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The Round Table Meeting «Work of Industrial Enterprises, Chemical Complex Enterprises in New Economic Conditions»

A brief overview of the round table meeting Work of Industrial Enterprises, Chemical Complex Enterprises in New Economic Conditions, held on March 22, 2022 within the framework of the ChemiSos Beauty.


Import Substitution in the New Conditions
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

We present a series of reviews of raw materials, auxiliary ingredients, chemical components from Russian manufacturers for the creation of import-substituting cosmetic products and household chemicals. In the first part, plant extracts and cell cultures will be presented.

The Inventory of Chemicals in the Russian Federation: Preparation for the Entry into Force of the EEC Technical Regulation «The Safety of Chemical Products» (TR EAEU 041/2017)

Inventory of chemicals in the Russian Federation refers to a set of measures aimed at preparing the industry for the entry into force of the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union “On the safety of chemical products” (TR EAEU 041/2017). The implementation an inventory makes it possible to form the national part of the register of chemicals and mixtures of the Eurasian Economic Union that are in circulation and are planned for circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation. The article provides useful links and information related to this issue.


EAEU Technical Regulations «The Safety of Perfumes and Cosmetics»: Where are We Going?
Valuev D., Leading Technologist, Avrora Production Complex LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

At present, the final approval for the implementation of amendment No. 3 to the EAEU Technical Regulation 009/2011 “On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products” are being carried out. The article comments on some of these innovations.


5 Key Considerations for Global Beauty Brands Looking to Enter China

In this report Hot Pot China’s Strategy team identifies 5 key considerations for global beauty brands looking to enter the China market. From building a localized brand proposition that appeals to Chinese target audiences to identifying commercial solutions that drive revenue and profitability, Hot Pot has a wealth of experience across small, medium and large skincare and cosmetics brands. So is your brand China-ready? How much are you going to need to invest to gain cut-through? What are the key steps?

How to Make Smart Cosmetics
Krasney E.

Can cosmetics act purposefully, solve exactly those tasks that need to be solved or vice versa, if necessary, then act equally effectively in all cases and, at the same time independently, that is, showing certain traits of intellectuality?

Interbytkhim-2022: an Overview of the Business Program

Review of the business program of the exhibition «Interbytchem-2022», held on March 1-2, 2022 in Moscow. The exhibition was accompanied by an interesting Business program, which included reports by leading experts in the chemical industry and household chemicals. We bring to the attention of readers an overview of the speeches and topics considered as part of the business program of the exhibition.


Method of obtaining plant roughage extracts by the carbon dioxide subcritical extraction
Sizova N.V., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Kolesnichenko E. A., Tomsk

The article compares the efficiency of the carbon dioxide subcritical extraction with other methods of getting biologically active lipid substances from plant roughage.


Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry)

Acylglutamates are anionic nitrogen-containing surfactants from the amidocarboxylates class. They are low-toxic, dermatologically mild surfactants that decompose well in the environment. They are used in shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels, bath foams, liquid hand soaps, makeup removers, shaving foams, toothpastes, face powders and other cosmetic and hygiene products. They are positioned as effective components of environmentally friendly and sulfate-free formulations. They are used in premium household products such as hand dishwashing detergents, all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents for baby clothes and others.


The Winner is… Best Packaging Awards
Berezina E.

Continuation. Beginning at No. 1 (246), No. 2 (247). Past exhibitions and competitions have proven once again that sustainability rules the world of packaging. Household chemicals, a rapidly growing and expanding industry, are also among the major contributors to plastic waste polluting the planet. In recent years, there has been an active search for new solutions, both for the development of natural and safe formulas, and for increasing the sustainability of packaging. We present an overview of the winners of international awards in the category “Household chemicals”.

From Luxury to Sustainability: Modern Perfume Packaging
Berezina E.

One of the oldest and brightest categories of the Beauty market, perfumes, has been exciting the minds of both ordinary customers and the most demanding and carping fragrance lovers for centuries. From simple bottles to real masterpieces, perfume packaging has chosen glass as the leading material and has remained faithful to it for a long time. Against the background of significant changes in the packaging market and a qualitative shift towards sustainable solutions, perfumery has also come under the influence of current trends and demonstrates its own interesting packaging solutions. This review is devoted to modern packaging for the perfume industry.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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