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BASF Beauty Workshop: New Office, new Concepts
April 22, Concern BASF invited visitors to a new Moscow office to show them the latest developments for cosmetics production.

in-Cosmetics celebrates record-breaking edition as it consolidates its global reach
9,726 personal care industry professionals attended the busiest ever in-cosmetics event from 12–14 April, proving it remains the place to grow your business.

The results of Cosmoprof and Cosmopack
The 49th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide closed in Bologna with great success. The real novelty of Cosmoprof is that it is a trade show that is continuously growing: this year was 2510 exhibitors (+ 5%), 250.000 visitors attended the show.


Change of Direction. What to talk to Consumers?
The quality of perfumery and beauty products consists of its safety, efficacy and organoleptic, while advertisements, aimed at attracting consumers, are usually made on the basis of its efficacy and safety. Most likely, it’s time to change something.

Cost saving measures without compromising
To compete, companies need to incorporate cost saving measures such as using materials available at competitive prices, cold processing, or utilising small inputs of materials without compromising skin feel or performance.

New Biotechnology for Beauty Industry
M.Yu. Beburov, Director, State Research Institute for Genetics & Selection of Industrial Microorganisms
The main biotechnological trend has become a replacement of expensive natural sources of raw materials or perfume compounds, obtained from complex and expensive chemical synthesis and biotechnology products in perfumery and cosmetology. Specially designed microorganisms or plant cell cultures are the most effective and commonly used for this purpose. Genetic engineering can be used to obtain such microorganisms (referred as producers).


New active ingredients from Solabia Group
N. Novikova, Technical and Advisory Support, LLC Revada
For in-Cosmetics 2016, Solabia Group is highlighting 2 of its key areas of expertise: the development of the active ingredients with original and innovative applications: Redyless® – Skin Redness Under Control, the Bronze winner of Active Ingredient Award 2016. D-Glycargine® The “A.G.E Breaker” to Reverse Aging.

We Bring Beauty into the World
Following the integration of French cosmetics ingredients company, Soliance, and Swiss cosmetic engineering firm, Induchem, Givaudan’s cosmetic experts will launch a whole set of pioneering molecules during in cosmetics: Neurophroline ™ – the first bioactive fighting skin stress by breaking down the cortisol production, Tightenyl ™ – a skin bio-lifter to rejuvenate the skin extracellular matrix, and Vegetan ™ Gold – the first oil compatible self-tanning molecule.

Clays and their usage in cosmetics
Clays have been used for centuries for cosmetic application, and are present in almost all traditional beauty regimens. They exfoliate, clean and invigorate the skin while improving blood circulation. Clay has the ability to absorb excess oils, dirt and harmful toxins from the skin. Cosmetic clays are made up of different mineral contents and each clay type has a different effect on the skin.


Prospects for the use of Silver in Cosmetics and Hygiene Products
A.N. Pestryakov, Prof., Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, V.A. Burmistrov, Ph.D., Research-and- Production Center «Vektor-Vita», Novosibirsk, N.Е. Bogdanchikova, Prof., National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Today, there is a steady growth of interest in the study and application of silver products. Highly complex, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity, frank anti-inflammatory effect, good wound healing efficiency in various skin defects, safety in use and the positive experience of application in medicine determine the prospect of silver products using in cosmetics and hygiene.

Peptides: Tiny Molecules with Big Results
B. Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS)
As consumers increasingly demand better, faster and more noticeable results from their personal care products, raw material suppliers continue to deliver more miraculous materials. The latest materials yielding the best results are peptides. This article will explore the science of these remarkable structures which are enabling companies to offer their customers products that can provide big results.


High Performance Pigments Market worth 5.71 Billion USD by 2021
Markets and Markets
Europe is the most active market in terms of strategic initiatives undertaken. High Performance Pigments Market worth 5.71 Billion USD by 2021.

Optical Brighteners Market worth 1.05 Billion USD by 2020
The rising demand of biodegradable brighteners in countries such as Germany and France is expected to drive Optical Brighteners Market.

Beauty Packaging in Western Europe: PET Meets Growing Deemand on the green solutions
K. Dyussimon, Euromonitor
Despite high market maturity levels and an increasingly knowledgeable consumer, beauty and personal care packaging has room to grow further in Western Europe and should see PET bottles benefit the most. While consumers are asking for more premium offerings, environmental concerns around packaging waste in beauty are increasing too. The sustainability debate may not seem obvious when looking at beauty and personal care products in the aisles, but it is changing the requirements of successful packaging innovation in the industry. PET’s recyclability profile and shelf appeal makes it a favorite.


Green Cleaning: a safe and effective
А. Sychevа, Еnvironmental Management Expert, GC Optics
Green cleaning is a type of cleaning with minimum damage to the human health and the environment. The main difference is the usage of natural detergents and consumables as well as their practical uses.


Beauty Branding or How to win and Retain a Beauty Goods Customer?
Dramatically changing realities of current business and consumer expectations make manufacturers of beauty products paying more attention to a product’s marketing, targeting and packaging developing that give prominence to goods on shelves and increase sale.


Packaging with Korean Accent
E. Berezina
We try to examine in this article a fashion in the Korean beauty-industry and trends which have a dramatic influence on the cosmetics world market.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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