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Ingredients for Hair Strengthening and Growth
Krasney E.

The article discusses the problems associated with hair loss and ways to solve them, including the selection of ingredients for creating hair care products.

Beautiful Ageing
Duzenko S., cosmetologist

In the article we will tell you how modern science considers aging of the skin and the possibility of rejuvenating the body without a surgical scalpel and injection, and what are the reasons for our optimism in the field of prolonging the beauty and youth.


Revitalising Hair Tresses

Buhle Manketti Seed Oil (INCI: Schinziophyton Rautanenii (Manketti) seed oil) is a relatively new and novel ingredient for the cosmetics industry that can be used to achieve anti-frizz and supple hair effects. With naturally bestowed active properties, Buhle Manketti Seed Oil can be considered as an alternative to synthetic ingredients to achieve a similar protective coating effect. Kupanda commissioned two separate efficacy studies, which demonstrated that Buhle Manketti Seed Oil best addressed frizz at 5%, and generated more supple tresses at 2% concentrations respectively.


The Cutaneous Barriers Strengthening for a Global Care
Novikova N., Specialist of the Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

Hanani С., Product Development Manager, Solabia Group

Molina J.-F., Marketing Manager, Solabia Group

The term “barrier“ is often used to characterize either the global function of skin or to focus on the stratum corneum physico-chemical properties. Nethertheless, it must be extended to a whole of dynamic cutaneous barriers whose main role serves the skin homeostasis and brings a daily protection. This article highlights how active ingredients act on the different skin barriers while combining protection and well-being under the global strategy.
Cannabidiol: Bright Future for the Controversial Ingredient

Despite certain difficulties associated with the impact of the pandemic on the global economy and on the cosmetics industry in particular, many industry experts make very positive predictions regarding such ingredient as cannabidiol (CBD) – the active compound found in various varieties of the cannabis plant.


Bio-components in Cosmetics: Take Your Product to the Next Level

The popularization of natural cosmetics on the Russian market has led to an explosive growth in the number of new brands. But trying to keep up with the ecotrend, producers either unknowingly or in order to save money risk buying low-quality natural raw materials. We talked about the problems of the modern market of components in cosmetics with the commercial Director of the company-distributor of cosmetic raw materials to the Russian market Dobrof Anna Dimova.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The editorial board of Raw materials & Packaging Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Cosmetic Business During a Pandemic

The review presents the results of sales of major global cosmetics companies for the first quarter of 2020, provides up-to-date information on mergers and acquisitions, and provides expert opinions on ways out of the crisis.


Application of Cosmetic Sulfosuccinates in Household and Industrial Chemicals
Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Specialist of the Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

The article discusses the application of cosmetic sulfosuccinates in household and industrial chemicals.


Pure Packaging for a Pure Beauty
Berezina E.

Natural, organic, vegan, vegetable – the introduction of a new product to the market is accompanied by such definitions. The canons of beauty, health, and attitude to the surrounding planet are being revised, and the motto of the cosmetics market «Clean beauty – clean packaging» is being formed against this background.
The desire for sustainability and safety, which has become a leading trend in the global packaging market, is rapidly spreading to the beauty industry. The increased awareness of consumers about the negative impact of environmental factors on their appearance, about the problems that result from the unreasonable use of natural resources and the subsequent pollution of the planet, about the dangers posed by various cosmetic ingredients, has led to a sharp demand for clean in all respects means. This review will introduce readers to some examples of companies and products that have chosen a sustainable way for the development of their cosmetics business.


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