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in-cosmetics Global returns to the home of cosmetics

The world’s leading personal care ingredients event will return to Paris for its 30th edition in April, with in-cosmetics Global once again providing a platform for R&D teams to source the most innovative ingredients and learn about the trends shaping the future of the beauty industry.


Leko Style: New Trends in Ingredients

20 February the workshop “How to create and preserve an aroma, brightness and sensation of the product?” was held in the Leko Style Moscow office. The program of the seminar includes several interesting products’ presentations of BASF, Leko Style, Dullberg Concentra and two master classes from Leko Style technologists.

Solid soap: workshop at factory SVOBODA

Research and Practice Seminar, that was held at the Moscow plant SVOBODA, was devoted to the Russian market of solid soap issues and met together developers, producers, equipment suppliers, sellers of such important hygienic product as well as market analysts and editors of leading specialized publications.


BeautyStreams: five trends in the cosmetics industry

BeautyStreams has published the 5 trends in cosmetics industry.


Delivery systems in cosmetics

Delivery systems carry active compounds to the site of their action and used in cosmetics mainly for their ability to improve the stability of sensitive actives, their better incorporation into formulations, reduction of irritation potential, excellent penetration and sustained release properties. The most commonly used delivery systems include liposomes, niosomes, microemulsions and nanoemulsions, micro and nanoparticles, polymeric micelles and cyclodextrin complexes. Their properties and effects are different and each system is suitable for different types of compounds. Delivery systems are widely used for the incorporation of anti-aging compounds, such as whitening agents, plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins, as well as for UV filters and fragrances.


Stable nanoemulsions: versatile applications in cosmetics and pharmacy
Blume G., Sopharcos Drug Delivery, Jung K., Gematria Test Lab GmbH, Fischer D., Friedrich Schiller Universität, Pharmazeutische Technologie & Biopharmazie

To overcome the low penetration rate of active ingredients into the skin vesicular carrier systems have gained a wide attention especially in the field of nanotechnology like e.g. liposomes, ethosomes or lipid nanoparticles. Also nanoemulsions are considered to be promising candidates for dermal drug delivery with the advantage of low skin irritation, high drug loading capacity and drug penetration enhancement. Among them new stable anionic nanoemulsions based on the membrane-forming, an eatable and skin friendly emulsifier derived from sunflower, became superior over other vesicular carriers. Depending on the usage of additional emollients/oils and stabilizers two different emulsions can be obtained: a multiple water-in-oil-in-water nanoemulsion (Hydro-Tops) or an oil-in-water nanoemulsion (Lipo-Tops).
Under extensive investigation, it was proven that both nanoemulsions exhibit a significant better performance in encapsulation efficiency and penetration efficacy and therefore provide a higher bioavailability of active ingredients in skin – compared to flexible liposomes, niosomes and solid lipid nanoparticles.


Global Organic Cosmetics Market
Gromko M.E., Kachamina E.A., students of the 3rd course of the Economics course at the World Economy program of Samara State University, Ivanova N.I., Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor of the World Economy Department of Samara State University

The article is devoted to the global natural and organic cosmetics market. There is presented an evaluation of dynamics of the segment and the development forecast there and identified sales and consumption of organic cosmetics top countries, global headwinds of the growth of the organic cosmetics market in Russia.

The Russian Soap Market: Current Situation

The article studies the statistical data, published in 2018 – 2019, on the basis of which the current situation on the Russian soap market is detected.


Undifferentiated cells: Cosmetics Components of Tomorrow
Borts M.S., Nikolaeva E.G., Maslennikova N.A., Kulevskaya V.L., LLC ChBA at the Russian Academy of Sciences VITA

The studies carried out in Chemical&Biological Association at Russian Academy of Sciences ”Firm Vita” showed that the biological activity of bioantioxidant complex, derived from young, fast-growing undifferentiated (callus) ginseng cells, significantly higher than the wild ginseng root extract.

How to remove malodors in household products
Averyanova V.A., Ph.D. (Biology)

Smell is a part of the human life. With malodors so prevalent, there are many odor neutralizers on the market today. In fact, almost every chemical company in the world offers odor-eliminating products, and even though they all serve to counteract or counterbalance odor, they are all different and some work better than others. Here we examine some of them and analyze way of their action.

Company profile

Dzintars celebrates the 170th anniversary

This year, Dzintars – one of the oldest cosmetic enterprises in the post-Soviet space, celebrates the 170th anniversary. The history of the factory is unique. This is something that can really be proud of – dedication, people, who creates legendary products, exclusivity and scale.


Growth of Resources of the Household Chemicals Industry Were Identified in Moscow

The International scientific ExpertForum which includes the 2nd International scientific expert forum Resources for Growth. Chemistry for Life: State and Business, the 2nd International exhibition of household chemistry and personal care products ChemiCos-2019 and the annual award in the sphere of consumer chemicals and cosmetics ChemiCos Unique took place at the end of February in Crocus Expo IEC.


The Wnners of the Awards for Sustainable and Innovative Packaging 2018
Berezina E.

During the year, the world hosts many competitions and awards, both national and international, dedicated to packaging. They consider the packaging unit from different angles, from the use of materials and production methods, to the final decoration and presentation in retail chains.

Bakic Group: Prestigious Awards for Innovations in Design

Bakic Group won several awards at prestigious international competitions in 2018.


Raw materials for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals

Equipment for packaging manufacturing

Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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