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Safic-Alcan: First Meeting

On March 5, a workshop, organized by Safic-Alcan for technology and cosmetics developers, took place in the Federation-East Tower (Moscow-City). It was the first meeting of Russian specialists with offers of known international distributor of specialty chemical products.

Croda: a new Look at sun Protection

Croda, an expert in the development and synthesis of sun-protection physical filters, held a workshop “Beyond UV” for cosmetics manufacturers.

Wacker Opens a Cosmetics and Household Chemicals Laboratory in Moscow

Wacker Chemie AG (Germany) develops its representative office in Russia and expands a service package of the Technical Center in Moscow. February, 28th a grand opening of a new laboratory, which will deal with cosmetics and household chemicals, took place.

BASF Care and Cleaning Creations Awards 2018

BASF held the awarding ceremony of the competition among cosmetic and home care manufacturers “BASF Care and Cleaning Creations Awards 2018”. The competition was the third in a row for the BASF Personal Care and was held for the first time among the manufacturers of household chemicals. BASF announced this competition in May, 2018 at the grand seminar #BASF_loves_football in Sochi.


Niacinamide in cosmetics – effective multifunctional component
Averyanova V.A., Ph.D. (Biology)

Niacinamide is a multifunctional active whose efficacy has been substantiated in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Topical application of niacinamide has a stabilizing effect on epidermal barrier function, leads to an increase in protein synthesis (e.g. keratin), has a stimulating effect on ceramide synthesis, speeds up the differentiation of keratinocytes and raises intracellular NADP levels. Because of its verifiable beneficial effects, niacinamide would be a suitable component in cosmetic products for use in disorders of epidermal barrier function, for ageing skin, for improving pigmentary disorders and for use on skin prone to acne.

Сhoosing the right cosmetic ingredients goes far beyond their chemistry

Advances in DNA technology are also enabling the industry to go beyond chemistry. Ingredients specifications can now include tech like SigNature® molecules that carry in code the material’s origins. DNA evolved to efficiently carry information. The forensic control of supply chains is being achieved by including uniquely coded information on DNA sequences that are added into materials at just parts per trillion. These sequences act as green bar codes carrying information of where a material comes from, when, where and who grew or prepared the material etc.


Dermocosmetics the ‘next big thing’ in skincare

«Prevention over cure» is the buzz phrase currently doing the rounds in the beauty industry. According to a new report – published by Euromonitor International and in-cosmetics Global – the use of «dermocosmetics» skincare products, which go beyond protection and into the realms of prevention, is on the rise.


How carbon-14 testing is critical in screening «natural» ingredients for cosmetics

As the market for green, natural personal care products continues to boom, the drive for manufacturers and distributors to obtain analytical data through bio-based testing strengthens. Certifications schemes provide customer assurance of natural cosmetics as manufacturers demonstrate accurate percentage of bio-based content on product labels. In addition, carbon-14 testing is critical in screening products and verifying ingredients to substantiate “natural” claims.


The paradox of natural hair care
Dr. Ibarra F., Business Director Personal Care, IOI Oleo GmbH

While the natural skin care market has reached impressive figures, the market share of natural hair care products is still insignificant at around one percent in developed markets. Dr Fernando Ibarra and Aurélien Tahon from IOI Oleo (IOI) investigate the reason for this poor market share and a possible solution to improving natural hair care products.


When do you Sing in the Shower?
Omelchenko M., Development Director, Leko Stylé Strategic Marketing Instructor, HSE (St. Petersburg)

How to create a product that will be the best sales agent of itself? What is a foundation for a long-term relationship with a buyer at a stage of product development? How to display a trend or requirement of a buyer in a composition? What is the participation of a development technologist in this process? To answer all these questions, you need to look at your products through the eyes of the buyer and follow the journey of the product – from the first meeting with it in a store to daily use.

Global and Russian Markets of Production and Recycling of Packaging Materials for the Cosmetics Industry
Ivanova N.I., phD, associate professor of the World Economy department, Samara State University of Economics
Makeeva I.A, Nikolaeva D.S, 3rd year students of Economics, World Economy, Samara State University of Economics

The paper is on production and recycling of packaging materials for cosmetics products. Recycling of this particular type of packaging is one of the urgent problems nowadays. The main types of materials used for packaging are considered as is the global practice of their recycling.


Dishwasher Cleaners
Merkulov DA, Ph.D., specialist of the technical and consulting support service, Revada LLC

Dishwasher Cleaners are constantly being improved. Their compositions, forms and properties are changed to reduce the cost and ease of use. Nowadays, combined means that united the functions of several and even all products at once, such as dish detergents, dish rinses, regeneration salts, dishwasher detergents and deodorants, are widely used.


ADF&PCD Paris: Awards for Innovations
Berezina E.

ADF&PCD Paris Forum is a global event for manufacturers and suppliers of packaging for aerosols and dispensing systems was held this year 30 & 31 January. The Forum awards – Aerosol & Dispensing Forum Paris and Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design.


VAST Perfume Salon 2019: the Art of Creating Fragrances

Perfumery Club of Russia held the International Exhibition of unique, niche and original perfumes VAST Perfume Salon 2019, 29 and 30 March. It was the 2d event of the VAST project to promote new and original directions in the art of fragrances.


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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