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Cosmetic claims substantiation. Part I: evaluation of anti-ageing effects in vitro and in vivo
L. Peno-Mazzarino, Е. Lupo, М. Daniel, N. Radionov, Laboratoire BIO-EC (Longjumeau, France)

Cosmetic claims of a product should be supported by solid scientific data. European regulation states that efficacy of a cosmetic product should be evaluated in specific study. The ban of animal testing in cosmetics favored the development of alternative biological models. This paper introduces main models in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo used in efficacy tests of cosmetic products. Based on the experience of a testing laboratory, methodological approaches ex vivo and in vivo are described for efficacy studies of cosmetic products with claimed anti-ageing activity.

Industry 4.0 Dictates new Approaches to Automation of Production
A. Plemyashova, Director for Development and Corporate Strategy, Beltel JSC

Currently, there is a decline in revenue, received by companies, in almost all industries. This happens not only in Russia, but also in the whole world economy. Extensive development is replaced by intensification of production, the use of more efficient technological processes, scientific and technical researches. The Internet of things, in particular, has become such technology in the modern world.


Artificial Skin Tests for Stopping Sun Damage

Sunbathing without sunscreen can be dangerous. Sun rays do not only damage the skin. Some substances in drugs, cosmetics and medicinal herbs can be toxic to the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light. Experts call the phenomenon phototoxicity. It occurs when a substance absorbs light energy and is thereby chemically modified. Only the modified substance is toxic to the skin, which can cause redness, swelling or inflammation — similar to the sunburn. Companies can examine the phototoxicity of a substance with an in-vitro test methods developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB. The test procedure is ISO certified and meets the required norms and standards.

Skin Hydration Measurement

This article will help explore methods to measure hydration in the stratum corneum and protocol to evaluate the efficiency of a moisturizer.

How to Evaluate the Exfoliating Effect of a Cosmetic Product?
A. Charpentier

Exfoliate is derived from the latin word exfoliare which means, to strip and remove thin surfaces of something. In the field of Cosmetology, it refers to removing the dead cells from the superficial layers of the epidermis, the Stratum Corneum. How to Evaluate the Exfoliating Effect of a Cosmetic Product? Some information about it you can find in this article.

Ex vivo Instruments Used in the Research and Quality Control of Professional Trichology

According to the European Regulation (EU) No. 1223/2009 all claims used in relation to cosmetic products, must be substantiated. In the scientific world, there are different types of methods to provide data on the performance of cosmetic products. Among them the ex vivo methods refer to experimentation done on tissue from an organism in an external environment with minimal alteration of natural conditions.
The efficacy evaluation of the professional trichologist cosmetics consists in the substantiation of the cosmetic result through tests carried out on human or animal hair, according to laboratory tests strictly coded and under controlled conditions. This type of tests are carried out along the different stages of manufacturing process of the cosmetic product, from its conception (R&D) – allowing researcher to predict with good reliability the in vivo results on the head – to the quality control(QC) to guarantee quality stability in the product.

The Tergotometer: an Efficient Solution for Testing Laundry Detergents in the laboratory

Effective laboratory detergent testing based on modern equipment and strategies generates data to support cost-efficient product development and manufacturing. Here we review requirements for detergent testing, along with the factors that influence results, highlighting the value and application of the Tergotometer.

World’s first Automated Foam Analysis according to Ross-Miles

KRÜSS GmbH will be exhibiting its new foam analysis instrument, the Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA, at analytica 2016 in Munich. The RMFA is the world’s first instrument for measuring foam height electronically according to the ASTM D 1173 standard, which is commonly referred to for investigating the foamability of foam-forming substances. Measurements with the RMFA are distinguished by high repeatability, large sample throughput and convenient data handling.


The Comprehensive Approach to the Organization of the own Production of Liquid Detergents
Yu. N. Garyaev, General Director of OOO Prombiofit

The correct choice of production equipment, allocation funds and other resources is one of the most important strategic challenges when developing of the technological production process. The economic aspect of such choice must be based on the many nuances.

Processing equipmenT

Which Ones are Better: Rotary or Linear Machines?
D. Sakharov, Commercial Director of Imapak LLC

It is very important for majority of manufacturers to have an opportunity to reformat equipment fast with less cost whether it is a replacement of a product or packaging volume, caps, labels, boxes or pallets. Let us examine the cases when it is more expedient to use the rotating equipment, and when a linear one.


Myths and Realities of Choice, Acquisition and Maintenance of Technological Equipment
V.V. Popov, chief mechanic of KorolevFarmTech

The correct choice of production equipment, allocation funds and other resources is one of the most important strategic challenges when developing of the technological production process. The economic aspect of such choice must be based on the many nuances.


Automatic Equipment for the Packaging Production
L.A. Davlyan, Marketing and Development Specialist, Pakking Group LLC

To date, automation is put everywhere for the effective operation of enterprises, became an integral part of entire production. This solution is a fully justified and profitable. As a result – costs are reduced and quality of products is improved.


Packaging Equipment Trends: Today and Tomorrow
R. Leonov,

Packaging equipment trends cannot be separated from the trends in packaging itself, from its new constructive and decorative solutions. This article is about a number of common trends, examined in the field of packaging equipment today and about those that may appear tomorrow.


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