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Photo Report: Production of Sanitary and Hygienic Papers in Sovetsk

The journalists of the editorial office “Raw Materials & Packaging” were invited to get acquainted with the production of hygienic paper and products based on it at the plant SCA Hygiene Products Russia in a town Sovetsk of Tula Oblast.


Smithers Pira: Four Trends Shaping the Future of Nonwoven Wipes Demand

Wipes will continue to present a compelling market opportunity for nonwovens across the next five years as a combination of market and technology factors boost overall value and use globally. This promising market evolution is tracked in detail in the recent market study The Future of Global Nonwoven Wipes to 2023 from Smithers Pira. This study tracks how the volume of nonwovens converted into wipes for consumer and industrial applications will rise 6,3% per year from 1.20 million tons in 2018 to 1.63 million tons in 2023. There are multiple supply and demand side influences on and within worldwide consumption for wipes—Smithers’ analysis identifies the following four as among those whose impact will be most pronounced across its forecast period.

Household Wipes: Growth Continues

Consumers hard-pressed for time between long hours at work, family obligations, and other commitments are finding value in products that make their cleaning responsibilities simpler and easier. Thus, time-strapped consumers are choosing household wipes over other cleaning methods due to this need for ease and convenience.

Sheet Face Masks: New Opportunities

Many companies, leaders of the cosmetic industry, invest heavily in research and development to introduce new products in the segment of face masks. The article presents an overview of products that have been gaining popularity in the segment of Sheet face masks.


The Personal Care Wipes Market

The personal care wipes marker continues it’s developing. Baby wipes dominate, but smaller categories continue to grow.

Baby Diapers, parallel import and global manufacturers in Russia

Despite a series of financial crises, which have been observed in Russia in recent years, the local market remains on the list of the most important growth regions for further development of global producers of diapers, feminine hygiene products and other similar items, which is mainly due to its current size and, more importantly, the enormous potential for further growth. Major global manufacturers of diapers are expanding their Russian businesses amid the ongoing recovery of the local market from the financial crisis and the continuing increase of domestic consumption.


Trends in Preservation of Wet Wipes

Preserving wet wipes products is often challenging for formulators. The trend for more inherently sustainable products that have a smaller environmental impact is also very prevalent in the wipes industry. Sustainable wipes are a natural choice for environmentally conscious consumers and responsible industry partners provided they have a robust preservation strategy. The use of functional materials is employed today as a non-classical approach to boost a substrate’s resistance to microbial growth in many personal care products.Multifunctional ingredients, such as plant-derived essential oils, extracts with antimicrobial properties, glycols that reduce the water activity and/or chelators, are part of this approach.

Wipes are Going to be Natural

Natural wipes are definitely a growing market, experts say. «The raw materials used in natural wipes are usually renewable, less damaging to the environment in processing and sometimes are even lower cost. Today consumers are more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies and on their skin. On the whole, «natural» is trending because the global consumer has become more educated in the overall health of the planet and its people. And the wipes market is no exception» – conclude Phill Mango.


Squalane and Hemisqualane – Natural Emollients for Cleaning Wet Wipes with Moisturizing properties

Wet wipes manufacturers try to use different methods of differentiation to point their brands from competitors and offer solutions in-demand. There are very popular means for removing makeup, among the wipes for personal care, that fit well into the realities of today. They allow you to quickly and effectively freshen up at home and in the gym or traveling. Other market trends include increased use of natural and effective ingredients, as well as skin moisturizing supplements. All these urgent requirements can be combined in one product with natural emollients – squalane and hemisqualane. They are natural, effectively removes even sustainable makeup and have excellent moisturizing properties that we will consider in this article.


How the Millenial generation is Changing the Baby Diaper Market

While thinner and softer diapers remain leading trends in the baby diaper market, the last several years have seen a major shift regarding the transparency of ingredients and materials in these products that come in contact with baby’s sensitive skin. Millennial moms and dads are the driving force behind this. Millennials approach parenting, and the shopping that comes with it, with a different set of priorities and way of evaluating products. A new crop of startup companies founded by millennials has emerged to lead the way in showing how to position baby diapers in ways that appeal most to millennial parents. More recently, there are plenty of examples of the leading brands employing these same strategies.


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