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in-cosmetics Global 2019: novelties of partners

In-cosmetics Global – the main event of the industry which determines development vectors of the cosmetic industry in the near future. Companies – manufacturers of cosmetic raw materials as well known on the market as beginners in this event consider in-cosmetics as an important platform for launching new products. About some interesting innovations from our partners presented in the event this year, read on.


Evonik Introduced new Natural Products and Concepts in Moscow

Evonik Nutrition Care GmbH, Care Solutions Department, and its distributor SBK, Cosmetic Line Department, held a workshop for technologists of cosmetic production in Moscow on May 28, 2019 The focus was on products and concepts, developed by Evonik and presented at in-cosmetics Global this year.

South Korean Accents in the Skin Nutrition: Master Class of Ros-Chimia Company

On April 25, a master class for cosmetics manufacturers, organized by ROS-Chimia Company (a unit of the Project Bureau of Anti-Aging Cosmetics) took place at the hotel Holiday Inn Sokolniki, Moscow. The presentations, made at the workshop, united the skin nutrition subject.


New active ingredients from the Solabia Group
Novikova N., Specialist of Technical and Consulting Support, Revada LLC

Solabia Group proposed during In-Cosmetics Global 2019 the following novelties:
– Saniscalp® is an active ingredient obtained from passion fruit seeds, Passiflora Edulis, fighting against the sensitivity and imbalances of the scalp as well as disgraceful dandruff.
– 3Dermilyn® is an active ingredient obtained from plantain seeds, Plantago lanceolate, grown in France. Combining sensoriality and effectiveness, 3Dermilyn® restores the youthfulness of the skin through a complex mechanism.

Soil release polymers for sustainable washing

Effective, efficient and more environmentally-compatible cleaning of synthetic fabrics is more important now than ever before. This article explores some of the benefits offered by the newest generation of soil release polymers for polyester-containing garments and their potential role in making laundry detergents and the laundering process more sustainable.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
Averianova V.А., Ph.D (Biology)

The editorial board of Raw materials & Packaging Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Tork: Everything is Just Beginning at 20

Last year, the brand Tork by Essity celebrated its 50th anniversary and this year celebrates 20 years of presence in Russia. We talked with Maxim Barkov, commercial director of the professional range of Essity’s products in Russia and the CIS about brand achievements in Russia and the professional hygiene market as a whole.


The Next Generation in Odor Control
Averianova V.А., Ph.D (Biology)

Body odor affects a broad range of people and has created an ever-expanding market for body odor control and neutralization. There have been more than 56,000 product launches in the past three years alone that fall into the soap and bath category, which includes shower gels, body wash and bar soaps. Of these, 35% have odor claims and/or include relevant ingredients such as triclosan, menthol, linalool and triclocarban. Europe is the leading region, accounting for 55% of these launches. The increasing desire for odor control products, combined with a greater understanding of the causes behind body odor, creates a market seeking new solutions, including finding new uses for known chemistries as an alternate to traditional body odor actives.


Mobile Apps For Beauty

The present-day personalization is more relevant than ever. This particular trend is one of the main ones. As the demand for personalization grows, the necessary technologies become more accessible and the main role in promoting this trend is given to mobile apps. What exactly can they offer?


Attention, counterfeit! How to Protect Your Brand from fakes
Berezina E.

In recent years, the number of counterfeit goods sold on e-Commerce sites has increased, and as a result, counterfeiting itself is becoming an independent and developed industry. What are the effective methods of anti-counterfeiting?


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