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Naturals, facial masks and color cosmetics trending at in-Сosmetics Asia – 2017

in-Сosmetics Asia will take place from 31 October to 2 November 2017 at the Bitec in Bangkok, Thailand. Three major cosmetics trends which are driving substantial growth within the beauty and personal care market across APAC will be examined at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia exhibition.

Exhibitors of RosUpack-2017: “Do Your Business Today”

The 22nd International Exhibition for the Packaging Industry RosUpack was held in Crocus Expo IEC. This year, 600 companies from 30 countries took part in the exhibition. The total area of the exhibition exceeds 23 000m2.


22nd International Scientific and Practical Conference Cosmetic Industry: A Look to the Future

On the 23th of October, 2017 the 22nd International Scientific and Practical Conference Cosmetic Industry: Look into the Future, organized by the Russian Perfume and Cosmetics Association with the support of the National Society of Cosmetic Chemists, will open in it doors Moscow.


MarketsandMarkets about the Growth in the Market of Active ingredients

The growth in the market is triggered by the growing population across the globe and the rising demand of consumers to look good. Rising concerns for aging skin and the need for an even skin-tone are also contributing towards the increase in use of cosmetic active ingredients.

Experts about New Opportunities of “Fragrant” business

A plan of action following the Fragrance Market Report 2017, these points will help your business grow in the right direction.

Henkel’s Poll: How do Russians manage the household?

Henkel interviewed Russian customers to find out their experiences and principles in organizing household activities, including their preferences in using household chemicals and their attitude to an ecological approach in housekeeping.


Looking Younger and Healthier With Flavonoids: The Importance of Flavonoids in Oral and Topical Skin Care

G. Tzenichristos, Lipotherapeia, London

Most anti-ageing skin products today utilize natural active ingredients with the aim to protect skin from ageing factors such as free radical damage, inflammation, tendency to irritation, UV damage, pollution-induced DNA damage and collagen/elastin loss, among other factors. Due to their diverse action and very low toxicity flavonoids are widely used in cosmetics with already great results, despite the low percentage of inclusion due to color and poor stability. However, the continuous discovery and development of new isolation, stabilization and delivery methods are gradually leading to the ability to include flavonoids in anti-ageing products in higher amounts, for more impressive and faster results.

Mono dose Capsules in Home Care – Correct dosage, Convenience, Sustainability
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)

Mono dose capsules are a great form of detergent because they’re really convenient, simple to use and eco-friendly. A capsule contains concentrated liquid detergent (and sometimes powdered ingredients, too) that has been pre-measured to the correct dosage. Further, the unit dose laundry detergent pouches are advantageous since the consumer does not come into direct contact with the ingredients of the composition. Pouches associated with these products are typically composed of poly (vinyl alcohol) or poly (vinyl alcohol) copolymer films which can dissolve in water over a matter of seconds. The high aqueous solubility of such films necessitates a payload composition that contains a minimum amount of water. Capsules dissolve completely in the wash and easy to use. It’s no wonder washing capsules are so popular!


Sun protection: features of legislative regulation and trends
V. Ryabova

The sun care category is perhaps one of the most technically advanced, diverse and complex categories in the cosmetics and personal care industry. As summer approaches, skin care brands are launching new products. Some hope to stand out as sun care specialists. Other brands are innovating multifunctional products that incorporate sun protection. The continuing rise of skin cancer rates around the world makes the UV protection of sunscreen on people’s skin a very important topic among sunscreen manufacturers.

Microencapsulation technologies in cosmetics and household products. Microencapsulated fragrances

The science and technology of microencapsulation remains a thriving area. Most developments in encapsulation have been introduced into formulated products in order to maintain or improve efficacy, product performance or stability. Different micro-capsules can be used for different effects within products, such as: visual effects through the packaging from using colored micro-capsules, delivery and protection of internal substances, long-lasting fragrance release. How select the right type of micro-capsule for a specific application and what is new in microencapsulated fragrances we try to explain in this article.

Microbiology on Guard of the Clean World

In 27 December 1822 a boy was born in the family of the craftsman in Jura. That year gave us an outstanding microbiologist – Louis Pasteur. His research on wine opened a new era in science – microbiology. We can find microorganisms in all industries and areas of life. Pathogenic and beneficial – all of them play an important role in human life and environment.

new products

Mintel: 12 Innovative Sunscreen Products

Gone are the days of sticky, pasty sun cream. Today’s innovations in the sector include sunscreen soap bars to use in the shower, after-sun sheet masks and UV protective face powders for touch-ups throughout the day. Here, Mintel has selected 12 products adding a glow to suncare innovation.


Discoveries That Make the World Better

The editorial board of Raw materials & Packaging Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


25 years of Experience and the Best Innovations

Raw Materials & Packaging Magazine introduces an interview with General Director of the Group of Companies Enigma Vladimir Polhovskiy.


New in the Packaging for Oral Care
E. Berezina

The oral hygiene has become an integral part of life of any civilized person. But mandatory daily routine of brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening becomes tedious if it does not offer a new consumer experience. The natural human need is to change the common consumer goods, especially when it comes to hygienic and cosmetic products. Traditional toothpastes and brushes have become commonplace and unoriginal, despite the fact that the market launches new unique patented toothpastes and brushes. But they are of standard, uniform configurations and will not cause any bright emotions. The demand for something radically new was the natural tendency of modern consumer society. The review acquaints readers with the latest developments in the field of oral care and shows innovations the market offers.


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