Contents, #Sp.2 (182) Special issue 2016



Water Quality and the Choice of Purification Techniques
D.A. Merkulov, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Water is one of the main prescribed components in household chemicals and cosmetics. Chemical, microbiological, parasitological and radiological water indicators determine the quality of the finished products and require the attention of technologists. Additionally, water may be used not only as a raw material. This article is to focus on issues relating to the quality of the influent water and how to adjust its parameters.


Discoveries That Make the World Better: Testing Methods
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (Biology)
The editorial board of R&P continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Fast Track Formulations and Results
B. Carli, Institue of Personal Care Science
The standard formulation (R&D) process is at least 12 months to allow for innovation and evaluations, yet consumers are increasingly expecting product launches and innovations in reduced time frames. How can companies keep up without risking safety, stability and efficacy?

New Capacities for Small Business
Osnova Company
It is easier, cheaper and faster just to open a small business. That is why most producers give preference to such forms of production business. Small businesses are more receptive to innovation and able to quickly occupy new market niches and the production can be organized in the square just 45–50 m2. But, we should not forget that the quality of the products depends on the used equipment in the production. Therefore, we should give a special attention to the issue of selecting equipment. Well-chosen equipment can provide stable high-quality products in a modern and colorful packaging.


Reflection of Sanctions on Technological Equipment Service for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries
N.S. Nuzhnenko, General Director of KorolevFarm
Despite the negative forecasts of catastrophe in the Russian economy, after the imposition of sanctions, did not happen. But its rapid recovery failed. How did the current crisis affect an acquisition and maintenance of manufacturing equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries?


The Market of Processing and Packaging Used Equipment – Present Peculiarities
R. Leonov,
Purchase, as well as the sale of equipment, that was already used, might be quite an acceptable solution. The main thing is to make this decision carefully, relying on the experts‘ opinion of the market and engineers who operate a technology park.

Processing equipmenT

Relevance for Application of Laboratory Reactors
M.A. Neronov, Promfarm Company
Every year, demand for laboratory reactors for SDF (soft dosage forms) increases, the main purpose of which is industrial technology production development before launching these products commercially.

Packaging equipmenT

Horizontal and Vertical Packaging Equipment
Modern equipment for the production of heat-sealing bags has a high performance. Today, horizontal packaging machines (flow-pack) and vertical packaging equipment which among other options can do the popular packaging doy-pack are in demand.


Future Prospects: Glass or Plastic?
The glass was invented in ancient Egypt. Today, it is difficult to imagine the life of modern humankind without glassware. There are no exceptions that glass has been become widespread in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry for containers for all kinds of products. Is everything going so good? Is the future of glass is so cloudless?

M.V. Kletnу, Commercial Director of KorolёvFarmTeсh
Successive operations, which the equipment operates for filling and sealing tubes can be combined into several logical groups, from a delivery empty tubes into the machine to an output of finished product. However, within the framework of this cycle, manufacturers literally made a marginal technological line, allowed packaging different products, including unique ones. Let us examine these stages in more detail.


Tubes Packaging in Details
R. Leonov,
Over 40 years barcodes were appeared in supermarkets. Is there anything new, for this time, in the labeling of goods? What are the possibilities and prospects of this industry?


The Internet of Things Concept: Opportunities and Prospects
Over 40 years barcodes were appeared in supermarkets. Is there anything new, for this time, in the labeling of goods? What are the possibilities and prospects of this industry?


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