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in-cosmetics Global – 2018: Hot Launches and Trends

As the market leading event, in-cosmetics Global attracts an international audience of cosmetic manufacturers, distributors and consultants. The unrivalled innovation launch pad for the personal care industry, the show also sets the trends and provides high-level education. In our review we will tell about the latest trends in the industry and, of course, will present innovations and best products from in-cosmetics Global.


A new stage of the competition for cosmetics manufacturers BASF Care Creations Awards 2018 started

BASF announces the 3d international competition BASF Care Creations Awards 2018 among cosmetic manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries.

PCHi-2019: forward to the future!

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) is pleased to share that both attendees and exhibitors were highly satisfied with the 2018 edition of Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), China’s choice sourcing platform for the global personal care industry. The 2019 edition of PCHi will also be held in Guangzhou from 26 to 28 February 2019, at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.

The first international competition BASF Cleaning Creations Award – 2018

BASF announces the start of the 1st International Competition BASF Cleaning Creations Awards among laundry and cleaning products manufacturers from Russia and CIS countries. The announcement of results will be in March 2019.


New in the Ageing: the Role of Transcription Factors

Molecular biology studies how cells develop, operate, communicate and control their activities. Methods developed in the field of molecular biology are currently being used to screen cosmeceutical ingredients for skin and hair care applications. New results are published on a daily basis, providing insight with respect to future innovations for skin and hair health and appearance/ several relevant developments are reviewed here.

Blue light, as a New Threat for Skin: how to prove protective activity of cosmetic ingredients

From a skin care perspective, there is intense interest in finding new materials to prevent the adverse effects of blue light irradiation. It is important to make sure that the actives found to protect against blue light do not interfere with its beneficial aspects.

Marking of goods with Control (identification) Signs: What Awaits the Perfumery-Cosmetic market?

Today, a number of consumer goods industries face a huge challenge. Despite the general negative opinion, there is a legislative introduction of their marking. Among other goods – products under the code TN VED 3303 or code OKPD2 20.442.11 «Perfume and toilet water». According to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the products are subject to obligatory marking with identification signs from December 1, 2019. What will this system actually turn out for the market?


Sytheon: a Scientific approach to Rejuvenation

Sytenol® A is the first natural alternative to retinol without having any of the negatives associated with retinol. It is photochemically and hydrolytically stable, so it can be used during the day. Multiple comparative studies revealed Sytenol® A to be a true alternative to retinol. It modulates retinoid binding and metabolizing genes, significantly improves multiple dermal and dermo-epidermal junction genes/proteins, and is a Collagen I, III & IV stimulator. This product provides hydration by up-regulating synthesis of hyaluronic acid and aquaporin 3. Sytenol® A is clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging: significant reduction in roughness and dryness as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone, elasticity, firmness, radiance, and brightness.


Healthy Living: The New Face of Healthy Ageing
K. Galenytska, Senior Analyst Beauty & Fashion, Euromonitor International

Beauty and personal care experienced another strong year of growth in 2017 with sales advancing by 5% and the premium segment once again outpacing mass growth. While color cosmetics is not yet giving up its leading positions emerging as the fastest growing category for the third consecutive year, skin care is back in the spotlight in 2017 driven by the healthy living megatrend. Recognition of prevention across all consumer demographics in pursuit of healthier lifestyles echoed in the growth of thriving categories such as face masks, facial cleansers and moisturizers that help maintain healthy looking skin. At the same time, anti-agers remain dynamic as those are more expensive as a rule and are benefiting from consumer’s willingness to spend more on premium products. Besides, number of consumers are still looking for traditional efficacy solutions. Generally it is seen that brands are adopting new anti-aging language using softer and more positive wording such as «ageless», «positive ageing», «slow ageing» to appeal to a wider consumer group seeking prevention.


Discoveries That Make the World Better
V.А. Averianova, Ph.D (Biology)

The editorial board of Raw materials & Packaging Magazine continues a selection of topical news on the latest scientific discoveries, which in the future could affect the development of the cosmetics industry.


Perfumes: Trends and Features
V. Ryabova

Fragrance has the power to enhance lives, bringing moments of delight and joy to the world. Fragrance is a top category for every holiday season. Distinctive segments, from limited edition scents to fragranced personal care products, and new market niches, from subscriptions to social platforms, are changing the modern perfume industry.


Prospects of Creating «Green» Laundry Detergents, Based on Alkyl polyglucosides
V.M. Filippenkov, General Director of LLC «NITSBYTKHIM»

Alkyl polyglucosides are a new generation of environmentally friendly non-ionic surface-active agents that are widely used in cosmetic and household products, particularly, in detergents. We tested the effectiveness of common alkyl polyglucosides in wash compositions in comparison with the most highly effective formulations for liquid and powdered products.


Fresh Ideas in Beauty Packaging Design
E. Berezina

The design of cosmetic packaging has reached a level where it can be compared with the real art. Modern printing technologies and the latest methods of decoration are able to create real masterpieces, amazing and unique. The main trends in packaging design do not change dramatically from year to year, rather they begin to be interpreted differently, acquire new ideas and additions. This review examines the main trends in the packaging of perfume and cosmetic products and gives vivid examples of designs of each trend.


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