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Secondary Tomato Raw materials in the Physical Form of Multiple emulsion – a Source of Lycopene for Cosmetic Products
Tarasov V. E., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, KubSTU, Krasnodar

Kiseleva L. Yu., Master of KubSTU specialty Technology of fats, essential oils and perfumery and cosmetic products

Products that have retained their originality and have a balanced, varied composition – valuable and fast-growing functional components of cosmetics. Secondary tomato raw materials in the physical form of multiple emulsion — a source of lycopene for cosmetic products.

Waste to Income: Lignin

Nowadays, more and more people want to use natural and environmentally friendly products. Often the active ingredients of such products are by-products of processing, previously considered waste. One such promising natural ingredient is lignin. Lignin is a polymer that is formed in plants and plays an important role in their structure. It has a number of beneficial properties that make it an ideal ingredient for cosmetics. For processing, it must be either in the form of fine powder or granules and therefore must be crushed or compressed. Like other natural raw materials, lignin is also subject to certain fluctuations in performance. Different processing methods are used, resulting in lignin of varying quality.

Fans: creating a comfortable and safe work environment

For many years, fans have been helping to create air conditioning and a comfortable and safe work environment. Let’s look at the science behind the phenomenon of sensed cooling and how fans can be utilized in manufacturing tooling.


Temporary Immersion System for Production of Biomass and Bioactive Compounds from Medicinal Plants
The cultivation of medicinal plants and the production of bioactive compounds derived from them are of fundamental importance and interest in nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Nowadays the cultivation through the Temporary Immersion System (TIS) in a bioreactor has considerable advantages both for the in vitro mass production of the plants and for the production of secondary metabolites.


Alexander Skorodumov, CEO of Bavar Swiss: «we offer cosmetic companies consolidation of efforts for market development»

Alexander Skorodumov, CEO of Bavar Swiss company, that engaged in the development and transfer of customized technologies and the design and supply of equipment for both existing and newly created projects, answered questions from Raw Materials and Packaging, spoke about the company’s experience and the necessary actions to support import substitution in the Russian market.


How Justified is it to Launch your Own Production Line or Purchase Filling and Capping Equipment Compared to Purchasing Ready-Made Empty Packaging and Contract Filling?
Roman Leonov, editor of

How justified is it to launch your own production line or purchase filling and capping equipment compared to purchasing ready-made empty packaging and contract filling? The answers to these questions will be shared in this article.


To Enter the system: Features for Beauty Brands Sale in e-Commerce

After the departure of foreign cosmetic brands from the Russian market, the number of domestic companies began to grow steadily, making the cosmetics niche one of the most interesting for investment. Domestic manufacturers have built new supply chains, and many have established their own production of raw materials. New companies are actively fighting for their consumers, most young brands choose online stores and marketplaces as a starting point for sales.


Effective Work: Features of Beauty Gadgets and Cosmetics for their Use

Khamkhoeva E., Cosmetologist, Owner of the Cosmetic Brand Doctor Elli

Beauty devices have become an important part of skin care. The use of beauty devices allows you to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic products. The article examines the features оf beauty gadgets and cosmetics for their use.


OLBO: A Day without a Turnstile

The “Day without a turnstile” project has been in operation since 2012 and is becoming popular among Muscovites and guests of the capital. This format makes it possible to get acquainted with the work of enterprises, communicate informally with specialists, learn a lot of interesting and useful things, and discover new products. OLBO LLC, a manufacturer of lacquers, gel-lacquers and other nail products, repeatedly participates in this project. Elena Savenkova, Director of OLBO and founder of Dance Legend brand, gave a tour of the company as part of the “Day without a turnstile”.


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