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Seminar «Current Trends and New Products in the Cosmetic Market» by Overseas Company

On September 3, 2019, Oversiz held a seminar Current Trends and New Products in Cosmetic Market at the Novotel Moscow Centre Hotel.

Creation of unusual products: practice from Leko Style

12 September Leko Style held a workshop Leko Practice Day for cosmetics manufacturers in Moscow.

Annual Bio-Khim Seminar Innovative Cosmetics Ingredients

Bio-Khim, the largest Russian supplier of chemical raw materials, held a seminar in September in Moscow.


Human Microbiome and Aging
Prokopov A., Ph.D. (Medicine), Laboratory of novelties ROS-Himia, Еkaterinburg

Continuation, the beginning of the article is in the edition No. 217. A microbiota is another large and metabolically important organ for which you need to take care of. A concept of metabolic organ was formed in 2007. There are diseases of microbiota such as dysbiosis or dysbiosis can negatively affect the entire organism.

Aromatization of premises: formula of success
Ryzhakova V., Marketing Manager, Bio-Khim

Aromatization of the space has long become common in the West and has finally begun to gain popularity in Russia. A unique flavor should complement the space and emphasize its functionality. Niche perfume houses create different perfumes in various formats, for various spaces: for bedroom, kitchen and living room, dressing room and even toilet.


Algae Polysaccharides from Lessonia against pigmentation and ag-ing
Morice Ch.-H., Lessonia, France
Popova Iu., Revada

French company Lessonia has developed a hydrolysation technology applied to fucoidans. This technology involves hydrolysing these fucoidan polymers to obtain precise fractions of biologically active oligosaccharides. The fucoidan’s low molecular weight is globally unique. The mass of molecular weight < 2 kDa can be absorbed directly through the human skin. The hydrolysation process increases the skin care and anti-aging effect of the fucoidan compared to the standard macromolecular structure. Lessonia developed two active ingredients from fucoidans, Fucoreverse™ is an anti-aging ingredient and Fucowhite™ a whitening ingredient.

Vanillyl butyl ether for a warming effect and stimulation of hair growth
Dr. Ditz K., CTO, Cosphatec GmbH

Vanillyl butyl ether is a mild warming substance for personal care applications that can be used to replace the popular capsaicin (red pepper). Capsaicin is controversially discussed because of its side effects that may include skin irritation, burning, itching. The warming sensation effect of Vanillyl butyl ether is directly linked to its ability to increase the local blood flux and vasodilatation.


Lip Makeup Powder at the Peak of Popularity

Lip makeup powder is a relatively new product for the European market. First, this lip makeup appeared in South Korea like all other unusual cosmetics. The research company Future Market writes in its new report on the global cosmetic market state that the global market for lip powders will increase by an average of 6% from 2019 to 2027.


Selfie Cosmetics – Achievable Ideal
Krasney E.

The selfie trend was not created a subculture only but was also reflected in cosmetics which allows you to look great on photos without numerous images editing tools. From this review you will learn what ingredients of formulations to help achive the desired effect.


Property and Uses of Hydroxy Carboxylic Acids
Merkulov D.A, Ph.D., specialist of the technical and consulting support service, Revada LLC

An analysis of the market of acidic cleaning products indicates an increase in the share of environmentally friendly products containing hydroxycarboxylic acids, such as citric, lactic, glycolic, tartaric and malic. These acids are characterized as safer, more technologically advanced and quite effective chemical components, competing with such traditional inorganic acids as hydrochloric, phosphoric and sulfamic. We will deal with their properties and application.


Luxury and minimalism. What’s new in the color cosmetic packaging
Bereziba E.

The color cosmetic market is influenced by fashion more than others. It is a very flexible structure that should quickly adapt to the changing preferences of the world and meet the demands of different consumer groups. Various research institutes and independent experts highlight diverse trends in cosmetic packaging, many of which are common to the global packaging world. You can name connected packaging, engineering innovation, e-Commerce and sustainability. Less stable trends include recommendations in the field of packaging design: shape, graphics, color, visualization. These trends change from year to year, but here you can find the most interesting and attractive solutions.

Lids and Caps are a Small Part of the Big Game
Koinova A.N., Ph.D.

What comes to mind when hearing the words “lid” and “cap”? The first association is a means of capping, wrapping or covering top of containers. However, they have stopped considering as something extra in recent years: the functions of the covers expand significantly. They protect a product from counterfeiting, complicate or, vice versa, simplify opening, affect the composition of the internal medium of the packaging and are used as fingering and for a number of other purposes. Lids and caps are confidently on the rise as an integral part of “smart” or “intelligent” packaging.


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