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The Global Market for Makeup Products: Trends, Problems and Opportunities.
Ivanova N.I.1, Indiryakova V.V.2, Korotkova K.V.2, Mukhopadova Yu.I.2

1Ph.D. (Economy), Associate Professor, Department of World Economy, Samara State University of Economics

2Student of 3 courses, the direction of Economics, the program World Economy

The market of makeup products, with its rapid development, high and steady demand, strong competition, presents ample opportunities for manufacturers’activities, aiming at occupying or maintaining their niche. The article discusses the trends and problems, which are typical for this market, in recent times.


Pigmentation is Under Control!
Krasney E.

Lightening the skin and eliminating local hyperpigmentation is a complex problem. Its malice is that the use of lightening components alone is not enough, if you do not take into account the opposing factors. The most obvious is the need for mandatory use of sunscreens during and after lightening the skin. But, as recent studies show, hyperpigmentation can also be caused by factors such as visible light, especially the screens radiation of various gadgets, without which our hyper-connected civilization is already unthinkable, and the car exhaust. But recently, more and more interesting ingredients with multi-vector activity have appeared. Thus, for any problem, there can be a solution – you just need to make a balanced choice.

Micellar water as a cleanser and make-up remover
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The article presents information about micellar water. This cosmetic product is used for washing and make up removal. Attention is paid to understanding the process of micelle formation, reviewing popular surfactants used in the formulation of micellar water and the nuances of using this cosmetic product for skin care.


Serums: a promising format in the anti-acne segment

Anti-acne serum is a skincare product, which contains higher concentration of active chemical substances and natural ingredients that help prevent skin breakouts, clears excess sebum, dirt, and impurities within the pore to create a healthy, clear complexion. The anti-acne serum market size was valued at $810,20 million in 2018, and is expected to reach $1,5 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 7,90% from 2019 to 2026.


Disinfection in the context of coronavirus pandemic
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The article is devoted to the use of chemical agents for disinfection of hands and household items in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The list of disinfectants is given, the choice of hand antiseptics composition is considered, and the recommendations of specialists are given.


Rheology Modifiers in Hand Antiseptics

Quick disinfection of hands is getting highly important during periods of seasonal acute respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19.


Interbytchim Exhibition: From Producer to Consumer!

The annual specialized exhibition Interbytchim 2020, covering the entire production cycle of household chemicals and cosmetics: “from raw materials to the final product!”, was held at the most prestigious exhibition venue in Moscow, at the exhibition complex Gostiny Dvor in the mid-March.


Cleanliness, ecological or marketing – what drives the market now?

A new generation of people – Millennials and generation «Z» – are changing the market for household chemicals around the world. In Russia, this trend has become especially pronounced in the last 5 years, when domestic entrepreneurs have picked up the global «wave» and began to actively produce their eco-friendly brands of household chemicals. We talked about the trends and problems of the modern household chemicals market with Dmitry Erzin, a doctor, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor of ecology, founder and expert of the eco-friendly household chemicals brand Molecola.


Airless systems: aesthetic and safe packaging.
Berezina E.

Every year, many new products launched to the market, both from manufacturers of vacuum systems and from brands that produce products in original, customized dispensers. This review introduces some new developments in the field of airless systems developed recently.


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