Contents, #Sp.2 (255) Special issue 2022



Import Substitution: Problems and Prospects

A significant reduction in the supply of foreign-made cosmetic products and the withdrawal of some Western companies from the market gave domestic enterprises the opportunity to occupy the vacated niches and the consumer had to look at the products of Russian brands which turned out to be quite competitive.

Digital beauty: Developments for Manufacturers and Consumers

In recent years, many cosmetics companies, especially those selling products online, have been paying increased attention to their presence in the digital space. They introduce a variety of platforms, applications and gadgets that not only give the consumer an incentive to buy and make it easier to choose, but also allow to purchase the right product. Thereby, it increases a brand loyalty. Such technology or devices can also help manufacturers in a testing phase of new products, improving their development process. What novelties from this area were presented in 2022?


Focus on Organic Cosmetics

According to experts from the Center for Macroeconomic and Regional Analysis and Forecasting of the RSHB, organic cosmetics will become a market driver.

Analysis of the Glassware Market for Laboratory, Pharmaceutical and Hygienic Purposes in Russia

According to the “Analysis of the glassware market for laboratory, pharmaceutical and hygienic purposes in Russia”, prepared by BusinesStat in 2017-2019, its sales, in the country, were at the level of 2.22–2.23 billion units in year.


New Productions in Russia

The review provides up-to-date information on the newly opened production of cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia.


Anti-pollution Cosmetics: How to Confirm the Claims
Krasnei E.

A variety of methods and their combinations can be used to confirm the effectiveness of cosmetics with a claimed anti-pollution action. It is possible to get by with a small and inexpensive instrument base, which, however, will allow obtaining a sufficient amount of data with a carefully thought-out experimental program.


Individual Approach to the Choice of the Method of Obtaining Oil from Oil Seeds

Oilseeds have been used for centuries as food, medicine, and cosmetics. Recently, interest in the oil from the seeds of various plants in the cosmetics industry has grown markedly under the influence of eco-trends and consumer demand for natural products.


EAEU Technical Regulations “On the safety of synthetic detergents and household chemicals”. Is it time to come clear?

Valuev D., Leading Technologist, Avrora Production Complex LLP

The article discusses the main new aspects of regulation that the TR establishes as well as its shortcomings.


Tiens Group Invests in Bringing Russian Products to the International Market

The Chinese company Tiens Group, known as a major manufacturer of dietary supplements, invests half a million dollars in the Russian economy by the end of this year.

Processing equipmenT

Static Mixers for The Production of Liquid Detergents
Merkulov D. A., PhD (Chemistry), Deputy Director for Technical Marketing and Sales Support Department sales of OOO Norchem

In recent decades, static mixers have already been widely used by domestic industry in various sectors of the economy. High mixing efficiency, low capital and operating costs, low energy consumption, small size, ease of installation and exceptional reliability of static mixers – all this distinguishes static mixing from other methods of obtaining mixtures. The article considers the use of this equipment in the production of liquid detergents.

Great Prospects for Small Industries
Belov A.N., General Director of Osnova LLC

As a rule, unique products are not produced in large quantities. In such conditions, high-performance equipment is not cost-effective. The article talks about equipment for small businesses.


Packaging Decoration Methods
Berezina E.

Packaging decoration is an important part of the branding process and directly affects the result of the product entering the market. For many years, packaging decoration has been based on standard printing methods and the possibilities of special coatings. The need to visually stand out from competitors on store shelves or in an e-commerce environment encourages brands to look for ways to create unique designs. In order to remain competitive and productive, both large and small companies should be aware of the latest technological advances, especially in the field of software and machine aspects. What methods of decoration are used for packaging design, and what the industry offers new?


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Equipment for cosmetics, perfumery and household chemicals manufacturing

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