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Vectors of Development in Cosmetic Industry Were Settled down in Voronezh
In the early June, the landmark event – the 3rd Annual conference “Innovations and solutions in the cosmetic industry” took place in Voronezh. For three years this event has become a center of attraction for the leading developers and manufacturers of raw materials for perfumery and cosmetic products. This year it brought together nearly 80 specialits, was presented 28 reports on the most relevant topics.

Bang & Bonsomer’s Cosmetic Pavilion
On the 15th of June a workshop “Bang & Bonsomer”, LLC, took place in the open-air museum Kolomenskoye in a pavilion-restaurant on the waterfront. There was presented current marketing trends in cosmetics and the latest novelties from suppliers: DSM, Моmentive Performance Materials and a new provider – an American company Colonial Chemical Inc – manufacturer of new generation soft green surfactants.

Lonza inspires and delights
22 June 2016 – a workshop, dedicated to ingredients of Lonza for modern cosmetic formulations took place in Moscow. At the seminar were presented products for hair care for protecting from negative environmental effects, as well as products for skin care, preservatives and protection systems for cosmetics and personal care products.


Food for thoughts: how to make your cosmetics products more ecological – and profit from it!
Dr. K. Huettner, editor-in chief,
This article talks about using ecologically safe ingredients, buying regional raw materials, creating packaging material with least ecological damage and much more.

The Market for Contract Packing in the Tube, which does not Exist
R. Leonov, Editor of
The actual market can be very different from the theoretical one. For example: there is a demand and proposal for contract packing in the tube, but no contracts. Why? This article is about the complicated situation in the market.


Novelties from in-Cosmetics 2016 (Continued. The beginning in №4)
In Cosmetics is an international event dedicated to cosmetic raw materials and technological innovation. This year the exhibition held in Paris 12-14 of April. This is an overview of new products which were introduced at the exhibition.


Microbeads in cosmetics have alternatives
The plastic micro particles (known as microbeads) currently used as thickeners or stabilisers in such widely used products as lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye-liner, nail polish, creams, shampoo, foam bath and even toothpaste pollute the environment because once they are rinsed off after use (or after washing), they become a permanent part of the natural cycle: plankton in the rivers and seas swallow these microscopic plastic particles and thus introduce them into the food chain.

Green Chelating Agents Market is growing
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (biology)
According to the new market research report «Green Chelates/ Natural Chelating Agents Market by Type by Application (Cleaning, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Personal Care, Food & Beverages, and Others) – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2021», The global green chelates/ natural chelating agents market is projected to reach USD 2.45 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 5,74% between 2016 and 2021.


The Choice of an Optimal Leach and Integral Parameter, Characterized the Useful Properties of Plant Extracts for the Cosmetic Industry
V.A. Volkov, E.E. Kever, Institute of Biochemical Physics N.M. Emanuel Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Plants are used as food and in medical and cosmetic purposes throughout human history. This article is about a choice of an optimal leach and parameters characterizing useful properties of plants’ extracts for the cosmetic industry.

Choice of the Oil Phase for Cream
N.V. Sizova, Ph.D. (Chemistry), Tomsk
Oils and oil compounds are effective and meaningful at the price ingredients of any cream. There are hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide extracts, waxes, essential oils, fats of animals and marine origin in the oil phase. These are the ingredients which make the cream effective. How to choose the right oil? The answer is in the article.


Surfactants range Akypo®: Mildness and Efficacy
Ju. Popova, Technical support, Revada Co. Ltd.
Alkyl Ether Carboxylic acids and their salts have been used in Personal Care products for many years due to their good skin and eye mildness, good ecotoxicological properties, and good compatibility with all kinds of surfactants – including cationic type surfactants and cationic polymers in shampoos and bath gels.

Modern Preservatives for Cosmetics and Alternative Solutions by Dr. Straetmans, the Example Verstatil® line
Dr. Straetmans has been investigating multifunctional antimicrobial substances and developing alternative preservatives systems for more than 30 years. Products under trade mark Dermosoft® are now well known in the market and used in hundreds of cosmetic formulations all over the world.


Antioxidants, Free Radicals and …Sunlight
A. Prokopov, Ph.D. (Medical)
Antioxidants – the most important, multipurpose and effective element of pathogenetic and antitoxic skin protection from any external adverse effect, including UV, IR and visible light. Skin needs antioxidants constantly and continuously, day and night. It is necessary and possible to use effectively antioxidants in cosmetics.

Alcohol ethoxysulphates
D.A. Merkulov, Ph.D. (Chemistry), Udmurt State University, Izhevsk
Alcohol ethoxysulphates (AES), also known as alkyl ethersulphates, are a widely used class of anionic surfactants. They are used in household cleaning products, personal care products including toothpaste and shampoos, hand and other personal cleaning products, institutional cleaners and industrial cleaning processes, and as industrial process aids in emulsion polymerization and as additives during plastics and paint production. This article describes the properties, production, use and safety of industrial alkyl ethersulphates.


Towards Stability – Variety of eco-solutions in the cosmetic packaging
E. Berezina
Technavio’s research experts have witnessed a growth to a stable packaging in its annual outlook. According to the data, the global packaging market to grow at a CAGR around 5% between 2016 and 2020. There is a brief overview of interesting novelties of such packaging.

Calendar of specialized exhibitions for 2 half’ 2016


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