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Pure Beauty by Croda

On September 25, Croda held a Pure Beauty seminar at the Hilton Garden Inn Moscow New Riga.


The use of Chlorophyll Derivatives in Cosmetology
Nekrasov V.B., Honorary Doctor LTA. S M. Kirova, Ph.D., Scientific Director of Fitolon-Med LLC

Advanced natural domestic raw materials for cosmetology – chlorophyll derivatives (CD) with a wide range of useful properties. Chlorophylls are the main component of the pigments of higher plants, mosses, algae and photosynthetic bacteria, with the help of which the sunlight energy is captured and the process of photosynthesis takes place.

Means for Hand Dishwashing. Criteria for Assessment or how to Choose the Best.
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

The article examines the typical compositions of hand dishwashing products and evaluates their effectiveness and basic consumer properties.


Clear hair care. Easy way to efficacy with Wacker
Novikova N., Specialist of Technical and Advisory Support Service, LLC Revada

Every year consumer’s claims to the properties of the cosmetics become stiffer and more diverse. On one hand hair products should have the ability to give the hair gloss, shine and mildness, on the other hand products should have nice view. Manufacturers have different tools to solve these problems. Company Wacker Chemie AG suggests a range of various silicones which provide excellent properties to hair and may easy create clear formulations.


Shampoos: a study of consumer preferences on the Russian market
Egorova P., Goryunova O.B., Russian Economic University G.V. Plekhanov, Moscow

The article analyzes data from online survey of Russian consumers and identifies factors affecting the choice of shampoo.


Mission is feasible or how to attract millenials

Millennials are the key consumer group that both established and emerging brands want to target. Highly educated and holding immense purchasing power, millennials look to develop loyalty with actively engaged brands that produce quality products.

How much money do Russians spend on perfumes?

One of the leading fiscal operators in Russia, the company Taxcom, analyzed the perfumery sales’ dynamic in Russia over the past twelve months.


Conversations around perfumery, or What ingredients are making up perfumer’s palette now?

With sustainability and ‘naturals’ now firmly fixed as two key demands from consumers, we take a look at how fragrance market is leading the way in responding. There is a strong trend toward more natural and eco-friendly products, but many consumers are not really aware of the fact that nature can also be very harmful. There are the thousands raw materials for perfumery development and only a few hundred are available for creation of natural perfumes. Talking about natural fragrances and their alternative is also a question of definitions. Nowadays we also talk about alternatives that are close to nature. Scientists have made tremendous progress with biotechnology in recent years. Chemical ingredients and inputs produced for perfume industries are starting to come from biotech rather than petro-chemical technologies. The safety of all ingredients used in perfumery, whether synthetic, natural or identical to natural, is guaranteed by legislative state norms and IFRA standards. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) offers guidance for formulators and ingredients players looking to make sure their fragrance ingredient or product is safe and functional.


Beauty online: Packaging for e-сommerce
Berezina E.

Every year e-сommerce absorbs more and more of the retail market share. In recent years, online shopping has become the norm, although a few years ago, this concept was close to zero. But with the growing impact of the Internet and smart devices, people now prefer to buy products through online platforms. This is one of the most important factors determining the global e-сommerce retail market. The cosmetic market was no exception. Under the influence of indie brands and the Asia-Pacific region, the global cosmetics market is moving smoothly from stores to online space. This review is devoted to the topic of e-сommerce in the cosmetic market and mailer packaging for these products.


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