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Results of the 21 International Scientific and Practical Conference «Cosmetic Industry: A Look to the Future»
The 21 International Scientific and Practical Conference Cosmetic Industry: Look to the Future took place October, 24–27.


PCHi Celebrates 10 Glorious Years of Serving the Industry Organisers Announce Major Features and Onsite Celebratory Activities
2017 marks the tenth year since the inception of the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show. In conjunction with this momentous milestone, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) announces a series of show features and activities specially planned for the coming edition, slated to take place from 21–23 February 2017 at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.


Russo Chemie: the Mission of the Company – Promote the Development of Domestic Production\
«Russo Chemie» is the leading supplier of quality raw materials for cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia – known in Russia and abroad more than 10 years as a reliable and responsible partner. What does allow the company to keep the position of the market leader and meet the requirements of the time and continue to develop and introduce new solutions and methods of work? Managing partners «Russo Chemie» Dmitry Kuritsyn and Andrej Orlov answered these and other questions to R&M.

Procter & Gamble Professional: Preserve Worth and Advance
Sergey Harin, industrial Procter & Gamble sales manager, told in an exclusive interview to a portal about novelties in a range of industrial dishwashing means as well as in other segments of the market and about company’s planes.


Evolution of sensation – why sensory matters so much now
B. Carli, Institue of Personal Care Science
Touch has such a big impact on human emotions. Have you ever noticed how the feel of your personal care products can have a similar effect? In this guest article from an industry expert, Belinda Carli takes a look at the evolution of sensation in beauty.

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Detergents and Cleaning Products
V.M. Filippenkov, Ph.D. (Chemistry), General director, NITSBYTHIM
A survey article on the methods of assessing of the effectiveness of detergents and cleaning products by testing purposes, in particular, for laundrey, dish washing by hand and in dishwashers, universal cleaners for bathroom, tiles, toilet, kitchen etc. There are recommendations on the methods of the composition’s selection, identification or confirmation of compliance, as well as examples of the comparative tests with a purpose of market positioning and advertising applications. There are specific references to the test methods themselves.


Digital technologies in Hair Care segment
When it comes to digital, many Hair Care brands could use a few tips from their peers in Beauty. Hair Care brand sites lag those of Beauty brands across the board, according to L2’s Digital IQ IndexR: Hair Care & Color.


Haw to slow hair growth?
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)
Shaving and depilation are time-consuming procedures, and have to be repeated at regular intervals. That is why people are on the lookout for cosmetic solutions that are gentle, quick to apply and keep the skin smoother for longer. Now, cosmetic scientists have developed a new topical formula that inhibits the growth of unwanted hair, reducing the amount of time one spends shaving, waxing, plucking, or engaged in other types of hair removal.

Dishwasher Tablets: Russian Market Realities
Sales of dishwashers are up by about 20% per year and, therefore, the need for special detergents increases. Until recently, the market has offered only foreign «consumables materials», but now, domestic manufacturers have been beginning to appear who can even produce private label goods.


Discoveries (That Make the World Better)
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)
The editorial board of R&P continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Celluloscrub™: New generation of exfoliating agents to replace banned PE beads
Yu. Popovа, head of the technical support of Revada
Ch.-H. Morice, technical manager, Lessonia
To replace polyethylene (PE) beads with renewable and biodegradable scrubs, cosmetic formulators have to consider several characteristics of the different materials available on the market that appear to be similar to PE in terms of color, abrasiveness, suspension capacities, cost effectiveness, stability in various products, worldwide regulatory approval, etc. The traditional exfoliating ingredients from plants and minerals have not given totally satisfactory results for replacing PE because their characteristics were not similar. The latest product created and based on cellulose acetate fills the gaps left by the other products.


Scrabs: What About Alternatives to PE beads?
Cost, size, colour, shape, stability, performance: substituting plastic particles at the core of exfoliating formulas is not as simple as it seems. Overview of technical challenges and of alternatives offered by suppliers.


Interdisp Has Presented an Actual Ingredients for Household Care
«Interdisp» held a workshop for household chemicals’ manufacturers in the Courtyard by Marriott Moscow on the 4th of October.


Fantasy Drives: Packaging for Hair Care
E. Berezina
Global Haircare market shows a new upsurge. According to many research and analytical agencies, in recent years the market has grown considerably in volume and shows a stable growth dynamics from year to year. What caused this growth and what the current market trends you can

identify? The present review is devoted to interesting examples of products, packaging solutions and designs for the care and beauty of hair.


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