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PCHi 2021: recovery of business activity and development of the industry

PCHi came to a close following a successful 3-day run, and the global personal care industry is firmly set on a clear recovery path. The 2021 edition marked the industry’s first on-site event in China since the pandemic struck, and the halls buzzed with activity as lively discussions took place across the show floor.

The International Congress «Natural Resources for the Cosmetic Industry: Innovations, Raw Materials and Technologies» took place in Moscow

On April 20-22, 2021, the International Congress «Natural Resources for the Cosmetic Industry: Innovations, Raw Materials and Technologies» has taken place in Moscow for the first time. This is a new platform where representatives of business and expert communities can discuss the tasks of increasing the production and intellectual potential of the Russian cosmetics market, introducing resource-saving technologies and biotechnologies and launching new perspective projects.


That’s wonderful! Ingredients and Recipes for a Wow-effect
Krasney E.

The past year has changed many consumption patterns, and the beauty industry has not been the exception. But consumers are not just rebuilding behavior; they increasingly want to try something special, amazing, got more positive experiences and reducing stress. In such conditions, unusual textures, transforming products that bring an element of play into the daily routine, can become especially attractive – and, therefore, salable.

Chemicos-2021: Russian chemical industry is to build up potential

In March, the International exhibition of professional and household chemistry, cosmetics and perfumery ChemiCos – 2021, which brought together the largest market participants, was held at Crocus ExpoInternational Exhibition Centre. The event continued a number ofindustry events of the spring season, which opened with the Interbytchim Exhibition, and presented domestic and foreign suppliers of chemical production, technologies and innovations for household and professional chemicals, perfumes and cosmetics.


The Role of Coconut Oil in Treating Dandruff

Dandruff is a recurrent chronic scalp disorder, affecting majority of the population worldwide. Сoconut oil is the most widely used product in African and Asian countries, including India, to ameliorate scalp health and hair growth.

Anti-dandruff: a New Generation Product

Dr. Genrich F.1, Dr. Koch Ch.2, Lange S.2, Dr. Bugdahn N.2, Dr. Schmaus G.2
1 Symrise AG, Holzminden, Germany, Cosmetic Ingredients Division, BU Micro Protection (corresponding author:
2 Symrise AG, Holzminden, Germany, Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients

Dandruff is a global phenomenon and the need for cosmetic products to relieve symptoms like flaking, itching and redness remains high [1]. Anti-dandruff consumer products in the cosmetics market typically rely on the use of strong anti-fungal ingredients. Three conventional actives are commonly used from a global perspective: zinc pyrithione, climbazole and piroctone-olamine. Except for a limited selection of multifunctionals, some blends or natural extracts, there has been no major new active launched to market for decades. In this article we present an entirely new solution: propanediol caprylate, a novel molecule for cosmetic applications, developed to serve multiple needs: comparable efficacy to conventional anti-dandruff actives, natural origin, green chemistry, sustainability, new mode of action and simple formulating.


Cosmoprof represents the makeup sector: new challenges and opportunities

The makeup sector has evolved to offer a vast range of tools (and products) that can help consumers feel beautiful at any age. Not even a global pandemic has halted the constant growth of the sector. There is a selection of new makeup products developed by Cosmoprof exhibitors and learn what they have in common.

The most popular nail trends of 2021 – according to Instagram!

With beauty salons reopening, many people have rushed to get themselves pampered. But after so many months of waiting, and so many nail colours to choose from, the pressure to make the right decision is harder than ever. To make life easier, the experts at OnBuy Body Care sought to find out what are the most popular nail colours and trends on Instagram.


The criteria for the assignment and use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel: Detergents and Stain Removers
Filippenkov V. M., Ph.D., General Director of NITSBYTKHIM LLC

The article discusses the criteria for the assignment and use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to detergents and stain removers. Continuation. Beginning in №3 (236).


The Beauty in Airless space
Berezina E.

«Clear Beauty» is becoming a leading trend in the market, and although there is no legal term that regulates the exact definition, many brands seek to create products that are declared as «clear beauty». The formulas of such products require special storage conditions and appropriate high-quality packaging. Airless systems have become the most effective solution, due to their ability to maintain the integrity of the product throughout its shelf life and guarantee the required level of protection. This review offers you to get acquainted with some of the new products on the market, which demonstrate the main changes in the category of airless packaging.


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