the magazine «Raw materials & packaging» about this, as well as about a development and characteristics of the repellents’ market, including the Russian one.


Acylsarkosinates in cosmetics, hygiene products, household and industrial chemicals
Merkulov DA, Ph.D., specialist of the technical and consulting support service, Revada LLC

Acylsarcosinates are anionic nitrogen-containing surfactants from the amidocarboxylate class. These compounds are highly soluble in water and organic solvents. They are close to fatty soap, by their properties, but are more resistant to the action of acids and hardness salts. They have a high foaming, wetting and emulsifying ability. Acylsarcosinates are low-toxic, dermatologically mild surfactants and are well biodegradable. They are used in shampoos, hair conditioners, shower gels, bath foams, liquid hand soaps, makeup removers, shaving foams, toothpastes, face powders and other cosmetic and hygienic products. They are effective in household detergents.


Innovation, attractiveness and double benefit: Everything we expected from cosmetic products
Berezina E.

It has not been so long since beauty consumers were content with what they found on the shelves, and the situation has changed dramatically. The modern buyer became legible, exacting and scrupulous in the choice of cosmetic and hygienic products. They are looking for products, evaluating them by many criteria, ranging from the formula and ending with the functional components and dispensing systems. The individual needs of a person, his personal vision of beauty and desire for self-expression come to the fore. This creates certain requirements for each category of goods and creates favorable conditions for market development and competition. Once offering the consumer a completely new, unique product, the Beauty industry «doomed» itself to develop new innovative solutions. How do we see the modern cosmetic product and its packaging, and what are we willing to pay for? The current review is devoted to this topic.


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