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Green Ingredients: an Overview of New Products

The demand for natural and sustainable products continues to grow around the world and beauty brands try to keep up with this trend. In turn, manufacturers of ingredients and solutions for cosmetics and hygiene products never cease to amaze with novelties that demonstrate the companies’ experience and knowledge, possession of advanced technologies; and also meet the principles of sustainability, while new green products are often multifunctional.

Vitamin D for Skin Beauty and More
Krasney E.

For the last twenty years, vitamin D has been perhaps at its peak of popularity: in the early 2000s, the number of publications devoted to its basic and clinical researches have shown exponential growth. Vitamin D opened up more and more new horizons, moved beyond the once familiar concepts. So, what is it in the light of the modern paradigm?


Vitamins in cosmetics
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The article considers the main issues on the introduction of vitamins in the prescription composition of cosmetics. It talks about the role of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins for skin and hair care. The question of the stability of different forms of vitamins in formulations and when applying cosmetics to the skin is considered.

Hygienic lipstick: composition selection

The article deals with the production of hygienic lipsticks and lip balms. Attention is paid to the selection of the ingredient composition depending on the preferences of consumers, the analysis of products.


Summer Seminar in Peterhof With Bio-Khim

In early June, in the northern capital, in a rare full-time format, a two-day seminar of Bio-Khim, dedicated to topical issues of the chemical raw materials market, took place in the New Peterhof Hotel.


New trends in the Old World: an overview of the foreign market for household chemicals

Zagranichek A. L., Ph.D (Technical Sciences). Technical Specialist of LLC Bio-Khim

This review of foreign trends in household products is based on the materials by the international marketing agency Mintel GNPD. Household market trends were identified and observed by the author using data of Mintel GNPD reports and publications. Observed trends are already partially presenting on the Russian market of household and homecare products. Still it is quite difficult to forecast which of these particular trends have the potential to win the Russian market and when. Listed trends can be applied to a wide range of products, including dishwashing detergents, fabric care products, surface care and cleaning products, bathroom and kitchen care products, air care and home fragrances formulations, bleaches, and more.


The criteria for the assignment and use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Hand dishwashing detergents
Filippenkov V.M., Ph.D. (Chemistry), General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

This article discusses the criteria for the assignment and use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for hand dishwashing detergents.


Practical Issues Towards Sustainable Packaging
Leonov R.,

Today, issues, related to the environmental impact of production technologies, are discussed in the broadest context and at the highest level. We have already repeatedly addressed this topic with reference to the packaging of cosmetics. We propose to consider the issue, in practical terms, what steps could be taken to reduce the negative load from this component of cosmetic products.

New Solutions in Aerosol Packaging
Berezina E.

Aerosols, as representatives of one of the packaging categories, are almost a century. They have become popular due to their ability to create invisible, mist spray, and for some products they are still the only possible packaging option. Until 1989, the main propellant was chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), but in 1989 it was banned due to the increased harm it caused to the ozone layer. Nowadays, CFC has been replaced in most products by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as butane and propane. These VOCs are highly flammable, are precursors to smog formation, and are associated with a wide range of respiratory diseases. In addition, aerosols containing highly flammable VOCs tend to explode when cans are crushed during processing. VOC-containing gases are no longer environmentally or socially sustainable. The natural decision of the manufacturers was to search for alternative solutions, better and more sustainable. This review is devoted to interesting novelties and developments in the field of aerosol packaging.


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