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Innovation Takes Center Stage at PCHi 2018

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), China’s choice sourcing platform for the global personal care industry, opened its doors today at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC) and welcomed trade professionals from around the world to a show floor that was buzzing with activity. Attendees explored innovations presented by 544 exhibitors, of which nearly 40% are international exhibitors from 29 countries and regions.

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Active ingredients: Solabia Group`s novelties
N. Novikova, specialist of the technical and consulting support, Revada

Solabia Group proposed during In-Cosmetics Global 2018 the following novelties: BlueShield®: an active ingredient obtained from the cold pressing of red bell peppers, the anti-blue light pollution defender and Fucogel®: New version in powder without preservative for other opportunities of cosmetic formulations. New scientific data allow us to explain its neuro-soothing mechanism of action.


Application of Cedar nut oil
V.N. Buzov, Director of SIBBIO Compan

At present, there is a re-thinking of the cedar products use as a source of unique useful substances and technologically interesting components. Generally, the practical interest is more had in the core of cedar nuts and the value of other products that can be obtained during its processing is significantly underestimated. We will try to outline the information, we have about the composition, structure and possibilities of using the cedar shell, in this article.

Application of Bioactive Concentrates from Wood Biomass in Cosmetology
V.B. Nekrasovа, Honor Doctor of the S.M. Kirov Forest Engineering Academy (S-Petersburg), Ph.D., the Scientific Director of LLC Phytolone-Med, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety

Valuable domestic raw materials for the cosmetic industry are extracts and concentrates of biologically active substances from wood biomass. Needles and bark, forestry residues, furniture, pulp and paper industry waste – an inexhaustible resource base for the production of a wide variety of preventive products. Natural concentrates from wood biomass are useful, effective, increase the protective properties of the skin and the whole organism as a whole.

Dynamic surface tensiometry as a key technique of a complex methodology toward optimization of the wetting properties and cleaning performance of detergent formulations
L.А. Tsarkova*, Ph.D.,E.V. Lasareva, Ph.D., Faculty of Chemistry, Chair of Colloid Chemistry, Moscow State University

Mechanism of washing performance of laundry and cleaning formulations involves a number of interfacial phenomena such as wetting of the solution on the textile surface, desorption of the contamination, as well as the formation of new liquid-liquid interfaces for effective solubilisation of the hydrophobic impurities. From the scientific point of view, the abovementioned non-equilibrium processes are accompanied by dynamic supramolecular polymer-surfactant interactions and by competitive adsorption at interfaces on different time-scales. Here we present a methodology based on the analysis of the dynamic surface tension of solutions of anionic surfactants, as well as of their compositions with a polymeric builder (polyacrylic acid) in the environment modelling soft or hard water conditions.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (Biology)

The editorial board of Raw materials & Packaging Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Color trends – 2018

N. Tatulova, Head of Consumer Goods Markets, International Plastic Guide

Every year, dozens of institutions, organizations and trend-agenciess announce trendy colors. It is interesting that their forecasts rarely coincide. One thing is clear, factories and institutions have their own forecast and those who work with clients have their own one. We collected all opinions and compiled a catalog of colors which are fashionable in 2018.


The winners of Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards

Continuation. Start at No. 201. Recently we reviewed the winners of international exhibition Cosmopack 2018. Finalists from many countries won various nominations, presenting innovative products for the Beauty industry. No less interesting is the packaging of the winners’ products, which helped them to take first place, but did not enter the category «Best packaging». This review offers an introduction to some of the packaging solutions presented at Cosmoprof/Cosmopack that deserve special attention.


The Big role of a Small product
E. Berezina

In recent years, along with the original decorative cosmetics and personal care products are found similar products presented in a small package. «Miniatures» or «minis», as they are called, are gaining wide popularity and are becoming increasingly popular among consumers of perfume and cosmetic products. This is quite justified, because the miniatures embodied all the features important to the modern buyer.


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