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Sun Protection for Hair: Ingredients and Solutions
Krasney E.

How to create cosmetics for hair that can withstand the negative effects of solar radiation and cope with its consequences? The article examines the ingredients and solutions that are used in the formulations of topical products in this category.

New Horizons of InterCHARM: Raw Materials, Packaging and Finished Products

The 28th International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition InterCHARM 2021 was held December 8 through 11, 2021 at Crocus Expo. The traditional review presents all the innovations of the exhibition both in the section of raw materials, packaging, and finished products.


Solar Cosmetics: Results of The Year And Forecasts For The Future

Recently, more and more information has appeared about the negative effects of sunlight on the skin. Researches and developments in this subject have significantly expanded the range of solar cosmetics, made it more differentiated and multifunctional. What is new in the industry in 2021 and what are its prospects?

Education: designer or developer for the cosmetics industry

Kortunov D.

A specialist in a development of packaging for cosmetics is a relevant profession for the Russian cosmetics market. The development of packaging design in Russia and professional training of developers and designers is described in the presented article.


Eyelashes and Eyebrows: Basic Cosmetic Ingredients for Strengthening, Nutrition and Growth
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

Maintaining the beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows is an integral part of self-care. The article examines the structure and life cycle of eyelashes and eyebrows, presents cosmetic products for their strengthening, nutrition, growth. It is shown which components of the composition are responsible for the properties and functionality of this type of cosmetics.


Beauty Retail: Touch Matters

Outform, a retail strategy research agency, recently published The Changing Face of Health & Beauty report, which used data from surveys conducted in September 2021 among 2 thousand consumers of health and beauty products in Germany, the UK and the USA. Based on these data and the current market situation, the agency outlined its vision of upcoming trends in the industry.


Super-Small Batches of Cosmetics: «Monzdrav» Implements Eco- And Ego- Dreams of Brands. Interview with Uliana Karat, the General Director of Monzdrav LLC

There is an opinion that on the way to creating your own brand, a beginning entrepreneur faces many difficulties, among which is the inability to produce products in modest numbers. Uliana Karat, the General Director of Monzdrav LLC, founder of project Pervaya Monastyrskaya Zdravnica and contract cosmetic production Monzdrav Laboratory describes how stereotypes might be broken.

Maxim Barkov, TM Tork: «Sustainable Products Will Increase Demand»

The past two years have been revolutionizing the people’s way of life around the world. The increased attention to hygiene, customers and employees’ health has become an integral part of business in all segments and in all markets. Today, enterprises successfully adapt to new conditions, provide customers and employees with the necessary hygiene products in offices and public places. Maxim Barkov, the Tork® brand commercial director at Essity, says about how the market of hygiene products developed this year.


Washing Capsules
Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Deputy Director for Technical Marketing and Sales Support, Norkem LLC

The paper is concerned with a composition of laundry capsules and identifies the features that must be taken into account when developing formulations for this category of household chemicals.


The winner is… Best Packaging Awards
Berezina E.

Every year the number of participants of various packaging awards is growing, and the choice of the best representatives of the industry is becoming more difficult. Depending on the subject of the competition, products are evaluated according to different parameters, but the focus remains on the sustainability and outstanding design, different from others in its category. Traditionally, the first issue of the magazine offers readers an overview of the most interesting packaging solutions that have won the most prestigious competitions and awards, such as Pentawards, IF World Design Awards, WorldStar Packaging Awards, Dieline Awards for Innovations in packaging.


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