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Testing of Cosmetics at the Formulation Stage: Stability Assessment
Krasney E.

Carrying out a variety of tests at the formulation stage is a mandatory part of a new cosmetics development before they appear on store shelves. There is no universal methodology that prescribes to all manufacturers exactly how and in what order this should be done. A developer compiles a program depending on a type of product under development, specified consumer characteristics and takes into account a planned geography of deliveries.

Assessment of the quality of oils and fats during storage in a cosmetic plant

A huge range of fats and oils is used in the production of cosmetic products. Therefore, the assessment of their quality plays a huge role. During storage, fats and oils become rancid due to hydrolysis, oxidation and other processes. Essential oils and aromatic ingredients are also susceptible to oxidation and transformation. In this article, attention is paid to how to evaluate the quality of fats and oils used for the production of cosmetics.


Smart technologies in the beauty industry: opportunities for consumers and cosmetics developers

Numerous products’ launches for the beauty industry, driven by artificial intelligence, have formed the main trend of 2021 – the use of gadgets and technologies to identify problems with skin and hair, try on color cosmetics and optimize beauty shopping.


A Prospective Area: an Ecological Alternative to Fabric Dyes

The interest in fabric dyeing with natural dyes in recent years is so great that it has reached a level of personnel training. Moreover, domestic universities train specialists of this profile. It seems likely that all these trends will also lead to the development of new and more advanced formulas for a dyed fabrics washing with the use of eco-technologies.

New Factors of Choice When Purchasing Equipment in 2021
R. Leonov,

What factors does it make sense to consider when buying new equipment this year? We will try to answer, relying on the questions of the equipment customers, the actual proposals of the manufacturers and the situation on the western markets.

Processing equipmenT

Installations of Preparation of Emulsions, Upes Suspensions and Gels in Standard and Special Versions
V.V. Averkiev, Ph.D (Physics and Mathematics), the General Director, Prombiofit Innovative and Engineering Enterprise

The Russian developer and manufacturer of technological and packaging equipment, the innovative and technical enterprise “PROMBIOFIT”, has been providing highly efficient semi-automatic domestic equipment to entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation and neighboring countries for 28 years. One of the most demanded types of equipment manufacturing by the enterprise is installations.

PACKAGING machines

Tube Filing Equipment
Leonov R.,

Tubes filling equipment is widely used in the cosmetic industry because a tube is one of the most requested packaging in the segments of cosmetics, hygiene and cosmeceutical products. More than a hundred plants in the world produce such equipment.

Warehouse & logistics

Pallets: Market Segments and Place in Modern Enterprise Logistics
Smirnova E.,

Warehousing and transportation of products – an important part and an obligatory final stage of any production. The effective use of space, the limited options use for the delivery of goods – the need for clear identification.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The editorial board of “Raw materials & Packaging” Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


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