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«Selling» packaging, from the mass segment to the premium one and «buy Russian products»: InterCHARM Exhibition continues to set trends

The October is a month which is expected in the beauty market because of to a significant event industry – interCHARM Exhibition. An impressive exposition fascinated represented trends, novelties this year: burning trends and t developments of the beauty industry, more than 980 exhibiting companies from 36 countries, 1020 stands as market leaders as well as new companies with their products and services some of which have only appeared in the Russian market. R&M edition is interested in packaging trends – «It is a beautiful wrapper help to sell goods, is not it? Is there at least one innovative product which will be in demand on store shelves without corresponding packaging»?


Benefits effortlessly! Easy: Leko Style will help!

A conventional workshop Leko Style took place in Moscow on the 24th of November. The workshop was held a day before in Saint-Petersburg. As always, the company welcomed the guests in an office and tried to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for them.

Results of 63rd SEPAWA Congress

12-14th October 2016 – Esperanto Hotel, Fulda The 63rd SEPAWA Congress was held in conjunction with the 12th European Detergents Conference (EDC) in Fulda. The number of participants increased this year to over 2500 from more than 40 countries. In the exhibition section, products and services were offered by 218 exhibitors. The lecture program offered with a total of 38 lectures a broad range of comprehensive information covering issues on surfactants and detergents on a scientific basis with the 12th European Detergents Conference as well as on practical applications with the Sessions of Detergents and Cosmetics.

The workshop of Ruskhimset

ZAO Ruskhimset invited friends and clients to attend a workshop, dedicated to a raw for professional and household chemical production, to a conference-hall Sergiev Posad in the hotel Golden Ring on the 8th of November.


«Cleanliness – the guarantee of health» or intracellular cleaning
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)

The skin is exposed to many external stresses: UV, oxidizing agents, pollution and biological agents, inducing more or less chronic micro-inflammatory effects and the formation of noxious products in or around the epidermal cells. Among them are oxidized proteins and protein aggregates. There are two major systems in eukaryotic cells that degrade cellular components: the ubiquitine-proteasome and the autophagy pathways. So, stimulating the activity of the proteasome and autophagy in keratinocytes may seem an interesting idea for cosmetic purposes to diminish the accumulation debris which can lead to visible dulling of skin tone and to prevent the loss of proteasome efficacy in stressed and aging skin.


Exceparl® LM-LC: natural thickener and stabilizer of viscosity
Yu. Popovа, head of the technical support of Revada

Kao Chemicals Europe offers Exceparl® LM-LC (INCI: Lauryl Lactate), a natural liquid thickener derived from renewable sources, which additionally shows viscosity stabilizing properties in surfactant-based formulations. This natural ester, obtained through a reaction of fatty alcohol and lactic acid, has the advantage of being nitrogen-, salt-, EO- and PEG-free.

Candelilla wax alternatives from KahlWax. It is all in the mix
N. Novikova, specialist of the technical support of Revada

Candelalla wax is the backbone of many stick formulations. It provides high surface gloss and leads to shrinkage, which eases demolding. Currently the supply situation is very difficult. Kahlwax has three Candelilla wax substitutes Kahlwax 6700, 6702, and 7304 which provides similar properties as Candelilla wax.


Increasingly image-conscious men and baby boomers boosting the beauty market

Although image-consciousness is a trait traditionally associated with women and young adults, men and older generations are becoming more susceptible to its influence, as their desire to impress peers and colleagues is growing, according to consumer insight firm Canadean.


Waste-free Production Technology of Hard Soap
R.R. Yangildin, A.A. Sadrova, LLC Innovation Center Biryuch-NT

Hard soap is one of the most common and high demand means of personal hygiene. To date, the production of a hard soap in Russia is about 100 thousand tons per year. There are two basic ways to obtain a hard soap: pan and continuous. The majority of domestic producers prefer the pan method because of a simple implementation. A significant drawback of such method is the large amounts of waste products, above all – spent lye. An offered method of processing spent lye let successfully solve the problem of utilization which is especially acute for soap manufacture.

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Detergents and Cleaning Products
V.M. Filippenkov, Ph.D. (Chemistry), General director, NITSBYTHIM

Continuation, beginning at №9 (184). A survey article on the methods of assessing of the effectiveness of detergents and cleaning products by testing purposes, in particular, for laundrey, dish washing by hand and in dishwashers, universal cleaners for bathroom, tiles, toilet, kitchen etc. There are recommendations on the methods of the composition’s selection, identification or confirmation of compliance, as well as examples of the comparative tests with a purpose of market positioning and advertising applications. There are specific references to the test methods themselves.


Hard Surface Care: Trends in the New Product Development in the European Market in 2015

M.V. Gritsenko, Sales Manager, LLC Interdisp Rus

The review of the marketing trends observed in 2015 in the European hard surface care market is provided in the article. Consumer preferences for the household chemistry products based on the global survey are given and the recommendations for the product developers are provided.


Changing the formula: how to halve the surfactant content in Household Care?

According to Tass, scientists – residents of the Technopark «University» developed and patented eco-gel for the cleaning of the organic components, cellulose and pectin, which are derived from wood and apple pomace. R&M has interested in that information as with the advent of a new mean with the fashionable prefix «eco» as innovative development of Russian science. As well as the fact that new technology became a reason of launching a finished product, embedded in the production two years ago on the domestic market and building the young company NGO BioMikroGeli. Andrey Elagin, General Director of NGO BioMikroGeli answered our questions.


The Carton packaging: the Best for Perfume, Cosmetics and Personal Care

E. Berezina

Carton and cardboard packaging is widely present in our consumer world and accompanies us in stores, at home and outside. Boxes have become one of the main options for packaging of food and consumer goods, toys and electrical gadgets, pharmaceuticals. These are products we purchased, not really thinking about the design of cardboard packaging – is enough to see the product name, brand name or manufacturer and, in some cases, ingredients. This is not the case with goods from perfumery-cosmetic category and personal care products where the boxes play a key role in product demonstrations and attraction of consumers’ attention. This review describes the advantages of carton packaging and offer to study the most interesting examples of carton packaging for perfume, cosmetics and personal care products.

Calendar of specialized exhibitions for I half-year 2017


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