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Nail Care: Category Growth Continues

According to the GVR report, the global nail care market will grow at a CAGR of 5,2% from 2022 to 2030.

A Time of Contrasts: Color Trends for 2023/2024

Designers and developers of consumer products guide the key trends in color, which are determined by experts in the field of forecasting: international organizations, agencies and large companies. Studies show that 85% of consumers put color first when buying. Such forecasts become an important aspect in creating new products because they reflect the situation in various areas of life, the mood in society and many other factors. The article discusses color trends for 2023/2024.


Applications of Clay in Cosmetics: Versatile & Irreplaceable
Krasnei E.

Today, clays are used in creams and masks for skin care, shampoos and hair masks, cleansers and decorative cosmetics. We can explain such a wide range of uses – the versatility of these materials as well as their special physical and chemical properties.

Applications of Algae in Cosmetics: From Thickeners to Active Ingredients
Krasnei E.

Algae have been used in cosmetics since ancient times. The article discusses their use as rheology modifiers and emulsion stabilizers, as well as, biologically active ingredients.


Saffron in Cosmetics: an Active Natural Ingredient

Cucus sativus, known as saffron, is widely used as a dye, food additive, and medicinal spice. Saffron is the most expensive Ayurvedic spice. It is a plant that is widely used in Asia, especially in health care. In traditional Iranian medicine, saffron improves complexion and is used to treat rust inflammation. Saffron is not just another skin trend, but a really active ingredient in care.


ImportSubstitution in the New Conditions
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

We present the continuation of the reviews of proposals from domestic manufacturers for the creation of importsubstituting household chemicals. This issue will provide information and suggestions on chemical components, reagents, surfactants, auxiliary ingredients and others.


Еthoxylated 2-ethylhexyl alcohols
Merkulov D. A., PhD (Chemistry), Deputy Director for Technical Marketing and Sales Support Department sales of OOO Norchem

This article attempts to summarize information about manufacturers, trademarks, structure, synthesis, properties and use of ethoxylated 2-ethylhexyl alcohols.


Novelties, Import Substitution and Prospects in New Realities at RosUpack 2022

From 7 to 10 June 2022, the 26th International exhibition for the packaging industry RosUpack and the 7th International conference and exposition of equipment, technologies and supplies for print and advertising production Printech took place at Crocus Expo. RosUpack and Printech became a platform for representatives of the Russian and foreign packaging, printing, and advertising industries. (Continuation. Beginning in #7′ 2022).


How to Create a Cosmetic Brand: from Idea to Action
Berezina E.

Cosmetic brands on the market are like stars in the firmament. Large constellations are known to everyone, but not accessible to everyone, large stars shine brightly for a long time, some flicker weakly, while others light up and quickly go out, leaving no trace. Many people want to become a part of this starry Beauty sky, but not everyone succeeds. How to create your own beauty brand, what to pay special attention to and how to stand out from the competition – read our article.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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