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Cosmetics Preservation: a Modern Vector of Development
Krasney E.

The article discusses the features of preservatives’ use in cosmetic formulations.


Herbal Cosmetics: Ingredients, Obtaining Extracts, Increasing Biological Activity Technologies and New Opportunities

Today, there is a growing interest in new biologically active ingredients of plant origin which can be used in products of skin care ingredients. The article considers the possibility of using herbal plants in cosmetics.


Akypo®Foam LM25: high foaming surfactant for sulfate-free cleansing
Popova Yu., Head of Technical and Consulting Support Service of REVADA LLC

AKYPO® FOAM LM 25 is the latest anionic sulfate-free surfactant, launched by Kao Chemicals Europe. This surfactant (INCI name: Potassium Laureth-4 Carboxylate) was developed with the aim of obtaining a special texture. The product has been designed to achieve luxurious foam, with a very small bubble size and high foam consistency. Despite being an anionic surfactant, it is mild to the skin and eyes. When used as a secondary surfactant, it reduces irritation and improves the foam quality of the formulation. Easy to thicken surfactant and specially designed for sulfate-free formulations.

Hydroxy Acids in Cosmetics: Bring the Skin to Perfection

Hydroxy acids have been using in cosmetology since the mid-1980s and still remain one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Acid peels activate the processes regeneration and renewal of the skin and allow you to solve a variety of problems such as: eliminate signs of photoaging, restructure the skin and smooth wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, restore a fresh and healthy look to the skin and reduce the number of acne rashes.

Oil protection during storage. A preservation support of the oils’ quality after a container opening
Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

Oils are exposed to various factors during storage – temperature, light, hydrolysis. Opening the container starts the oxidation process, which leads to deterioration and loss of quality. The article describes the basic principles of protection against oxidation, hydrolytic decomposition processes. And the ingredients used to protect against oxidation are given.


Opacifiers and pearlescent additives
Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Deputy Director for Technical Marketing and Sales Support, Norkem LLC

The use of opacifiers and pearlescent additives helps manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics to increase the visual appeal of their products. According to consumer survey results, opaque products are considered more expensive, effective and less aggressive than transparent products.


Laundry Detergents Sheets: Ease of Use, Environmental Friendliness and Washing Efficiency

The article considers a new format of washing powders in the form of plates or sheets (Laundry detergent sheet). Attention is focused on its advantages over conventional laundry detergents and laundry wash. The factors of eco-friendliness, safety, convenience of storage and transportation are considered.


The winner is… Best Packaging Awards
Berezina E.

Every year the number of participants of various packaging awards is growing, and the choice of the best representatives of the industry is becoming more difficult. Depending on the subject of the competition, products are evaluated according to different parameters, but the focus remains on the sustainability and outstanding design, different from others in its category. Traditionally, the first issue of the magazine offers readers an overview of the most interesting packaging solutions that have won the most prestigious competitions and awards, such as Pentawards, IF World Design Awards, WorldStar Packaging Awards, Dieline Awards for Innovations in packaging.


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