Special issue “Nonwovens”

Special Issue

Nonwovens in cosmetics, hygiene, personal and home care


I. Digest

Details: Section containing professional news:

  • Innovative nonwoven materials
  • New developments and nonwovens lines (plants)
  • Novel products

II. Nonwoven materials


  • Raw materials for the production of nonwovens
  • Nonwoven manufacturing processes
  • Nonwoven characteristics and performances
  • Major applications of various nonwoven materials
  • Breathing films/laminates

III. Auxiliaries for the finishing of materials and end-products


  • Melt additives intended for achieving a range of specially tailored utility properties and performance of non-woven and staple fabrics
  • Selective impregnating/built-in protection targeted on developing desirable attributes of nonwovens applications (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and antimicrobial finish)
  • Chemical finishing called upon to contribute and convey new properties necessary for the (effective) performance of the fabric (added strength, stiffness, etc)

IV. Impregnating and Filling Agents


  • The section describes preparations aimed at developing specific properties for nonwovens based products
  • Superabsorbents for feminine hygiene products, baby and adult diapers
  • Emulsifiers, stabilizing and lipophilic agents (oils), etc. for wet wipes lines (specifically aimed at stabilizing wetting solutions for wet wipes)

V. Sterilization and preservation of non-woven fabrics and products thereof

VI. Auxiliaries for the making-up of finished products

  • Glues
  • Latex bands
  • Resin bonds

VII. Equipment and technical process for the manufacturing


  • Nonwoven making machines
  • Lines for the finishing of non-woven end-products
  • Lines for the manufacturing of hygiene products (diapers, towels)
  • Equipment for the manufacturing and filling&packaging of wet wipes.

VIII. End-products based on nonwovens. Contract manufacturing.


  • Various (hygiene, cosmetic, household and cleaning) consumer wet wiping products
  • Cosmetic masks
  • Feminine care products.
  • Baby hygiene products (diapers)
  • Microfiber clothes & wipes
  • Disposable protective non-woven clothing/garments and accessories for industrial, domestic and sanitary&health applications
  • Filtration media for technical applications

IX. Business proposals

«End-products. Contract manufacturing».