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Innovative Solutions for Oral Hygiene
Krasney E.

Oral hygiene products are a steadily growing, but at the same time rather conservative market segment. Main solutions have long been found there and innovations have been introducing carefully and cautiously. Nevertheless, the efficiency, as well as the safety, both for a consumer and for the environment, also might be a great field for innovation, as well as unusual and unexpected solutions. So, what’s new in this category?

Trends and New Ingredients in Beauty Salons Care
Duzenko S., cosmetologist

The article discusses advanced technologies, ingredients and approaches that determine trends in professional cosmetics 2020.


Aromatic Components: New Developments and Researches

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, in most cases, the occurrence of contact dermatitis, both allergic and irritable, is associated with perfume components in cosmetics and personal care products. Therefore, the market has a category of odorless cosmetics. However, industry experts, relying on data from recent studies, argue that the cosmetics industry should not refuse to use fragrances as part of its products because of possible allergies among consumers.


Skin Microbiome – 3 strategies for successful care
Novikova N., Specialist of Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

Ten trillion microorganisms live in each of us and shape the human microbiota. They play a fundamental role in the protection and control of the areas they colonize. To do this, they are continually in communication with our cells, generating metabolites that stimulate interactions between the various microbiome ‘stakeholders’. The development of scientific knowledge about the role of the human microbiota has led to a change in the approach of the cosmetic industry. Solabia Group’s specialization in enzymatic biocatalysis is part of this new approach thanks to its signature active ingredients: Bioecolia, Ecoskin and Teflose.

African Plant Oils for Restoration of Skin Barrier Functions and Xerosis Control

Elula Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Buhle Manketti Seed Oil are used in skin care due to their chemical properties and ability to strengthen the skin barrier. The results of observations showed that these oils can be used in products for immediate hydration of the skin, as well as in products for restoring the skin barrier.


Testing Collagen for Authenticity
Konshina E.Ya, General Director of Laona Lab LLC, Sapozhnikova A.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

The article discusses what native collagen is and considers its properties and benefits. It also presents a simple and scientifically based verification test that will help to confirm the authenticity of this cosmetic ingredient. The test will empower the beauty industry technologists who develop formulations for high-end cosmetic products and use collagen as a biologically active ingredient.


Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna postpones the 53rd edition to 2021 and presents an exclusive digital format

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna postpones the 53rd edition to 2021 and presents an exclusive digital format, a new way of doing business for the beauty sector in the next months.

PCHi Fountain Awards Ceremony will be held online
The decision comes after careful consideration of the global COVID-19 pandemic situation and guidelines issued by the Chinese government, and it was made to safeguard the health and safety of the event’s exhibitors and visitors. New event dates are being confirmed and will be announced in due time. RSE also shared that this year’s PCHi Fountain Awards Ceremony will be held online. Scheduled for 2–4 June 2020, the PCHi Fountain Awards Online Ceremony will be carried out via live broadcast.


The Global Decorative Cosmetics Market: Trends, Problems, Forecast
Ivanova N.I.1, Kuptsova A.E.2, Myakisheva A.N.2, Sorochaykina A.A.2
1 Ph.D. (Economy), Associate Professor, Department of World Economy, Samara State University of Economics
2Student of 3 courses, the direction of Economics, the program World Economy, Samara State University of Economics

The article discusses the situation in the market of decorative cosmetics, identifies existing problems, including in Russia, as well as trends that are gaining popularity.


Briefly about the Use of Triclosan in Cosmetic products and Personal Care products

Balakina M.V., Ph.D. (Pharmaceuticals)

The article provides brief information about the aspects of using the antimicrobial component triclosan in cosmetics for hygiene. The issues of restrictions of its use in cosmetic products, assessment of its positive and negative impact on human health, regulation of its use in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries are discussed.


Challenge accepted! Talk about modern methods of combating mosquitoes and ticks. Interview with leading experts of the FBIS “Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology” of Rospotrebnadzor

Interview with leading experts of the FBIS Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor. Svetlana Galkina, editor-in-chief of Raw Materials & Packaging magazine met with the leading scientists: Svetlana Alexandrovna Roslavtseva, Head Of the laboratory of Disinsection problems, Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of the Federal state Autonomous educational institution of higher, and Natalya Igorevna Shashina, the Leading Researcher of the institute, Doctor of biological Sciences and talked about the latest scientific developments, methods and current state of protection against blood-sucking arthropods.


The Stabilization and Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Bleaches and Stain Removers for Fabrics
Merkulov D.A., Ph.D. (Chemistry), Specialist of the Technical and Consulting Support Service, Revada LLC

The article discusses the main approaches that are used to stabilize peroxide products during storage, as well as the activation of hydrogen peroxide during bleaching and stain removing. Moreover, attention was also given to methods of fibers’ protecting from damage and preserving the color of dyed fabrics in contact with peroxides.


Oral Care: What’s New?
Berezina E.

In the last decade the picture of oral care market has changed totally. If earlier everything was united to three main categories of products – toothpastes, tooth powder and mouthwashes, now consumers are offered a wide range of additional products, both for routine daily use and for professional application at home. The review will introduce you to the most prominent representatives of the modern market of dental care and preventive products and their packaging.


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